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Last Updated: February 2, 2023

Adrafinil dosage

Are you curious about how to determine an appropriate adrafinil dosage? If so, this detailed guide is here to help.

Below, you’ll discover exactly what adrafinil is, as well as its purported benefits, side effects and documented safety issues. We’ll explain how we calculate the optimal adrafinil dosage for research purposes and draw on anecdotal evidence to theorize how adrafinil may be used in an experimental setting.

Adrafinil is 100% legal and a solid Modafinil alternative

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What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil (2-((diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl)-N-hydroxyacetamide) is an oral “vigilance-promoting agent” that was discovered in 1974 and developed by the French pharmaceutical company Louis Lafon Laboratories [1]. Less commonly, adrafinil is known as a “eugeroic,” which comes from the French word “eugregorique” — meaning a substance that promotes wakefulness.

In 1985, Lafon released adrafinil onto the French market under the brand name “Olmifon.” Its main use was to treat elderly patients who struggled to stay alert. Later, it was used to treat patients with narcolepsy, a condition that causes daytime drowsiness and sleepiness [2]. Adrafinil is a prodrug of modafinil (2-((diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl)acetamide), meaning that it is metabolized (converted in the liver) into modafinil after ingestion [3].

In 1994, Lafon released its flagship modafinil product, “Modiodal”, causing the popularity of Olmifon to decline and eventually fall into clinical disuse. When the US pharmaceutical company Cephalon acquired Lafon in the early 2000s, it gained worldwide rights to both adrafinil and modafinil [4]. It continued to produce Olmifon in France until discontinuing the product in 2011. Since then, generic versions of adrafinil such as pills, powders and solutions have been produced by other pharmaceutical companies and sold as dietary supplements or reference materials.

Dosage Adrafinil

Adrafinil Benefits

Adrafinil offers several potential benefits including:

  • Increased wakefulness,
  • Enhanced motivation,
  • Availability as a research compound,
  • Low cost, and
  • Purported nootropic benefits.

We’ll look at each of these in more detail.

Increased wakefulness

Adrafinil’s primary known benefit is that it increases wakefulness and alertness, especially in elderly patients. Pharmacological studies have shown that adrafinil has a psychostimulant-like effect in animals. A 1985 study by Milhaud CL et al examined the effects of adrafinil on the nocturnal activity of ten rhesus monkeys, as measured by an ultrasound system. The study found that a 60 mg/kg dose of adrafinil “doubled the animals’ nocturnal activity” while larger doses of between 90-120 mg/kg “increased it fourfold.” Researchers noted that adrafinil’s stimulating effects lasted approximately 36 hours and caused no sedative effects [5].

Enhanced motivation

Adrafinil’s other research-backed benefit is that it increases motivation by inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine in the brain. A 2000 study by Siwak CT et al found that adrafinil increased locomotion in aging dogs and enhanced “performance motivation.” Using cortical electrodes, scientists discovered that adrafinil causes a “long-lasting increase in high-frequency electroencephalographic activity” [6].

Available for research

Although adrafinil is a “prodrug” of modafinil and is metabolized (or converted) in the liver into modafinil [7], it is not subject to the same legal restrictions as modafinil. As a research compound, Adrafinil is legal to buy for research purposes in almost every Western country (except Australia). Compared with modafinil, adrafinil is more widely available and easier to buy — again provided that you are purchasing it for research purposes.

Low-cost research nootropic

Adrafinil is more cost-effective than modafinil for long-term research purposes. It is widely available as both a solution and a powder. A 30 mL bottle of adrafinil solution, dosed at 100 mg/mL, costs just $19.99 from our preferred vendor. Significant discounts are available for those who buy in bulk.

Purported nootropic benefits

Anecdotal evidence suggests that adrafinil is widely used as a “smart drug,” but there is no data from human clinical trials to support these claims. The package insert for Olmifon stated that the drug “has not been tested on the non-elderly.”

A 2003 placebo-controlled trial by Siwak CT et al found that eighteen aged beagle dogs who were given 20 mg/kg of adrafinil experienced a “significant impairment in working memory” when tested on a delayed nonmatching-to-position (DNMP) task. Researchers theorized that this disturbance in memory functions could have resulted from “increased noradrenergic transmission in the prefrontal cortex” [8].

However, there is ample evidence that adrafinil’s active metabolite, modafinil, offers nootropic benefits. Modafinil has been shown to offer cognitive neuroenhancement in healthy non-sleep-deprived subjects [9]. Further research into the possibility that adrafinil can have similar benefits is warranted.

Adrafinil Side Effects and Safety

In terms of its side effects and safety, the package insert from Olmifon (brand-name adrafinil) stated that the drug can cause the following side effects:

  • Headaches,
  • Stomach pains,
  • Skin irritations, and
  • Inner tension.

Separate research has indicated that adrafinil may produce two key side effects that are not associated with modafinil use. These are:

  • Elevated liver enzyme values, caused by the strain placed on the liver by adrafinil [10], and
  • Orofacial dyskinesia, a condition that causes involuntary, repetitive movements of the face [11].

Anecdotal evidence suggests that adrafinil causes similar side effects to modafinil when taken in comparatively equivalent doses. According to one study on narcoleptic patients, modafinil’s documented side effects include [12]:

  • Headaches,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Stomach pain,
  • Increased anxiety,
  • Nausea.
  • Sleep disturbances and/or insomnia,
  • Diarrhea, and
  • Back pain

The study’s authors noted that these side effects were mild and subsided within 24 hours. These findings are in line with those of the 1985 study by Milhaud CL et al which found that adrafinil caused no sedative effects when administered to monkeys [5].

There is evidence to suggest that adrafinil’s active metabolite, modafinil, may be habit-forming when taken in high dosages. One research paper documented the case of a patient who took 400 to 1,000 mg/day of modafinil, leading to dependence and hypersexuality [13].

Dosage Adrafinil

Adrafinil Dosage Calculator | What You MUST Know

According to the package insert found in packs of Olmifon, the recommended daily dose of adrafinil was 2-4 tablets, which equates to 600 – 1,200 mg per day. However, this dose was intended solely for elderly patients who struggle to maintain their mental activity and/or alertness, and the product information clearly stated that patients were to follow their doctor’s instructions with regards to dosage.

To date, there have been no clinical trials into adrafinil for any other age groups or ailments and the drug has fallen into clinical disuse. Where available, adrafinil is currently sold as a reference material and thus has no “recommended” or “advised” dose.

Anecdotal evidence from subjects who have taken adrafinil for its purported cognitive benefits suggests that adrafinil is similar in action and effect to modafinil, and that 300 mg of adrafinil is equivalent to 100 mg of modafinil. This is likely based on medical literature regarding the administration of modafinil which, according to WebMD, is prescribed to adult patients at the following dosages [14]:

  • Narcolepsy – 200 mg per day,
  • Obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome — 200 mg per day,
  • Shift work sleep disorder – 200 mg per day, taken one hour before the start of the shift.

Based on anecdotal evidence, we can surmise that adrafinil can be dosed at 600 mg per day to achieve results comparable to a standard 200 mg modafinil dose; however, there is no clinical data to support these claims.

Adrafinil Microdosing?

Adrafinil is currently available as both a powder and a solution. This means that it can be “microdosed” and taken at the lowest possible dose at the start of research. This helps researchers and subjects account for any possible side effects before gradually increasing dosage.

For example, adrafinil solution dosed at 100 mg/mL can be taken in doses of just 1 mL at the start of research. If this dose is well tolerated, the amount can be increased incrementally until the desired effect is achieved.

Adrafinil vs. Modafinil

Structurally, adrafinil is very similar to modafinil, the only difference being that modafinil lacks the terminal amide hydroxyl group found in adrafinil. There are, however, some key differences between these two drugs.

Modafinil is faster acting and more potent than adrafinil

Lafon’s adrafinil product “Olmifon” fell into disuse following the introduction of “Modiodal” in 1994, suggesting that modafinil is faster acting and more potent than its predecessor. One user had the following to say:

“Given a choice, I would prefer modafinil as for me it seems to act faster and puts less of a strain on the liver. I am able to function well on it and it helps me overcome my task initiation blocks. I can stick to a boring task and get it done” [15].

Adrafinil takes longer to kick in because it takes time to be metabolized into modafinil, then modafinilic acid, and finally into modafinil sulfone, whereas modafinil only has to complete the last two steps of the process. A portion of adrafinil remains as modafinilic acid (which is inactive), resulting in a lower potency [16].

Adrafinil is not a prescription medicine

The second key difference between adrafinil and modafinil is that while modafinil is a prescription medication in most countries, adrafinil is generally available only as a research compound. The only country that restricts adrafinil’s sale and use to patients is Australia, where it is an S4 prescription-only medication.

Adrafinil is cheaper

For researchers, adrafinil is less expensive than modafinil to conduct long-term studies. It is widely available as a reference material with a 30 mL vial costing just $19.99, or less if bulk-order discounts are applied.

Where To Buy Adrafinil Online | 2023 Guide

Because adrafinil is available for research purposes only in most countries, researchers may readily acquire it from online vendors.

So where can you buy adrafinil in 2023?

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Overall, is highly reputable and has a solid track record for shipping top-quality adrafinil to customers worldwide.

Dosage Adrafinil

Adrafinil Dosing | Verdict

If you were curious about the appropriate adrafinil dosage to administer, this guide has hopefully answered all your questions. Above, we explained what adrafinil is, some of its potential benefits and side effects, and how it may be dosed in a research setting.

While “Olmifon” was discontinued in 2011, many companies still produce generic versions of adrafinil and it is widely available. Despite a lack of medical research into its effectiveness, many researchers are interested in this drug’s potential as a nootropic.

P.S. order your Adrafinil today!


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