Adrafinil High | What You Must Know

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Adrafinil high

Have you heard about the Adrafinil ‘high’ and want to know more?

This guide will explain everything you must know about this fascinating topic. As legitimate Modafinil is hard to obtain in many countries, Adrafinil, which is a liver-metabolized prodrug of Modafinil, is an extremely popular alternative.

Adrafinil is 100% legal in most places and offers users the chance to experience the world’s best nootropic, Modafinil, without the need for a prescription.

The downside is that Adrafinil has several additional side effects, and many people are curious about whether it can get you ‘high’ in some way, shape, or form.

To clear up any confusion, we put together this comprehensive guide that will explain what you can expect when you take this powerful nootropic.

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Disclaimer: The contents of are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming Modafinil or related nootropics. Your access to is subject to our full Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

What is Adrafinil?

If you’ve never heard of Adrafinil before, it’s a ‘eugeroic’, or wakefulness-promoting agent that was discovered in 1974 by two scientists from Laboratoire L. Lafon SA of France. It was developed to treat conditions such as narcolepsy, which causes sufferers to fall asleep at inconvenient times.

Adrafinil is the parent drug, or ‘prodrug’, of Modafinil, meaning that it is metabolized in the liver into its active metabolite Modafinil after being ingested [1].

Adrafinil was released in France in 1985 under the brand name ‘Olmifon’ and was discontinued in 2011. However, generic Adrafinil is still produced by many companies around the world to this day.

Today, Adrafinil is only used as a nootropic. Individuals around the world take the over-the-counter supplement to enhance cognition and improve focus.


Adrafinil Benefits

So, why do people take Adrafinil as opposed to Modafinil?


Modafinil is a highly regulated prescription-only drug that’s hard to find and buy in most countries. Where available, Modafinil is only prescribed to people suffering from conditions like narcolepsy, Shift Work Sleep disorder, and sleep apnoea.

Adrafinil, on the other hand, is 100% almost everywhere,  and is much easier and safer to find and buy. It offers similar pharmacological effects to Modafinil [2] and virtually the same benefits. The main difference is that Adrafinil is slower-acting and less potent.

In healthy individuals, Adrafinil helps people stay focused and concentrate for long periods, without feeling fatigued. This makes it popular with truck drivers, medical staff, and military aviators [3] as well as anyone engaged in challenging mental activities such as students preparing for exams, professors, academics, and researchers.

Adrafinil is also considered beneficial as a ‘nootropic’, which is a substance that can enhance a cognitive function like memory, concentration, focus, or information processing while also protecting the mind from stress [4].

A 300-600mg dose of Adrafinil offers the following benefits [5]:

  • 8+ hours of ‘laser-sharp’ concentration.
  • Increased attention span.
  • Improved motivation.
  • Enhanced alertness [6].
  • Better working memory [7].
  • And the inability to feel fatigued.

Curious about how Adrafinil works?

Adrafinil increases histamine levels in the brain and gives you a powerful feeling of alertness that lasts for up to eight hours [8]. This is less than the 12+ hours you can expect from Modafinil, but still pretty darn good. Adrafinil acts as a potent appetite suppressant and prevents you from feeling fatigued [9], letting you work longer than you might otherwise be able to.

Adrafinil helps improve working and episodic memory [10] by binding to the brain’s dopamine transporter and preventing the reuptake of dopamine [11]. This increases the amount of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in the brain, and boosts memory.

Adrafinil also reduces reactivity to fear stimuli in the amygdala, which is the region of the brain involved in anxiety [12]. This improves the quality of your work or study, even if you are under a high level of stress.

Adrafinil Side Effects and Safety

Just because Adrafinil might be 100% legal where you live doesn’t mean that using it is risk-free. Here’s what you need to know…

To start with, don’t take Adrafinil if you are pregnant or nursing, or are at risk of conditions like depression, diabetes, or psychiatric disorders. Adrafinil can reduce the efficacy of hormonal birth control and can lead to rapid intoxication and blackouts when taken with alcohol.

As Adrafinil converts to Modafinil in the liver, both nootropics produce almost identical side effects. While there haven’t been any studies into what happens when Adrafinil is taken ‘off-prescription’ as a nootropic, there have been studies into what happens when healthy individuals take Modafinil, which is Adrafinil’s active metabolite.

One study looked at what happened when Modafinil was given to patients who had been incorrectly diagnosed with narcolepsy, i.e. non-sufferers. It found that Modafinil caused a range of side effects including [13]:

  • Headaches
  • Dehydration
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Lumbago
  • Diarrhea
  • Dyspepsia
  • Rhinitis
  • Vertigo
  • Dry mouth
  • Back pain

Those are the main side effects you can expect when you take Adrafinil, however, how your body responds to it depends on a whole host of factors including your current physical condition, genetic factors, and the dose.

You can minimize or mitigate some side effects by taking the following precautions.

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid becoming dehydrated and developing a headache and/or stomach pains.
  • Take the dose earlier to avoid experiencing sleeplessness or insomnia.
  • Lower your dosage to minimize any side effects you may experience.

Adrafinil also has several side effects not found in Modafinil.

These are:

  • Skin irritation.
  • Orofacial dyskinesia (which is where the mouth and face move involuntarily in repetitive ways [14].
  • Elevated liver enzyme values [15].

As Adrafinil is metabolized in the liver, it places more strain on the liver compared with Modafinil. While liver damage is associated with prolonged Adrafinil use, it can be minimized in several ways.

Firstly, as 300mg of Adrafinil is equivalent to 100mg of Modafinil, it’s best to limit your dose to 300mg or less per day and use it every other day up to a maximum of three times per week.

After two weeks, take one week off and use a milk thistle (Silybum marianum) supplement to detoxify your liver. Silymarin acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radical production and helps prevent toxins from binding to your liver [16].

All in all, Adrafinil is pretty safe when you take to a 300-600mg dose and you shouldn’t have much trouble.

But again, we aren’t doctors and this isn’t medical advice, so if you are in any doubt about how Adrafinil may interact with your existing medical conditions or medications, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Adrafinil ‘High’ | What You MUST Know

So, the question at hand:

Does Adrafinil make you ‘high’?

The short answer is no, not on its own.

Adrafinil is best thought of as a slower-acting alternative to Modafinil. When you take it on an empty stomach, you’ll notice its effects start to become apparent after 30-45 minutes.

Adrafinil’s effects are much milder than Modafinil and it doesn’t last as long. Instead of feeling ‘high’, you get a strong burst of focus and concentration that lasts up to eight hours. Adrafinil helps get rid of ‘brain fog’ and lets you focus on your work or study without procrastinating. In short, you can get more work done and increase your productivity.

While we’re not aware of any medical or anecdotal evidence that Adrafinil produces a sense of being ‘high’, new users should be especially vigilant when taking this nootropic. They may start with 150mg (half a capsule) and gauge their body’s response before deciding whether to take a full, 300-600mg dose.

In some cases, Adrafinil may make you feel sleepy the first couple of times you take it. We recommend taking Adrafinil every other day, for a maximum of three times per week. By your third dose (the sixth day) you should find that Adrafinil gives you the feeling of alertness that you wanted to take it for.

Most users find that Adrafinil’s effect lasts for around eight hours and that small doses of caffeine, such as a cup of coffee, help ‘re-energize’ the effect and bring back their sense of focus and clarity.

You should avoid consuming energy drinks when taking Adrafinil, as they contain things like yohimbine and synephrine that can interact adversely with the nootropic.

In summary, Adrafinil won’t make you feel ‘high’ and you shouldn’t be concerned.


Modafinil vs. Adrafinil

Adrafinil vs. Modafinil.

What’s the difference?

The main differences between these nootropics are that Modafinil is faster-acting, more potent, and longer-lasting than Adrafinil yet is a prescription medication in most countries and much harder to get hold of.

Adrafinil is a slower-acting alternative to Modafinil that’s 100% legal in most places and easier to get hold of without any hassles.

If you compare both nootropics like-for-like (with 300mg of Adrafinil equaling 100mg of Modafinil) then the benefits and side effects are pretty similar.

However, Adrafinil has several side effects not found with Modafinil such as elevated liver enzyme values, skin irritation, and orofacial dyskinesia.

The price of both nootropics is the same when you account for differences in dosage sizes.

Where to Buy Adrafinil Online | 2021 Guide

Now that we’ve established Adrafinil is safe and highly effective, there’s only one unanswered question; where can you buy some from? 

Well, Adrafinil isn’t as highly regulated as its parent drug Modafinil, so you have plenty of options. But while there is no shortage of Adrafinil vendors to choose from, you have to choose carefully. The quality and potency of Adrafinil can vary greatly, so buying this nootropic online isn’t as straightforward as you may have thought. 

Fortunately, our team has made test-purchases from all the major online vendors and found the best one:

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Some of the reasons why they took pole position in our ranking were: 

  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Packaging:‘s Adrafinil solution comes in medical-grade glass bottles for the ultimate in safety, purity and potency. The bottles are made from UV-resistant glass and have a tamper-proof seal to ensure that the Adrafinil reaches you in the best possible condition. 
  • Third-Party Testing: gets an independent lab – ANG Sciences – to test every batch of Adrafinil before it goes on sale. All lab reports are posted on the website so you can check the purity of the nootropics you are buying before placing an order.
  • Consistent Quality: We’ve found’s Adrafinil to be extremely consistent. There is less than ten percent variance between different batches. This makes it easy to know exactly how much you are taking in any given dose, even if the Adrafinil came from different batches.
  • Same-Day Dispatch: All Adrafinil orders are dispatched within 24 and, if you order before 4 pm MST, your order will be dispatched on the same day. Few other vendors can match this speed.
  • Free Shipping: When you buy more than $300 worth of nootropics in a single order, shipping is free. This offer is worldwide so you’ll save a ton of money regardless of where in the world you live. 
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: In the unlikely event that you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Adrafinil, you’ll have 30 days to get a full refund. No other vendor we reviewed could match that; it’s extremely impressive. 

If you want to try top-quality Adrafinil at reasonable prices, is your best bet. We were blown away by the level of service they offer and highly recommend them! 

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Adrafinil ‘High’ | Verdict

If you were curious about whether Adrafinil makes you feel ‘high’ — hopefully this guide has cleared up the issue and answered all your questions!

Adrafinil is a slower-acting alternative to Modafinil that puts more strain on your liver but is 100% legal in most countries. Unless you start chugging energy drinks, you shouldn’t get ‘high’ with Adrafinil, no matter how much you take.


With a proper Adrafinil dosage, you should feel impressive nootropic effects, like enhanced cognition and improved focus.


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