Armodafinil vs. Adderall | Benefits, Side Effects, and More

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Armodafinil vs. Aderall

Curious which smart drug is better…Armodafinil vs. Adderall?

Let’s break it down and see which smart drug is best for you.

See, if you’re anything like me, you were popping Adderall back in the college days. Before 2012, Adderall was the premier study and smart drug on the market.

Even with the mild side effects, the stimulant was popular because of the vast benefits available. Before Armodafinil and Modafinil hit the scene, Adderall was the only game in town. And it was one hell of a game! We’re talking 12-14 hours of pure focus.

Then smart drugs and nootropics hit the scene. Instead of suffering from stimulant side effects, these pharmaceutical drugs offer fewer side effects and smooth energy. CEOs, hustlers, and straight-A students quickly started taking Modafinil and Armodafinil.

When comparing these drugs, it should be noted that both offer similar benefits, including:

  • Increase overall cognition
  • Heightened focus
  • Wakefulness, you won’t sleep
  • Improved productivity and workflow
  • Extra energy over 12+ hours

…but, which one of these smart, study drugs is better for you?

Well, let’s find out.

While both are incredibly effective, one nootropic is a cleaner, healthier alternative and offers a better “high” – in my opinion.

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I am not a doctor. Nor am I a lawyer. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. There is no advice here. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drugs or pharmaceutical drugs – like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

What is Armodafinil?

Before we go to far, let’s talk about what Armodafinil is and why people take it. Armodafinil is the cousin to Modafinil, the most popular smart drug on the market.

Armodafinil was created in 2017 by the same company that designed Modafinil. Nuvigil, or Armodafinil, was designed to combat similar issues to Modafinil. the drug was prescribed to patients suffering from narcolepsy, shift sleep disorder, and sleep apnea (Source).

Armodafinil, or Nuvigil, was created because Modafinil’s patent was expiring and the company needed another cash cow.

The two drugs offer similar benefits, but the chemical structure varies slightly. Modafinil contains both “R” and “S” enantiomers, but Armodafinil only contains the active enantiomer, the “R” one.

Due to the unique chemical structure, Armodafinil offers higher blood plasma concentration after consumption. Some claim this makes Armodafinil stronger than Modafinil.

Personally, I’m not so sure, especially because Modafinil tends to have a significantly longer half-life in my personal experience.

Learn more about Armodafinil Vs. Modafinil here.

What is Adderall?

Adderall has been found all over college campuses for the last three decades. As the original study drug, kids have been popping Adderall to cram for finals and crush term papers in a few days.

Originally, Adderall was designed to treat attention deficit disorder and ADHD. The pharmaceutical drug is a stimulant and helps individuals stay focused on menial tasks (Source).

I wrote a little bit about Adderall here. The gist of it:

“Adderall works by changing how your brain regulates certain natural substances. The smart drug is made out of Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which allows the drug to stimulate different areas of the brain that control hyperactivity, focus, and impulse control.

While Modafinil is relatively new on the scene, Adderall has been popular with college students for 2-3 decades at this point. Many consider it to be the “study drug” of choice for finals week or when that big paper is due.”

Overall, I’m not a huge fan of Adderall. However, I still wanted to compare and contrast things accurately for you.

Armodafinil Vs. Adderall | Ultimate Guide

Now, I’ve taken Armodafinil for over six months now. I tend to rotate between Modafinil and Armodafinil these days – depending on when I want to get to sleep. If I need to get to bed before midnight, I take Armodafinil.

Usually, I’ll take smart drugs 1-3 times a week.

In college, I tool Adderall 2-4 times a semester. Not a ton, but I know how the smart drug works and feels. While each smart drug offers similar benefits, the way they work and how they feel are completely different…

The Armodafinil “High”

I’ve talked about the Modafinil “High” before. Armodafinil offers similar benefits and feelings. It’s not a stimulant, but you still feel the increased cognition, wakefulness, and overall sense of wellbeing.

Overall, I’d say you feel less of a “high” with Armodafinil compared to Modafinil, but the cognitive benefits are still strong. Personally, I take Modafinil when my day is filled with menial tasks.

If I’m looking to create, I find the Armodafinil “high” to be better overall.

The Adderall “High”

Adderall is a stimulant. As such, the study drug will feel more like a drug than Armodafinil or Modafinil.

If you want to feel “cracked” out, then Adderall is the smart drug for your needs.

After about one hour on Adderall, you’ll probably start to feel a sense of happiness. Even things you don’t want to do like menial paperwork and the like will be enjoyable when taking this smart drug.

Jitters will kick in. Your energy levels will skyrocket. Everything you do will start to be fun, even writing a 10,000 word book report on shit you don’t care about.

In many ways, Adderall offers a stronger “high” than any smart drug out there, including Modafinil and Armodafinil.

P.S: Check out some Adderall alternatives here.

Armodafinil Vs. Adderall – Comparing Benefits

While Armodafinil vs. Adderall can be a difficult comparison because the benefits are so similar, it should be noted that each smart drug offers different positives and negatives.

For example, I can differentiate the benefits of Adderall and Armodafinil:

Armodafinil Benefits
  • Increased Cognition and Heightened Focus: Like any smart drug, you’ll notice significant cognitive benefits when taking Armodafinil. You’ll be able to focus for hours on end and productivity will increase greatly.
  • Not a Stimulant: There’s no jitters with Armodafinil. As the smart drug is not a stimulant, you’ll be able to get tons of work done without the jittery feeling of Adderall. This is a huge benefit for me.
  • Shorter Half-Life: Armodafinil tends to only last for 8-12 hours. The half-life is shorter because you only need 150 mg to get the full effects of the nootropic. If you’re simply looking to work from 9-5 with increased cognition, then Armodafinil may be the best smart drug on the market.
  • Easier to Sleep On: Due to the shorter half-life, Armodafinil is also a great smart drug when you want to get some sleep. With Modafinil and Adderall, it can be difficult to fall asleep before midnight. With proper dosage and timing, it’s easy to pass out at an early hour after taking Armodafinil.
  • Fewer Side Effects: Armodafinil side effects are incredibly minor, especially when compared with Adderall. Many users barely note any side effects after taking 150 mg Armodafinil.
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Adderall Benefits
  • A True “High”: Adderall will make you feel high. For some users, this is a huge benefit. The high allows users to get through menial tasks that are simply no fun without Adderall. You will get a strong sense of happiness, productivity, and focus when taking Adderall.
  • Intensity: Adderall may be the most intense smart drug available. When you can’t take “no” for an answer, Adderall can almost guarantee a job, paper, or project gets done. The study drug is simply to strong to let you fail.
  • Super Energy Levels: You will feel more energy on Adderall than almost any other smart drug. Why? Because Adderall is a stimulant and you will feel it. Many have compared Adderall to a productive form of cocaine.

Armodafinil Vs. Adderall – Side Effects

The benefits of Armodafinil and Adderall can be somewhat similar, although Adderall is a bit stronger. The side effects are not. Adderall tends to offer significantly more side effects than its counterpart.

Let’s dive in and take a look:

Armodafinil Side Effects
  • Nausea
  • Weight Loss
  • Sleeplessness
  • Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Diarhea
  • …And More!

Personally, I’ve yet to struggle with many Armodafinil side effects. In fact, if you’d ask me which smart drug offers the least side effects, I’d say Armodafinil. Outside of a minor stomach issue one time, I’ve yet to have a problem.

Plus, I’m able to sleep on Armodafinil before midnight! That never happens with Adderall or Modafinil.

Adderall Side Effects
  • Addictive: As Adderall is a stimulant and offers a variety of similarities to cocaine, it should come as no surprise that the study drug is addictive and can be habit forming. Be careful!
  • Muscle spasms and twitching
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Diarhea

While there are many people who don’t experience any side effects when taking Adderall, I did. Headaches, an Adderall hangover, and nausea all caused me issues more than one time.

You need to be careful with this study drug. Also, you’ll want to take it early in the morning to ensure you get to sleep at a decent hour. Taking time-released Adderall in the afternoon can be a death sentence for your sleep schedule.

Armodafinil Vs. Adderall | Smart Drug Showdown

Overall, there’s a reason I don’t take Adderall any longer.

Armodafinil and Modafinil offer similar cognitive benefits without any of the common Adderall side effects.

While some students still prefer Adderall, nearly every CEO and online hustler has switched to smart drugs like Armodafinil recently.

It’s not hype. These smart drugs are truly like the pill in “Limitless” and you will find impressive cognitive benefits by taking Armodafinil.

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