Where to Buy Modafinil in Australia in 2021

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Modafinil Australia

If you’re curious about how to buy Modafinil in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about safely buying the world’s most popular smart drug while living down under.

But here’s the gist of it…

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We know which online pharmacies sell legit nootropics and which ones will rip you off. Our only goal for this guide is to help you get your hands on the best nootropic in the world without an issue.

So, we’ll tell you how to get Modafinil in Australia without any hassles. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple these days. You don’t even need to present your prescription.

Disclaimer: The contents of Modafinil.com are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming Modafinil or related nootropics. Your access to Modafinil.com is subject to our full Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

What is Modafinil?

Before we dive too deep into how to purchase Modafinil in Australia, let’s discuss what the smart drug is and why so many people rave about it.

Most smart drug users and experts consider Modafinil to be the world’s best nootropic [1]. It’s a powerful cognitive enhancer that has gained global fame for its mind-boosting properties. It is widely considered to be the premier smart drug on the market.

Healthy Modafinil users report incredible benefits [2] like:

  • 12+ hours of ‘hyper’ focus
  • Increased overall productivity
  • Improved memory retention
  • Inability to feel fatigued
  • …And much, much, more!

In our experience, when you take Modafinil, you feel as though you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  

We’re not saying it’s the pill from the movie “Limitless“; that’s just Hollywood fiction. But it might very well be the closest thing we have to a real-life equivalent. 

So, what is this wonder drug and how did it come about?

Modafinil was discovered in 1974 by two scientists working for the French drug company L. Lafon Ltd. Clinical trials showed Modafinil to be a strong ‘wakefulness-promoting’ agent and it was developed into a medicine for the treatment of narcolepsy.

Modafinil was first released in France under the brand name “Provigil” in 1992 [3] and was registered in Australia under the brand-name ‘Modavigil’ in 2002. It is used to treat narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) , sleep apnea, and a range of other sleep-related conditions [4]. 

However, none of that is likely of any interest to you. You’re probably interested in Modafinil for its numerous ‘off label benefits…

We’re not going to lie to you: Several scientific studies have shown that it offers a multitude of cognitive benefits. It has been used to treat a range of cognitive disorders such as schizophrenia [5], ADHD [6], cocaine addiction [7], and other ailments [8].

Modafinil is well-known in Australia outside the medical community. Based on reports from our Aussie colleagues, it’s hands down the most popular study drug in the country right now. A single 200mg tablet should help just about any healthy individual focus for 12+ hours and pull an all-nighter with ease.

Everyone from students to entrepreneurs, startup CEOs, and digital nomads seem to be trying to get their hands on this wonder drug. 


Because Modafinil just works, mate.

Modafinil in Australia

Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

The general consensus of the medical community, as well as that of nootropics enthusiasts,  is that Modafinil is quite safe provided it’s properly administered. Still, it’s important to educate yourself about all the risks before using Modafinil purely as a smart drug or nootropic.

So, what do you need to know about Modafinil’s side effects and safety?

Firstly, Modafinil is a prescription-only schedule IV drug in Australia. This means that it has a low risk of abuse and dependence. However, like all prescription drugs, it can cause a range of side effects — some temporary, and some severe.

Modafinil acts as a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that increases levels of histamine in the brain [9]. It suppresses feelings of hunger and fatigue, and gives users heightened concentration and alertness [10]. This effect can last for more than half a day. 

But that alone doesn’t explain why it’s purportedly such  an effective study drug. To understand why Modafinil increases memory and mental clarity, we need to look at its secondary action: It blocks the reuptake of dopamine [11]. This raises levels of not just dopamine, but also serotonin and norepinephrine, which produce the cognitive benefits that Modafinil is renowned for [12].

This is the main reason why it’s a prescription drug in Australia; it increases dopamine in the brain. There’s a slight chance that people could overuse Modafinil and become dependent on it. However, real-world cases of smart drug users becoming addicted to it are virtually unheard of. 

Studies have shown that doses of 200mg of Modafinil produce few if any side effects [13]. It is widely held to be a very safe drug.

That being said, Modafinil may interact with other prescription drugs and you shouldn’t take it if you suffer from anxiety, depression, or if you are pregnant, as its use by pregnant women has been linked to birth defects [14].

There hasn’t been much research into Modafinil’s side effects when taken ‘off prescription’ as a smart drug, but one study looked at Modafinil side effects in patients who had been wrongly diagnosed with narcolepsy [15].

Participants in the study reported experiencing headaches, nausea, dry mouth, and some anxiety. So, based on this study, these are the most common side effects of Modafinil, especially for first-time users.

There have been several studies aimed at understanding the safety concerns regarding Modafinil. Most have concluded that the smart drug is generally safe, but some have conceded that further research may be necessary.

For example, a study completed by the Korean Society of Environmental Health and Toxicology concluded that [16]:

Modafinil is known to have less or no adverse effects than those found in traditional psychostimulants such as amphetamine, methylphenidate or cocaine. It can be applied as an anti-psychotic or anti-fatigue agent. However, the waking mechanism of modafinil is yet to be fully revealed. Recent studies reported that modafinil may be subject to abuse and addiction. In addition prolonged sleeplessness induces stress responses and impairs immune function.

Modafinil can be used by anyone, who wishes to work late, stay awake, enhance their cognitive reactions, or brighten their moods. Users may already be under a great level of stress, i.e. cancer patients or soldiers in a battle field. A psychoneuroimmunological approach is thus needed to investigate the multi-functional effects of modafinil.

In our belief, Modafinil is one of the safest study and/or smart drugs available. There haven’t been any reported deaths from overdose, and it is clinically proven to be safe overall. 

Modafinil side effects are something to consider. However, most users find minor headaches, nausea, and insomnia to be the only issues when they take a dose of 200mg or less — and even these minor side effects can be avoided with proper dosing and management.

Is Modafinil Legal in Australia?

Now, we’re not legal practitioners — in Australia or elsewhere. But as the web’s #1 Modafinil resource, we’ve amassed a wealth of information on all topics Modafinil-related. That includes this section on the legalities of Modafinil in Australia, which we hope will be a useful starting point for further research.  

Is Modafinil Legal in Australia?

To be honest, that’s a tricky question, so we can’t give you a straight answer.. But here’s the simplest way to break things down:

If you have narcolepsy or severe sleep apnea, your GP can prescribe you Modavigil, which is brand-name Modafinil [17].

With this prescription, you can then go to a pharmacy in Australia and get Modavigil. In this sense, yes, Modafinil is perfectly legal in Australia.

But if you are unable to get a prescription for Modavigil in Australia, buying from a pharmacy isn’t just illegal…

It’s impossible.

Why? Because no Australian pharmacist is going to risk their career just to sell you a prescription-only medication “under-the-counter.”

Tl • DR:
If you want to buy Modavigil in Australia, you’ll need to get a prescription from a local GP for a relevant ailment. Then go to the pharmacy. This is the law regarding Modafinil in the country.

However, there’s a little bit more to it than meets the eye here…

The legality of Modafinil in Australia is multi-layered. Which is why we need to discuss…

Drug Schedules in Australia

Australia drug scheduling laws come into play when talking about Modafinil in Australia.

In the country, pharmaceutical and street drugs are classified through the Therapeutic Goods Act or TGA. The drugs are classified in groups 1-10 based on how dangerous they are and their potential for abuse. According to the TGA, Modafinil is classified as a schedule 4 medication. As such, there are some limitations when buying it in the country.

Here’s a brief breakdown of drug schedules in Australia:

  • Schedule 1 Purposely left blank by the government
  • Schedule 2 – Generally safe pharmaceutical drugs, including Paracetamol, Dextromethorphan, Non-sedating antihistamines, and similar substances
  • Schedule 3 – Safe pharmaceutical drugs, but ones the Australian government prefers to track and manage, including Codeine, Pseudoephedrine, Salbutamol, and the like
  • Schedule 4 – Prescription medications that have the potential for addiction, including Modafinil, Benzodiazepines, SSRIs, and more
  • Schedule 5 – Potentially dangerous compounds for humans, including methanol and some heavy metals
  • Schedule 6 – These are poisons according to the TGA, and include: Ammonia, Barium salts, and more
  • Schedule 7 – Dangerous drugs and poisons that generally aren’t sold to the public without special considerations, like Thallium, Colecalciferol, and similar substances
  • Schedule 8 – Controlled drugs that require a special license to distribute and are heavily monitored by the Australian government, including Morphine, Oxycodone, and Amphetamine
  • Schedule 9 – Prohibited drugs or street drugs that are not legally sold in the country, including cocaine, DMT, and marijuana

It should be clear by now, but just in case it’s not…

Drug scheduling in Australia is a complex matter. For example, let’s look at Modavigil (brand-name Modafinil). Modavigil is a schedule 4 drug [18] in Australia, as the government has ruled that it has a low risk of abuse and dependence.

This seems reasonable when you look at the mechanisms underlying Modafinil’s pharmacological effects. It increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, and in the nucleus accumbens specifically, which is the brain region critical for the rewarding effects of drugs of abuse. Repeatedly using Modafinil could harm vulnerable individuals and result in addiction [19].

However, reported cases of Modafinil dependence are extremely rare. For example, here’s one study talking about a case of Modafinil dependence [20].

To sum up: Modafinil simply isn’t an addictive substance, nor is it a precursor to any known addictive substances. In fact, we take it multiple times a week without ever feeling a “craving” or “withdraw” before or after.

Still, Modafinil is a schedule 4 drug in Australia…and that likely won’t be changing for the foreseeable future.

Augment Antidepressant

Where to Buy Modafinil Online in Australia

You may be wondering where you can buy Modafinil online in Australia. Well, you’re in luck. That’s where we come in. We’ve bought from over a half dozen Modafinil vendors over the years. We know which ones offer legit products, fast shipping times, and reliable customer service. And which don’t.

So without further ado, here’s where to purchase Modafinil in Australia:

Buy Moda

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We’re massive fans of Buy Moda and these guys are our top recommended vendor for anyone in Australia who wants to buy Modafinil online.

You simply can’t go wrong when you order from this company; they are more than impressive.

Here’s exactly why:

  • Friendly Customer Service: Buy Moda’s impressive support team will look after you along each step of the buying journey. They’ll go out of their way to ensure that you have a smooth buying experience.
  • Proper Packaging: If you’re worried about ordering Modafinil online, you can order from Buy Moda with confidence. Your Modafinil will be properly packed to preserve product integrity as well as to ensure speedy clearance through customs..
  • Guaranteed Delivery: Either you get your Modafinil, or you get a refund or free re-shipment — your choice.
  • Low, Low Prices: Buy Moda have some of the cheapest prices in the business and all of their products are 100% legit.
  • HUGE Bitcoin Discount: These guys will give you a whopping 20% off your order when you pay with Bitcoin (BTC).
  • FAST Shipping: You can expect your order to arrive within 6-14+ days. We’ve yet to find another vendor who can ship nootropics to Australia faster than that.

Overall, Buy Moda is our TOP recommended Modafinil vendor for Australians or anyone living in Australia.

They offer incredibly low prices, fast shipping, and some of the best customer service in the industry.

This is our #1 online vendor for a reason…highly recommended.

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If you’re buying Modafinil and smart drugs in Australia, then Modafinil XL is another great place to check out.

These guys offer great prices, solid customer service, huge discounts, and FAST shipping.

How fast?

Modafinil XL offers 7-10 day delivery to Australia.

That’s fast. You’ll have your Modafinil in about a week when ordering from these guys. This is because Modafinil XL ships from Singapore, so you can order with confidence.

Plus, Modafinil XL offers guaranteed delivery to Australia! You’ll either get your order or you’ll get a full refund or free reshipment. It’s your choice. You have virtually zero risk when ordering from these guys.

The smart drugs you get from Modafinil XL will be legit products and offer massive cognitive benefits. We’ve personally tested their products based on two orders with these guys.

Finally, Modafinil XL offers a great Bitcoin discount. You can get 20% off your order when you pay with Bitcoin (BTC), which makes buying from these guys very, very economical.


We can’t recommend Modafinil XL enough to Australians looking to buy nootropics!

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Generic Modafinil and Armodafinil in Australia

If you do get a prescription from your doctor in Australia, you’ll also be able to buy Modafinil from a retail pharmacy in-country. Once you have a prescription, you can go to the pharmacy and get Modafinil under names like:

  • Modavigil
  • Provigil
  • Alertec

These are the brand name Modafinil products sold in pharmacies in Australia. But for Australians looking to order Modafinil online, common generic Modafinil products include:

These generic forms of Modafinil work almost EXACTLY like brand-name versions such as Modavigil. They’ll offer virtually identical cognitive benefits…but for a much lower price.

In our experience, there’s barely any difference between Modavigil and Modalert. After testing all four of these generic products, we have a few recommendations for Australians and those living in the country.

In our opinion, Modalert is the strongest generic Modafinil brand available online. We highly recommend it. Modvigil is a cheap alternative for Australians looking for Modafinil.

When looking for Modafinil’s little cousin Armodafinil, we prefer Waklert. However, Artvigil is a little bit cheaper.

Overall, we stick with Modalert and Waklert for good reason. We’ve found them to be superior products and recommend them for anyone looking to buy Modafinil online in Australia.

Other Nootropics

If you’re curious about other nootropics in Australia and potential Modafinil alternatives, we’ve got a couple more ideas for you. Just know that Modafinil is the ‘King’ and Armodafinil is the ‘Queen’ when talking about nootropics. Adrafinil is the ‘Prince’ to take that little analogy one step further.

There are some other nootropics in Australia that can be worthwhile alternatives. Here’s our favorite:

  • Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is our favorite natural nootropic, hands down. Based on our review, we can say that it offers Modafinil-like benefits such as increased motivation, better focus, and more energy, and also with zero side effects.

Think of Mind Lab Pro as Modafinil “lite”. It offers solid cognitive enhancement, but for a lesser duration. It’s our top recommendation for an over-the-counter nootropic right now.

You can expect 6-8+ of solid cognitive enhancement and intense focus, along with one benefit you might not get with Modafinil. What’s that? A nice creative boost. This is the best nootropic for creatives that we’ve ever tested.

We also Mind Lab Pro to be ideal for “cycling” with Modafinil. Let’s face it: You likely won’t be able to get away with tainge Modafinil every day without building up a tolerance and having to increase your dose (which increases your side effect potential). But Mind Lab Pro is fully natural and appears safe enough to take year-round. This makes it perfect as a natural alternative to Modafinil!

Highly recommended.

Get your hands on the world's best over-the-counter nootropic...
Mind Lab Pro!

The Verdict?

If you were curious about how to buy Modafinil in Australia, that’s about it, mate.

We’ve covered pretty much everything you need to know about buying the world’s best nootropic Down Under.

From Modafinil’s potential benefits and side effects, to legal considerations and prices, we covered it all in this entertaining guide.

Not currently in Australia? Here are some guides on how to get Modafinil in the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.

Oh, and don't forget to buy Modafinil from my favorite online vendor for Australians!


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