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Last Updated: February 18, 2023

Where to buy adrafinil

Want to know where to buy Adrafinil online? If so, we’ve got the info you need.

Adrafinil is one of the most researched nootropics in the world right now. You may probably know it as a precursor to Modafinil, which thousands of students, entrepreneurs and working professionals use to power through their workload and edge out their competition.

But this guide is about Adrafinil, and we’ll explain exactly how to buy this research compound online. If you’re a researcher, our only goal is to help you get your hands on high-quality Adrafinil, hassle-free.

But we recognize that you might be looking for more than just our recommended Adrafinil vendor.

That’s why we included a ton of information about Adrafinil, including what it is, its benefits and side effects, and the differences between Adrafinil capsules, powered Adrafinil and liquid Adrafinil. Let’s dive right in.

Adrafinil is 100% legal and a solid Modafinil alternative

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What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a type of drug that gives subjects a sense of “wakefulness.” In scientific circles, it’s known as a “eugeroic.” Adrafinil was discovered in 1974 by two scientists working for the French pharmaceutical company Lafon. It was first released in 1985 as Olmifon.

Initially, Adrafinil (Olmifon) became a popular treatment for narcolepsy, a rare condition that causes sufferers to feel drowsy during the day [1]. Adrafinil owes its effectiveness to the fact that it’s a prodrug of Modafinil, which means that its active metabolite is Modafinil. In other words, when you take Adrafinil, your liver converts it into its active metabolite Modafinil. Modafinil is an extremely strong eugeroic in its own right, so it’s little wonder that Adrafinil is sought-after for research purposes.

In the early 1990s, Modafinil was released (under the brand-name Modiodal) and Adrafinil fell out of favor with its manufacture discontinued in 2011. However, generic versions of Adrafinil have continued to be produced by companies around the world ever since. Today, it’s one of the safest and most researched nootropic agents in the world.

Adrafinil buy where

Benefits of Adrafinil

Just like Modafinil, Adrafinil is considered to be a “smart drug” or nootropic. This means that it enhances cognitive functions like recall, concentration, focus and information processing, while simultaneously protecting the brain from harmful factors like stress [2].

As Adrafinil is converted into Modafinil in the liver, both Adrafinil and Modafinil have very similar effects and benefits [3]. Modafinil is commonly used as a nootropic by individuals who want to stay alert and alert for extended periods, such as grad students, entrepreneurs, academics, and military pilots [4]. Adrafinil, on the other hand, is not FDA-approved and is unscheduled, and therefore has the status of research compound.

But like Modafinil, Adrafinil has several researched-backed benefits, including:

  • 8+ hours of high-level concentration [5],
  • Increased attention span [6],
  • Improved motivation and productivity,
  • Better short-term memory and recall [7].
  • Inability to feel fatigued,
  • And more!

How might Adrafinil accomplish these feats?

Well, when a human subject is administered Adrafinil, the liver starts converting it into its active metabolite — Modafinil — and the drug starts to increase levels of histamine in the brain. Once Adrafinil kicks in, the subject may begin to feel extremely alert and vigilant [8]. And once histamine levels start to rise, it becomes almost impossible to feel tired or sleepy for up to eight hours. As with Modafinil, Adrafinil has been shown to allow subjects to continuously complete tasks with enhanced focus and drive [9].

Adrafinil is likewise known to increase levels of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter linked to cognitive benefits such as better mood, improved recall and heightened concentration [10]. Higher dopamine levels allow subjects to remember things much more effectively [11] and work efficiently, even after being awake for a long period [12].

Adrafinil Side Effects

Unlike Modafinil, which is a prescription medication in most parts of the world, Adrafinil is readily available as a research compound almost everywhere in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely side effect-free.
As Adrafinil is metabolized in the liver into Modafinil, it causes many of the same side effects. However, Adrafinil may produce additional side effects that Modafinil does not, such as:

  • Skin irritation
  • Skin rashes, and
  • Elevated liver enzymes [13]

These side effects can become especially pronounced for subjects who are administered Adrafinil over a long period. In long-term tests, Adrafinil has been linked to orofacial dyskinesia, an extremely rare condition that causes involuntary movements in the face and mouth [14].

So which side effects might Adrafinil and Modafinil have in common?

Well, just like Modafinil, Adrafinil has a negative effect on hormonal birth control medications like the contraceptive pill. This means that it shouldn’t be administered to any subject who is relying on a contraceptive medication as their primary form of birth control. Furthermore, Adrafinil must not be administered to any pregnant subjects, as Modafinil has been linked to congenital birth defects.

The more common Adrafinil side effects appear to be the same as what’s typically seen with Modafinil usage [15]. These include:

  • A dry mouth and/or throat,
  • Headaches,
  • Nausea and/or an upset stomach,
  • Increased anxiety,
  • Vertigo, and
  • Diarrhea.

The good news is that Adrafinil’s known side effects are typically quite mild and rarely last longer than 24 hours. Overall, we could characterize it as safe research nootropic.

Where To Buy Adrafinil Online | A-Z Guide

Adrafinil is readily available in almost every country in the world so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a vendor. However, you have to remember that Adrafinil is commonly sold as a research material and therefore isn’t subject to the same strict quality control guidelines as medicines like Modafinil. You have to be especially careful about where you buy Adrafinil.

Fortunately, our team has done all the heavy legwork to find the two best Adrafinil vendors on the planet. Both of our recommended vendors submit their Adrafinil for product purity and identity testing before shipping it out. This means that you can be certain of getting only the very best quality Adrafinil when you order from either one of our vendors.


Our favorite Adrafinil vendor is Science.bio. These guys have been in the research chemical industry for years and know the scene inside out. They have built a stellar reputation for shipping 100% pure Adrafinil worldwide in record time.

Here are some of the reasons why we rate them so highly:

  • 100% Lab-Tested: Science.bio gets every batch of Adrafinil lab-tested and verified before they ship it out. They then code each vial so they know exactly which batch and lot it came from. This ensures you get only the purest Adrafinil when you place an order.
  • High-Quality Packaging: The liquid Adrafinil sold by Science.bio comes in special UV-resistant glass bottles. This ensures minimal degradation and a long shelf-life.
  • Highly Consistent: We’ve found Science.bio’s Adrafinil to be extremely consistent. There is less than a ten-percent variance in the concentration of their liquid Adrafinil, which is exceptional. This means that you will always know exactly how much you are taking.
  • Same-Day Dispatch: When you order from this vendor, your Adrafinil will be dispatched within 24 hours, meaning you won’t have long to wait.

Overall, Science.bio is an extremely reliable, high-quality vendor. We have absolutely no qualms about recommending them to anyone conducting research on Adrafinil.

Highly recommended!

Adrafinil is 100% legal and a solid Modafinil alternative

Nootropics Depot

While we’re certain that you’ll love Science.bio as much as we do, we recognize that some of you will want another option. That’s why we also recommend Nootropics Depot!

Just like Science.bio, this vendor has been in business for years and does a superb job shipping high-quality Adrafinil worldwide. Here are some of the things that make them so great:

  • FREE Worldwide Shipping: When you spend over $200, you’ll get FREE shipping worldwide. This gives you great value for money and ensures that you’ll never overpay for shipping.
  • Same-Day Dispatch: If you place your order before 6 PM US Eastern Time, your shipment will be dispatched on the same day. This means you won’t have a long time to wait for your Adrafinil to arrive.
  • Lab-Tested for Purity: Nootropics Depot tests Adrafinil as much as anyone in the business so you can order with confidence knowing that you’ll only get the very best in terms of purity and quality. Their Adrafinil capsules and powder are first-class in a saturated industry.
  • Multiple Options: Nootropics Depot sells jars of Adrafinil powder and tubs of capsules in a variety of sizes. So whether you want to conduct a small trial of this smart drug, or buy enough for a longer-term study, you’re bound to be able to find what you need when you shop here.

Nootropics Depot is one of the most reliable, trustworthy Adrafinil vendors we’ve ever reviewed. Their Adrafinil is extremely high-quality and affordable.

We know you won’t be disappointed when you shop here!

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Capsules vs. Powder vs. Liquid

As you may have noticed, Science.bio sells liquid Adrafinil while Nootropics Depot sells Adrafinil capsules and powdered Adrafinil. So, what’s the difference?

Well, if you take equivalent amounts, you should experience virtually identical results no matter which type of Adrafinil you buy. A 300 mg dose of Adrafinil is equivalent to around 100 mg of Modafinil, so the recommended Adrafinil dose is between 300-600 mg per day. That holds true whether you take capsules, powder or liquid.

For example, if you buy 300 mg Adrafinil capsules, you’ll need to take one or two capsules, whereas if you buy liquid Adrafinil dosed at 100 mg per mL, you’ll need to take 3–6 mL.

However, there are some minor differences between capsules, powder and liquid. Nothing major, but important to know about all the same.


In our opinion, Adrafinil capsules are the most convenient way of taking Adrafinil. Each capsule is precisely dosed so you don’t need to measure anything. Capsules are portable, resistant to heat, easy to swallow and quick to digest.

Many researchers prefer Adrafinil capsules because there’s nothing to weigh or measure. When you work with capsules, you can be confident that you’ll get a precise dose every time.

The downside of Adrafinil capsules is that you cannot run “micro-dosing” experiments, which is the practice of taking smaller doses. For example, if the Adrafinil capsules you buy are 300 mg, you cannot easily cut or split them into smaller amounts. By comparison, liquid Adrafinil dosed at 100 mg per mL is easy to micro-dose. If you wanted to administer a 100 mg microdose, you would simply measure out one mL.


Powdered Adrafinil comes in small jars that are easy to re-seal, transport and use. The main drawback of Adrafinil powder is that it’s not water-soluble. It’s recommended to dissolve it into Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) first, before administering. Most Adrafinil powder is slightly pink (due to high levels of iron) but this doesn’t affect the taste or quality.

Provided you always keep the jar tightly sealed, the powder should stay fresh and not get clumpy for months after you first open it.

Adrafinil powder is ideal if you want to get very precise doses that you can’t easily get with capsules.


Liquid Adrafinil comes in a glass jar with a little pipette so you can easily measure the quantity and mix it with any liquid beverage. While some people find liquid inconvenient to store and transport, it does have a long shelf life after you first open the bottle.

As we mentioned above, the main advantage of liquid Adrafinil is that you can easily adjust doses in precise 100 mg increments. Instead of being limited to either 300 mg or 600 mg as with capsules, you can administer 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 mg doses of liquid Adrafinil with ease.

Adrafinil vs. Modafinil

Adrafinil is a prodrug of Modafinil so the two nootropics have very similar benefits and side-effects. However, there are a few key differences between the two.

The first, and arguably, most important difference is that Adrafinil is readily available to purchase as research material, almost everywhere worldwide, while Modafinil is a prescription-only drug in most countries. Where it’s classified as a research chemical, you’ll have no problems buying or using Adrafinil for research purposes.

The second key difference between these two nootropics is that Adrafinil takes markedly longer to kick in than Modafinil. This has nothing to do with whether you’re administering capsules, powder or liquid; it’s because Adrafinil takes time to be metabolized in the liver. There’s no way around this.

Therefore, subjects can expect a longer, more gradual build-up in focus and concentration after taking Adrafinil, compared with an equivalent dose of Modafinil. By comparison, Modafinil is much faster, especially if we’re talking about a sublingual product like Modafil MD.

The third difference is that most subjects find Adrafinil to be less potent than Modafinil. It has a peak duration of around eight hours, compared with over 12 hours for Modafinil. That’s why you need to administer 300–600 mg of Adrafinil to get the equivalent benefit of 100-200 mg of Modafinil.

Lastly, researchers and subjects need to know that Adrafinil typically places more strain on the liver than its parent drug, Modafinil. If your research is short-term in nature, this shouldn’t be a major concern. However, subjects who use Adrafinil long term may see elevated liver enzyme values. Subjects can mitigate this to some extent by taking pro-liver supplements like milk thistle. But you can’t avoid the fact that Adrafinil needs to be metabolized and will put more strain on your liver.

Ready to order Modafinil from the top-rated online vendor?

How To Buy Adrafinil | Verdict

If you were curious about how to buy Adrafinil online, hopefully this guide has addressed all your questions.

We’ve given you a complete overview of Adrafinil including its benefits, side effects, sample doses and the two best vendors to buy this nootropic from in 2023.

If you’re a nootropics researcher, do not overlook Adrafinil as a worthy alternative to Modafinil.

Adrafinil buy where



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