How to Buy Modafinil in China | What You Must Know

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Are you looking for information on how to buy Modafinil in China? If so, I’m here to help.

If you want to know how to buy the world’s most popular smart drug whilst visiting or living in China, this comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know. Whether you’re a local, a digital nomad who is already living here, or you are in the process of planning your trip.

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I can explain the legalities of Modafinil in China and will show you exactly how to buy legit products at the best prices. Luckily, getting Modafinil in China is relatively straightforward – even with the troublesome legalities found throughout the country.

This is not legal or medical advice. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. Please consult with your primary care physician or a medical professional with close working knowledge of your health -- before consuming pharmaceutical drugs or nootropics, like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

What is Modafinil?

Before I outline the legalities of Modafinil in China and where to buy it, let’s briefly look at what the smart drug is and why it’s so popular.

Modafinil is a prescription drug that was developed in France during the 1980s. It is a “eugeroic,” which is basically a wakefulness-promoting agent.

Modafinil was initially marketed under the brand name ‘Provigil.’ Doctors prescribe Modafinil for a range of disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift sleep disorder [1].

However, shortly after Provigil was introduced to the U.S. market in the late 1990s, the drug developed a reputation for its off-label benefits. It quickly became known as a ‘smart’ drug or ‘nootropic,’ which could reportedly enhance people’s cognitive abilities.

Modafinil works by stimulating the brain and is considered to be safer than Adderall, as users generally don’t get the jitters.

Fast-paced professionals began swearing by its use, even claiming that the drug alone was responsible for their success.

During the early 2000s, CEOs and Silicon Valley executives extolled the virtues of Modafinil and claimed it gave them a competitive advantage over their competitors [2].

Benefits of Modafinil

As little as 200mg of Modafinil could help a busy professional pull an all-nighter with ease. Some executives claimed to log 20-hour days while using the drug. Modafinil also found favor among students and quickly surpassed Adderall as the study drug of choice.

Modafinil offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Improved memory retention
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Preventing sleepiness
  • …and more!

Overall, Modafinil has gained a reputation as the best and most effective smart drug currently available, and gives you the sense that you can accomplish anything while you’re on it.

Modafinil may not be the pill from the movie “Limitless” – but it comes pretty close!

Despite the potential minor complications, if you’re curious about how to buy Modafinil in China, there’s a very good reason:

Modafinil truly works.

Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

While Modafinil users enjoy the sensation of being more alert and productive, it can also be accompanied by side effects. However, these side effects tend to be rare in occurrence and low in severity.

Here’s a short list of the ones you should be most aware of [3]:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Dry eyes
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

From my own personal experience and those of many other Modafinil users I have spoken to, you are unlikely to experience these side effects if you are using Modafinil responsibly.

Assuming you are not mixing Modafinil with other drugs and drinking lots of water throughout the day, there’s a low chance of experiencing these side effects. Even if you do, they will fade away in no time at all.

However, some side effects such as an irregular heartbeat and shallow breathing are definitely more serious in nature [4]. These should be causes of concern for any Modafinil user.

If in doubt, always seek advice from your general practitioner.

Is Modafinil Legal in China?

I’m not a lawyer or legal scholar, so the following should NOT be taken as legal advice.

This section about the legalities of Modafinil in China should not be misconstrued as anything more than hyperbole. I urge you to follow all Chinese laws during your stay and do your due diligence.

According to the National Medical Productions Administration (NMPA), Modafinil is neither legal nor available within China. However, as I’m not a lawyer, I encourage you to do your due diligence and contact the NMPA yourself [5].

In general, you cannot be prescribed Modafinil from a Chinese doctor unless you have a signed letter from your general practitioner in your home country stating that you require the drug for a medical reason.

– Can you buy Modafinil in China from any pharmacy? –

China is a vast country with a wide range of pharmacies, from large chains such as Watsons to small independent pharmacies and even unlicensed shops selling medicines.

You cannot buy Modafinil from a registered pharmacy. There is no registered brand name for Modafinil in China, so you cannot buy a legitimate version of the medicine that has been produced by a certified manufacturer.

If you are prescribed the drug by a Chinese doctor, you will have to buy an imported product. Pharmacies in department stores will not stock or sell Modafinil. However, it is the case that some unlicensed shops and sellers, particularly online sellers, may offer Modafinil, or generic products containing the same active ingredient.

Most Chinese find that they cannot buy Modafinil in China, so they purchase it online.

– Where do you buy Modafinil in China? –

If you’ve visited or lived in China before, you’ll already know how popular Taobao is within the country [6].

The online shopping giant is a way of life for most people here, who order everything from cosmetics to electronics through the site. If you can read and write Chinese, you’ll have no problems finding sellers who will ship Modafinil.

The quality of said Modafinil?

Well, that will be debatable. There’s a HIGH likelihood you’ll get fake or bunk Modafinil when ordering here.

Not to mention the language barrier. Although it is possible to register a Taobao account in English, you may run into difficulty registering your Chinese mobile phone number and bank account. Most foreigners who create their own Taobao accounts have to link their foreign-issued debit or credit card. This will add transaction and currency conversion fees to your purchases.

If you can’t read or write Chinese, you will have problems searching for the Modafinil in English, and the results you get will be limited. You’ll also struggle to communicate with sellers.

Searching in English is more likely to throw up scam sellers or fake products compared with searching in Chinese.

Searching for Modafinil in Chinese will bring up better results. But there’s more than a few stories of foreigners buying bunk nootropics off Taobao.

– Is Modafinil from Taobao sellers legit? –

Buying Modafinil from Taobao sellers is extremely risky, whichever route you choose.

At best, you’ll end up with a product that has been produced by an unlicensed facility, or so-called ‘underground’ lab.

You may get something that contains no active ingredients. At worst, you’ll get something that’s been manufactured in unsanitary conditions, or that contains dangerous or illegal substances that the seller feels may mimic the effects of Modafinil.

The ideal solution is to look for products from well-known online Modafinil vendors. Online pharmacies that have excellent reputations and ship quickly to China…like the ones below.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online in China | 2020 Guide

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reputable vendors that I can vouch for currently shipping to China. I’ll keep this updated as much as possible though in hopes that some more come around.

Thankfully, the two vendors I recommend below have remained faithful in shipping Modafinil to every corner of the earth. They continue to be high-quality vendors, servicing almost every country on this planet, including China.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best places to buy Modafinil online in China:


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Quality of Products 100 %
Pricing 75 %
Customer Service 90 %
Trustworthiness & Accuracy 95 %

ModaPharma is a vendor which recently opened up shipping towards China. Let’s see what benefits ModaPharma offers towards individuals and expats who reside in China:

  • They Ship Everywhere: ModaPharma ships to China, no problem! You will receive your Modafinil order for sure.
  • Fast and Affordable Shipping: Shipping happens within 6-12+ days), and you’ll only pay $10USD for standard international shipping. That’s better that most deals you see from other Modafinil vendors, period.
  • Excellent Quality and Variety: Everything is lab-verified by third-party organizations, so you know you’re not getting junk. High quality and lots of variety is what you can expect from this nootropic vendor.
  • GREAT Prices: You’ll find some of the more reasonable prices in the industry with ModaPharma, especially in China. Highly recommended. You can also get 15% off if you are buying with Bitcoin!

All in all, ModaPharma is a solid choice, and it’s a great safety net as an option for buying Modafinil online in China.

Highly recommended.

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Our Rating:
Quality of Products 90 %
Pricing 95 %
Customer Service 75 %
Trustworthiness 75 %

I’m a big fan of another online Modafinil vendor, Fox Dose.

Fox Dose offers many fantastic benefits and is one of my top Modafinil vendors overall. I highly recommend them for a number of reasons to Chinese individuals and expats.

Here is a quick listing of why:

  • Wide Selection of Products: Fox Dose has a great breadth of different generic Modafinil products they offer. These products include Modalert, Modvigil and Waklert. You can sample many different products and get a sense for which ones you prefer personally. You’ll find one that you like here.
  • Free and Fast Shipping: The average delivery time is somewhere around 6-15+ days. That is very, very good for a Modafinil vendor. Medication typically takes time to import into any country. This way, you won’t be waiting your whole life to get your Modafinil.
  • Guaranteed Delivery: Hopefully, this won’t happen frequently, but you’re entitled to a full refund if you don’t get your order for any reason at all. After 25 days, you can get the order re-ordered, or you can get every bit of your money back. GUARANTEED. You have nothing to worry about. No risks!
  • Incredible Prices: You’ll get Modafinil for dirt cheap when buying here. Plus, you’ll find another 35% off when buying Modafinil with Bitcoin and 25% off on your second order. Great deals!

Overall, you may have to buy with Bitcoin, but that is the smart way to order in China anyway.


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Things to Consider Before Buying Modafinil Online in China…

There have been ZERO reports of anyone having issues buying Modafinil online and shipping it into China. While China has strict laws about certain things, nootropics and smart drugs do not seem to be one of the government’s concerns.

There are good reasons why some online Modafinil pharmacies offer guaranteed shipping to the country.


Because the orders pass through customs without any issues the vast majority of times.

That being said…

I prefer to take a little bit of extra precaution while in China. Thus, I recommend doing the things I list below while ordering Modafinil online in the country.

These are not requirements, but merely ideas you may want to implement:

  • VPN: You probably already do most of your online operations through a VPN in China. It is recommended to order your Modafinil online using a VPN provider, as well. Just a basic precaution.
  • Bitcoin: While I doubt you’ll have any issue ordering with a credit card or gift card while in China, I believe using Bitcoin would be ideal. You’ll get a great discount when buying Modafinil with BTC, and it’s an added layer of security in China.

Neither of the two recommendations above is mandatory, but I believe they are both decent ideas when buying Modafinil in China. Feel free to order Modafinil online how you please — but ordering with Bitcoin while using a VPN is the absolute safest way to get your order safely and securely.

Other Nootropics

I don’t think anyone should worry about using Modafinil in China. You won’t have any issue getting your hands on the smart drug when ordering online.

However, I know some people like options. China is also stricter than other countries when it comes to importing medication, so I understand not wanting to mess with the issue at all. That’s why I recommend a couple of other alternatives to Modafinil.

In particular, here’s my favorite alternative nootropic:

  • Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic that everybody should try at least once.

You will not find a more useful nootropic out there — sans Modafinil. If you want a nootropic that helps more than just focus or mental energy, than this is the supplement you want.

This nootropic contains a total of 11 different ingredients/compounds that each target a specific area of cognition. For this reason, you get a smart drug that boosts your creativity, your focus, and even helps improve the health of your neurons.

So it is a unique nootropic that rejuvenates and improves cognition at the same time. And all the ingredients are carefully calibrated slightly above the minimum effective dosage so that you get what’s most useful in a perfect dosage. There’s nothing wasted.

It won’t give you 12-15+ hours of unbroken focus like Modafinil, but you get 6-8+ hours of focus and increased overall cognition. That’s still enough to have a very productive day.

This is my go-to nootropic to take on off days when I’m taking a break from Modafinil.

Highly recommended.

Get your hands on the world's best over-the-counter nootropic...
Mind Lab Pro!

Modafinil in China | The Verdict?

That’s about it, mate.

If you’re looking to buy Modafinil in China, that’s pretty much everything you need to know.

Hopefully, this entertaining guide has covered all the legalities and the best online pharmacies you can use while living in or visiting China.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about buying Modafinil online in China, sound off below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

P.S: If you're in China, buy Modafinil online!


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