Flmodafinil Side Effects and Safety | What You MUST Know

flmodafinil side effects

Flmodafinil is a relatively new development in the world of nootropics, but one that’s got a lot of promise and potential.

In fact, it may offer some unique advantages to Modafinil — like increased effectiveness, longer-lasting effects and fewer side effects.

As test subjects undertake their own research on this exciting new product, Flmodafinil side effects and safety issues may arrise.

Read below for a detailed analysis of what to expect.

Luckily, most research subjects find Flmodafinil to be a fairly safe reference material and/or nootropic.

Flmodafinil is a potent and powerful nootropic.

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What Is Flmodafinil?

Flmodafinil — also called bisfluoromodafinil, lauflamide and CRL-40,940 — is structurally similar to Modafinil, a prescription wakefulness-enhancing agent that’s also commonly used as a nootropic.

It’s identical in structure, with the addition of two fluoride atoms. According to its creator, this slight change increases the strength of the drug by up to four times. Flmodafinil may also have a longer half-life, meaning that its effects can last longer [1, 2].

Flmodafinil is not currently a prescription drug, but is undergoing clinical trials for use for narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Because of this, Flmodafinil can be purchased online fairly easily — but this could change at any time if it were to be approved for prescription use or if the regulations governing compounds that are structurally-similar to prescription drugs were to change.

Benefits of Flmodafinil

Extrapolating what we know about Modafinil, here are some of the potential benefits of Flmodafinil:

  • Increased, long-lasting energy: If it works similarly to Modafinil, Flmodafinil may improve wakefulness in subjects with sleep disorders, increase energy for subjects with fatigue and neutralize some of the harmful effects of sleep deprivation [3, 4, 5, 6, 7].
  • Better memory and learning skills: It may also help to improve recall, attentiveness and learning skills in both healthy subjects and those with depression [8, 9].
  • Improved mood and more motivation: Animal studies show improvements in motivation and drive with Modafinil use, while it can also serve as a mood booster for healthy people [10, 11].
  • Intense focus and concentration: Whether a subject is sleep deprived or getting enough sleep, Modafinil can help improve focus — and Flmodafinil likely works similarly [12, 13].

We reiterate that much of what we “know” about Flmodafinil is based on what we’ve learned about Modafinil. Flmodafinil has only been around since 2013, and has been undergoing clinical trials since 2015. Hopefully, we will soon know much more about this compound.


Flmodafinil Side Effects and Safety

Because Flmodafinil is relatively new and still undergoing clinical safety and efficacy trials, there’s really not much information for us to report on its known and proven side effects.

However, seeing as Flmodafinil is the bisfluoroanalog to Modafinil, the two are very similar structurally, and therefore may have similar side effects. Additionally, the creator of Flmodafinil reports in its patent that this newer compound has fewer and milder side effects than Modafinil. This is backed up by anecdotal reports from research subjects who’ve used both Modafinil and Flmodafinil, too.

Here are some of the most common side effects that research subjects may experience from Flmodafinil.


Like Modafinil, Flmodafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that’s designed for use in subjects with sleep disorders. In fact, when a research subject is administered either compound late in the day, they may find themselves tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep later that night [14].

That’s why most eugeroic researchers advise that Flmodafinil be administered first thing in the morning.


One fairly commonly reported side effect of Modafinil is a headache, so we can surmise that Flmodafinil may cause headaches in some subjects as well.

However, we’ve seen mixed reports of research subjects experiencing headache after taking Flmodafinil. In fact, on Reddit, we’ve even seen one Modafinil user who had been experiencing headaches, which had ceased when that subject underwent Flmodafinil treatment.


Anxiety is sometimes a side effect of these types of brain-enhancing compounds, but fortunately many Flmodafinil research subjects report that its effects are very “clean” — no anxiety and no crush, just energy, focus, and drive.

Gastrointestinal Issues

We know that several gastrointestinal side effects are attributed to Modafinil use — like nausea, diarrhea, constipation, gas, heartburn, or decreased appetite [14].

In fact, decreased appetite is a commonly-reported side effect for many nootropics and stimulants.

To avoid the other unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms, we find that research subjects often start with a very low dose and slowly work their way up.

Drug Interactions

Modafinil may have interactions with blood thinners, antidepressants, certain antifungal medications, anti-seizure medications and anti-anxiety medications. Flmodafinil may have similar drug interactions, although at this stage we cannot be certain [14].

Either way, subjects with any medical conditions or who are taking any prescription drugs are well-advised to avoid Flmodafinil.

Other Safety Concerns

As with any other prescription or over-the-counter drug or dietary supplement, research subjects should be well-informed on all safety concerns potentially applicable to them.

Any subject who is pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using Flmodafinil. Additionally, nobody under the age of 18 should use the compound.

Subjects may want to avoid drinking caffeine while taking Flmodafinil because Flmodafinil is itself a stimulant. Additionally, subjects should avoid using alcohol or mind-altering substances when using Flmodafinil.

Likewise, Flmodafinil may possess the same habit-forming qualities as Modafinil. For this reason, research subjects are advised against taking it more than 2-3 times per week as a nootropic, and to take regular breaks from all nootropic use.

Overall, however, Flmodafinil appears to be safe for otherwise healthy subjects.

Flmodafinil Dosage Side Effects

The creator of Flmodafinil has stated that it’s up to four times as strong as Modafinil. However, in practice, most research subjects report that it’s about twice or maybe about 1.5 times the strength of Modafinil.

In light of that, subjects should be cautious with dosing. Our own dosage guideline is that the standard Flmodafinil dose should be anywhere from one-quarter to one-half of a standard Modafinil dose.

12.5mg-25mg daily

We find that this low dose is popular among absolute beginner subjects. From what we know, healthy subjects are unlikely to experience any negative side effects from such a low dose.

Additionally, if a subject finds this low dose to be effective, they may be able to take it more than 2-3 times per week when needed.

50-100mg daily

This intermediate dose of Flmodafinil is based on the standard, 200mg dose of Modafinil. This amount seems to be right for most subjects, especially those who have used nootropics like Modafinil before.

Subjects may or may not experience some of the side effects listed above at this dosage. Our practice is to administer this dose early in the morning. We do not administer Flmodafinil more than 2-3 times per week at this dosage.

150mg daily or more

This dose is approximately equivalent to 300mg or more of Modafinil per day, which we would NOT consider administering. Some nootropics users do take 300mg of Modafinil to pull an all-nighter, so a very likely side effect of this high dose is insomnia. And of course, the larger the dose, the bigger the risk a subject may experience some other side effects as well.


Based on our observations, microdosing Flmodafinil is a good way to experience consistent energy and avoid side effects. This involves administering small microdoses every 4-6 hours throughout the day. Depending on one’s level of experience and response to nootropics, we find that subjects can successfully microdose anywhere from 3mg-25mg of Flmodafinil, 4 times daily, up to 3 times per week. As always, we advise starting slowly and working up to an optimal dose.

Flmodafinil vs. Modafinil

By now you’re well aware that Flmodafinil and Modafinil have many similarities. However, here are some of the key aspects on which they differ:

  • Structure: Flmodafinil is identical to Modafinil, with the addition of two fluoride units.
  • Effects: Although their effects are similar, Flmodafinil is thought to be anywhere from 1.5-4 times stronger than Modafinil and to have a longer half-life (which means that it stays in one’s system for a longer duration).
  • Safety: Flmodafinil may have fewer side effects than Modafinil, but we are still awaiting results from clinical trials.
  • Prescription status: Modafinil is a prescription drug. Flmodafinil is not currently a prescription drug, but it is being studied for potential FDA approval, so this could change.
  • Body of research: We know much more about the safety and effectiveness of Modafinil than we do of Flmodafinil.
  • Cost: Surprisingly, Flmodafinil may be more expensive than Modafinil in most cases. It’s stronger, as well as a newer formulation.

Where to Buy Flmodafinil Online | 2022 Guide

The best place to buy Flmodafinil online is a vendor called science.bio. This website currently offers Flmodafinil in two different forms: liquid and powder. However, you’ll need to have an approved account to purchase the powder form, which will require a little extra work on your part.

We like science.bio because they have very high standards regarding ingredient sourcing and testing.

In fact, every product they manufacture is analyzed by a third-party, independent testing company for purity, identification, structure, heavy metals, and contaminants. Then, science.bio verifies the results of the third-party testing with their own in-house testing. All of the reports and batch tests are made available on their website for you to view, as well.


Side Effects of Flmodafinil | Verdict

Flmodafinil shows tons of promise as a new nootropic on the scene, with the potential to be much stronger and to have longer-lasting effects than even Modafinil — possibly with fewer side effects!

For healthy subjects, Flmodafinil appears to be pretty safe. It’s vital, however, to be well-informed of all potential side effects and start with a conservative dose.

Flmodafinil is a potent and powerful nootropic.


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