Limitless Pill: Is It Actually Modafinil in Real Life?

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We’ve all seen the movie: guy is a bum and stumbles on the Limitless Pill, known as NZT-48 in the film. He goes from scrub to genius within the hour. He finishes a book in a single day, starts investing, and makes a cool $2 million in just a few weeks.

The plot is fantastic, but is the Limitless pill real? Because you’d like that too, right? To go from barely bringing in a few bucks to that sweet, sweet cash.

Can you actually get your hands on one of these Limitless Pills?

Years ago, we were in that position. We did a limitless pill review, scouring the Internet to see if there was anything in real life like NZT-48—something that could help us get more sales, write more content, and make more money.

We found Modafinil. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close, and it’s changed our lives. Here’s the scoop on “NZT-48 Modafinil”—the closest thing you’re going to get to that genius pill from the movie.

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Is the ‘Limitless’ Pill Real? | The Reality

Well, no. The “NZT-48” is fiction. And that’s probably a good thing because there’s a bunch of stuff that happens in the movie that you probably wouldn’t want in your life, severed hands included.

There is currently no pill in the world that can take you from scrub to straight balling in a matter of weeks. That’s not how things work.

But that category of substances certainly exists. They’re called nootropics: substances that boost your cognition and performance. There are a ton of nootropics that actually work—with reams of scientific evidence to prove it. (And lots that people say work, but don’t. So look for research to avoid wasting your cash).

One of our favorite nootropics is Modafinil.

Modafinil offers a lot of benefits for people looking to improve cognition and focus. If you want to work smarter and get more productive, Modafinil can help you.

So, ya, in a sense… Modafinil is kind of like NZT-48. But without the side effects or people trying to kill you.

If you’re looking for a Limitless pill supplement, learn more about Modafinil.

This is not legal or medical advice. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. Please consult with your primary care physician or a medical professional with close working knowledge of your health -- before consuming pharmaceutical drugs or nootropics, like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

What is Modafinil?

So, what is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a pharmaceutical drug and a prescription medication. It is an eugeroic, meaning that it is used to enhance wakefulness [1]. It was developed in France in the 1970s and is primarily used to treat sleepiness due to sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder [2].

It’s proven to be a very effective treatment for sleep disorders and continues to be widely prescribed for those uses. In 2017, there were over 900,000 prescriptions for it in the United States alone [3].

However, people noticed that Modafinil resulted in a bunch of other benefits over and above wakefulness. It began to be used to increase performance in a number of contexts:

  • Militaries around the world have used it to boost the performance of military personnel, including special operations units [4].

  • Astronauts use it on the International Space Station when they have to deal with disruptions in the quality of their sleep [5].

  • CEOs and startup executives have called it the “entrepreneur’s drug of choice” and use it to work 20 hour days [6].

  • Securities traders on Wall Street use it to fuel themselves through their adrenaline-filled day, calling it “Viagara for the brain” [7].

  • It’s even banned from a number of sporting leagues because it can give athletes a performance edge.

In each of these contexts, Modafinil boosts performance and cognitive function.

Modalert 200

Benefits of Modafinil

We’re telling you that Modafinil has a ton of great benefits for healthy people that aren’t sleep-deprived. But if you’re a savvy consumer of nootropics, you’re going to want to see some proof behind the fancy claims people on the Internet make.

So don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the benefits of Modafinil, backed by extensive research and rigorous scientific studies.

Improved Memory

Modafinil is super popular with students. Part of the reason for that is that it doesn’t just help you pull an allnighter, but it also improves your memory for what you’ve studied.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of Modafinil on memory speed [8] and accuracy [9].

  • One study of 60 healthy volunteers found that Modafinil improved memory for recognizing visual patterns and performance on other working memory tasks [9].

  • Another study found that Modafinil significantly improved performance on computerized working memory tasks and also reduced memory error rates [10].

  • Yet another study found improvements in both episodic and working memory in individuals with depression [11].

Together, the evidence suggests that “NZT-48 Modafinil” has strong memory-boosting effects.

Insane Focus and Alertness

Most digital nomads and hustlers take Modafinil because of the cognitive benefits and the increased focus. The nootropic has been proven to leave users in a more alert state.

  • One study in sleep-deprived individuals found that Modafinil restored alertness and focus back up to non-sleep-deprived levels [12]. It’s like they just weren’t tired.

  • A second study looking at alertness in shift-work contexts found similar findings: Modafinil brought performance back up to what it would normally be if individuals weren’t short on sleep [13].

  • A third study found these same results in a sample of healthy, non-sleep-deprived individuals [14]. That demonstrates that it’s not just people who are tired or who have a disorder that benefit from Modafinil—regular, healthy people can benefit too.

  • All these findings are supported by a meta-analysis of several studies, which concluded that Modafinil has a statistically significant effect on improving attention [15].

In our experience, Modafinil gives 10-12 straight hours of intense mental focus. You’ll also work faster. If you’re looking for productivity, Modafinil is your friend.

Cognitive Function

Memory and alertness are, of course, two different types of cognitive function. But Modafinil also seems to have a positive effect on a number of other types of cognitive function. Research has found evidence that Modafinil improves:

  • spatial planning [9]
    visual pattern

  • recognition [9]

  • reaction time [9]
    planning [16]

  • decision-making [16]

  • Rapid visual processing [17]

You Won’t Be Tired

Perhaps the greatest gift that Modafinil gives is freedom from fatigue.

And that makes sense: the pill was created to promote wakefulness in shift workers who had developed sleep disorders. It does that well; you won’t have a problem staying awake on this nootropic.

  • One study found a significant reduction in fatigue for patients with multiple sclerosis [18].
  • Another found that Modafinil reduced fatigue for patients taking chemotherapy [19].
  • Another found that it reduces fatigue in individuals with depression [20].
  • And two further studies found that Modafinil helped sustain alertness and performance for military personnel for 40 hours and 64 hours of wakefulness, respectively [21, 22].

If it’s good enough for helicopter pilots in the army, it’s probably good enough for you. Just make sure you take it in the morning—otherwise, you may struggle to sleep.

Better Mood and Motivation

Not only does Modafinil help you stay focused think clearly, but you’ll be in a great mood the whole time you’re working.

While doctors aren’t exactly sure how it affects mood, Modafinil seems to interact with dopamine pathways in the brain to produce a feeling of well-being [23]. You won’t feel “high” so to speak, but you will likely experience improved mood after taking this Limitless Pill.

That’s what they find in the research, too. Studies have consistently found that Modafinil improves motivation for work, and people taking Modafinil tend to find more pleasure in their work than control groups taking a placebo [23]. Researchers have also found that it can improve mood [24].

These mood effects also explain why Modafinil can help with depression. While it’s not a primary treatment for depression, it has been found to be an effective complementary treatment together with traditional antidepressants [2].

This is definitely consistent with our experience. We love to take Modafinil when we’re busy crushing huge amounts of client work or finishing up a tedious project. It makes that unfun work a little bit more enjoyable.

Impulse Control

The other benefit of Modafinil that researchers are currently exploring further is its ability to help control impulsive behavior [9]. Since impulsive behavior contributes to substance dependence, researchers actually think that Modafinil could be used as a treatment for addiction and substance abuse issues.

For example, it’s being investigated for use treating individuals with cocaine dependence [25] and others who abuse amphetamines [26]. So far, studies have found positive results. In one, Modafinil reduced the number of cocaine use days in a sample of cocaine abusers [27].

It could be that Modafinil eventually becomes part of the treatment protocol for these issues.

Not a Stimulant

One of the best things about Modafinil is that it’s not a stimulant. While the drug has been dubbed as a “wakefulness-promoting” nootropic, it doesn’t accomplish that the same way that other stimulants do: by ramping up your adrenal system [26].

For individuals looking to increase performance without adding more stimulants to their lifestyle (we’ve had enough coffee, haven’t we?), Modafinil may be the ideal option. This drug helps keep you concentrated and alert, but won’t leave you feeling jittery.

NZT-48 vs. Modafinil

So let’s do a Limitless pill review and compare it with Modafinil:

In the movie, NZT provides a crazy cognitive boost, improves work output, and ends up making buddy a ton of money.

Research shows that Modafinil provides a crazy cognitive boost, improves work output, and can make you a ton of money (as long as you use your focus and productivity to actually work).

NZT also made everyone jealous and caused a bunch of ugly violence. Modafinil might make your friends jealous, but they can easily just get there own, like you did, from online vendors. No murders or severed hands required.

Does that make Modafinil better than the Limitless pill? Maybe.

Where to buy Modafinil Online? 2020 Guide

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The Real-Life ‘Limitless’ Pill | Verdict

So, you’ve read the real-life Limitless pill review. Is the Limitless pill real? Kind of.

I don’t mean to overhype Modafinil. The pill won’t make you into a genius. It certainly won’t automatically turn you into a millionaire or a CEO. That takes work. 

But if you’re willing to do the work, Modafinil helps you stay at it and get through it faster and better than before. If you make the choice to study, you’ll learn better than you otherwise would have and you’ll kill the exam.

And, if you use all that extra Modafinil to play video games, you’ll do that really well… but you won’t get rich. It’s your call.

Modafinil is the best thing we have now for people that want to buckle up at be productive. You’ll be more focused. You’ll have better cognitive function. Taking this real-life Limitless Pill will absolutely help you produce positive changes in your life—as long as you want them.

If you combine Modafinil with a little hard work, you’ll find that it works exactly like the Limitless pill.

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