Modafinil and Hangovers: How to Stay Productive After a Big Night Out

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Modafinil and hangovers. Coffee and cream. Steak and eggs. Chips and salsa. Bonnie and Clyde. Shaq and Kobe. Wait, what? Maybe not the last one, but you get my drift. Certain combos are just tailor-made to get together.

If you’ve been out drinking all night, then there’s no better hangover cure than my favorite smart drug, Modafinil. Even a killer hangover will be but a slight inconvenience after popping 100-200 mg of Modafinil. Just make sure to do so after a little breakfast.

By combining the effects of this nootropic against a hangover, you’ll find productivity won’t plummet. You’ll be able to produce like any other day. Instead of feeling like death, you’ll have a spring in your step and superior focus. There’s no way you won’t get things done.

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I am not a doctor. Nor am I a lawyer. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. There is no advice here. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drugs or pharmaceutical drugs – like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

How to Minimize Your Hangover With Modafinil

If you just want the gist of things, here’s the basic plan:
  • Wake up.
  • Drink a ton of water and electrolytes, preferably something healthy like coconut water. 
  • Eat a huge meal with some carbs in it.
  • Let food digest for 30 minutes.
  • Take a long, hot shower.
  • Pop 100-200 mg of Modafinil.
  • Start working.
  • Enjoy 8-12 hours of solid focus and work time.
  • Make sure to drink a ton of fluids while taking Modafinil with a hangover. 
  • Eat another big meal before going to bed. 

My Experience Mixing Modafinil and Hangovers

I’ve been a fan of popping a Modafinil on a day after drinking heavily for some time now. Here’s an example…

I’d been drinking all night. We started at Hotel V before leaving Mint around 5:30 AM. Bogota’s nightlife is no joke, y’all. I didn’t end up sleeping until around 7:00 in the morning. While I had work to do the next day, I also had a something up my sleeve.

I planned to mix Modafinil and a hangover in perfect harmony. So I finally got a little sleep between 7:00 Am and 1:00 PM. Six hours is somewhat acceptable every now and then.

I woke up, downed some coconut water, and took a nice long shower. I grabbed my computer, some Modafinil, and headed out the door.

My boy and I met up for double cheeseburgers, fries, and water around 2:00 PM. After feasting, we both popped 200 mg of Modafinil around 3:00 PM.

Then we got down to work. I was feeling groggy. My head was pounding. My stomach felt rough. But the smarts drugs started to kick in. Within an hour, I was cranking on my keyboard.

My boy was in the zone, too. The Modafinil “high” is interesting. We zoned in at his apartment and worked until 1:00 AM. No breaks. No time for more food. Plus, I had no desire to take a nap, no headaches, and no stomach issues.

Around 1:00 AM, we looked up from the computer screens for a moment. It was time for some food. Another round of greasy double cheeseburgers was calling our names. Ten hours of pure focus and work while having a hangover is the stuff legends are made of. It was only possible by mixing Modafinil and hangovers.

Ten hours of pure focus and work while having a hangover is the stuff legends are made of. It was only possible by mixing Modafinil and hangovers.

How You’ll Feel the Next Day

Now, the Modafinil will minimize the immediate effects of the hangover. However, you’ll still want to let the body recover. Rest is key with this recipe.

The following day after taking Modafinil I slept until 11:45 AM. I didn’t get to sleep until around 4:00 AM. That’s not ideal every day.

However, by getting a little extra sleep, my body was able to self-regulate. I woke up after my Modafinil day feeling fantastic. I minimized the effects of my hangover and got a ton of work done. Then I got a great night’s rest. That’s hard to beat.

If you’re going to take Modafinil with a hangover, make sure you can get a decent amount of sleep the following evening.

What Does Science Say?

There’s not a lot of science behind mixing Modafinil and hangovers. While drug interactions are often studied, there’s little information on how the body reacts to Modafinil while breaking down the toxins from a night of binge drinking.

Doctors are adamant you shouldn’t drink and take Modafinil at the same time. Most consider mixing the substances a bad call. Just read the safety concerns here.

While there are many potential issues when mixing the two substances, one of the main problems involves the liver. Both Modafinil and alcohol can be difficult to process for the liver. Taking them together can really put a lot of pressure on your liver.

This is just one of the many issues when combining alcohol and Modafinil. While there’s little data to back things up, one could assume that taking Modafinil with a hangover could offer a similar set of issues.

What’s interesting is how some alcoholics have begun using Modafinil to increase impulse control and actually drink less. Check it out.

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How to Cure Your Hangover With Modafinil

I talked about the basics of minimizing the effects of your hangover with Modafinil above. Here’s my detailed plan when combining Modafinil and hangovers:

  • Extra Sleep: If I’m drinking heavy, I don’t set an alarm. I want my body to wake up naturally. It doesn’t matter if I plan to take Modafinil the next day or not. I want to get as much sleep as possible.
  • Get Hydrated: Once I’m awake, I try to pump fluids immediately. I’ll usually down 20 ounces of water before moving on to something with electrolytes. My preferred electrolyte drink is coconut water with no sugar added. I try to down at least 20 ounces of this, too.
  • Food After Fluids: Once I filled my body with some fluids, it’s time to eat some food. I like to take Modafinil with some food in my stomach. So I try to eat a big meal before I take the smart drug. If I’m hungover, I want something greasy. This is usually a big double cheeseburger and some fries. Sure, it’s not the healthiest, but it’s great when dealing with a hangover.
  • Long, Hot Shower: My sinuses get all stuffed up after a long night out drinking. As such, I love to take a long shower with steaming hot water after boozing. I blow my nose and let the sinuses clear up. This also gives your body a little time to digest the food, as I take at least 20 minutes to shower after a night out.
  • Take Modafinil: Once I finish up my shower, I’ll get dressed, brush my teeth, and then take Modafinil. I usually prefer a dose of around 200 mg – no matter if I have a hangover or not.
  • Get to Work: Don’t wait for the Modafinil to start kicking in. Get to work quickly. After I take the Modafinil, I’ll head over the coffee shop and grab another impressive hangover remedy, an expresso. Within 20 minutes, I’ll be working.
  • Bring Electrolytes: I’ll always try and bring some coconut water or Gatorade with me while taking Modafinil with a hangover. There’s a good chance you’ll be dehydrated after a night of boozing, and Modafinil just exacerbates these effects. By continually pumping the body with fluids, you’ll definitely feel better the next day.
  • Lots of Work: Modafinil works well when hungover. I usually get 8-12 hours of work done when popping the smart drug after a night of drinking. I don’t need a nap or feel tired these days, either.
  • Another Big Meal: Don’t forget to get one more big meal before you’re off to bed. Modafinil will suppress your appetite. Try to eat another big, greasy meal before you head to bed. This will help you sleep and make sure you wake up the next morning feeling fresh, again.
  • No Alarm Clock: While this doesn’t work for everyone, I try to avoid the alarm clock after a day taking any nootropic. As such, I won’t set an alarm after taking Modafinil with a hangover. I’ll just let my body wake up naturally. Highly recommended.

Modafinil and Hangovers: How to Stay Productive After a Big Night Out

You don’t have to be a bum when you booze. Don’t let a hangover derail you from getting work done or studying the next day. By taking Modafinil with a hangover, you can minimize the effects of a big night boozing and still crush it the next day. Productivity guaranteed!

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