Modafinil Not Working? | Here’s What You MUST Do

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Modafinil not working?

Then you’re in the perfect place.

Below you’ll find out exactly how to make Modafinil work for you. For certain users, the smart drug’s effects may not be felt instantly. While this is rare, it does happen — and there are solutions.


I remember the first time I couldn’t feel Modafinil “kick” in. I’d been at home popping pills for a solid two months building a few websites. I was taking Modafinil 4-5 days a week at higher dosages. 200-400mg was common for me.

On average, I was taking 1,000-1,200mg of Modafinil each week for nearly two months. Towards the end of these two months, I started feeling less and less each time I took Modafinil. Eventually, I couldn’t “feel” Modafinil unless I took 300mg in one dose.

Is Modafinil not working? Or had I just screwed my tolerance up completely? The smart drug wasn’t working like it used to because I was taking too much.

However, here’s the thing…

Users who cannot feel the effects of Modafinil tend to fall into two camps. The first camp is new users who are non-responsive. The second group of people who can’t feel “Modafinil” are long-term users who have damaged their tolerance through consistent use and high dosages.

There’s solutions for individuals who fall into both camps. Keep reading to learn more.

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I am not a doctor. Nor am I a lawyer. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. There is no advice here. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drugs or pharmaceutical drugs – like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

What is Modafinil?

First, what is Modafinil? I have a feeling you know about the smart drug if you’re reading this. But for those who don’t:

Modafinil is a pharmaceutical drug that was created as a wakefulness agent. When taking Modafinil, one should be unable to feel fatigue or fall asleep.

Originally designed in France, Modafinil is used to treat common disorders like [1]:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Shift sleep disorder

However, you may not be curious why Modafinil doesn’t work if you have one of the conditions above. There’s a good chance you’re curious about the cognitive effects of Modafinil. Aka using Modafinil as a smart drug and/or nootropic.

That’s because Modafinil has become that’s become popular with grad students, startup CEOs, and entrepreneurs of all stripes. Why? Because Modafinil has been proven to [2]:

  • 12+ Hours Focus
  • Increased Alertness and Wakefulness
  • Long Attention Spans
  • Increased Productivity
  • Heightened Concentration
  • Improved Cognition

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Staying focused for 12+ hours allows anyone and everyone to get a step ahead of the competition. To get more stuff done. To make more money. To get better grades. Whatever.

It’s exactly why Modafinil is the world’s most popular smart drug.

Modafinil just works.

Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

Before we talk about why Modafinil is not working for you, let’s discuss a bit about Modafinil side effects and safety.

Listed below are a few common side effects of Modafinil, including [3]:

  • Headache
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Agitation
  • Dry mouth
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety

While users need to be concerned about Modafinil side effects and safety to a certain extent, the reality is the vast majority of users taking Modafinil as a smart drug experience few side effects.

Modafinil is a safe cognitive enhancers for nearly everyone. Various research studies have concluded nootropics are safe overall. Yet further research is warranted, as the smart drug craze is a newer phenomenon…especially with regards to the mechanism of action. Long-term effects are also relatively unknown.

There was a study done by the Korean Society of Environmental Health and Toxicology which concluded [4]:

Modafinil is known to have less or no adverse effects than those found in traditional psychostimulants such as amphetamine, methylphenidate or cocaine. It can be applied as an anti-psychotic or anti-fatigue agent. However, the waking mechanism of modafinil is yet to be fully revealed. Recent studies reported that modafinil may be subject to abuse and addiction. In addition prolonged sleeplessness induces stress responses and impairs immune function.

Modafinil can be used by anyone, who wishes to work late, stay awake, enhance their cognitive reactions, or brighten their moods. Users may already be under a great level of stress, i.e. cancer patients or soldiers in a battle field. A psychoneuroimmunological approach is thus needed to investigate the multi-functional effects of modafinil.

In layman’s terms, Modafinil is a safe cognitive enhancer for already healthy individuals. Mild side effects may be noted, but they are rarely, if ever, severe.

Plus, there has yet to be a death from Modafinil due to a bad reaction or overdose. Not a single one!

As such, it’s fair to say Modafinil is 100% safe for the majority of users.

Modafinil Not Working | For New Users?

So if you’re taking Modafinil for the first couple times and it’s not working.You feel nothing. No cognitive enhancement. No energy boost.

What do you do?

The reality of the situation is Modafinil doesn’t work for some people. That’s true for any prescription drug. Some people just don’t respond to it.

However, we’d venture to say 95-98% will respond to legitimate generic Modafinil.

While that’s certainly not scientific, we’ve yet to hear of anyone who just couldn’t feel Modafinil when taken and dosed properly. If you don’t feel anything, there are a few things you can do before you give up on the nootropic.

Before doing anything, individuals will want to try out a “test” to see if they’re responding to Modafinil or not. Below you’ll find the test one can run to determine how responsive they are to Modafinil.

The Test

This test is not scientific. However, it does work. You can test your reaction to Modafinil. Well, at least to a certain degree.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Step #1: Set your alarm clock for 5:30am.
  • Step #2: Place an unopened 200mg Modafinil tablet on your bed stand with a water bottle. Put a small granola bar there too.
  • Step #3: Try to get to bed early. You want to get 5-7 hours of sleep before that alarm clock goes off.
  • Step #4: When the alarm clock goes off, eat the granola bar and take a swig of water. Open the Modafinil tablet and take it. Drink 6-8 ounces of water. Don’t drink the whole bottle. Just a bit.
  • Step #5: Do NOT turn on any lights. Do NOT get out of bed. Go straight back to sleep. Make sure your room is pitch black, no light coming in.
  • Step #6: Let your body wake up naturally. No more alarm clock. No light. No noise.

If you wake up within 90-180 minutes after taking the Modafinil, aka within 3 hours, and your mind is kicking, you feel energy. You’re ready to conquer the day…

Then the Modafinil is working. 100%.

If you feel groggy and tired still, there’s only three things that could have happened:

  1. You’re not responsive to Modafinil.
  2. The Modafinil is not legitimate.
  3. You need to drink a cup of coffee.

Before digging deeper into this issue, there’s a few things to note:

First, users should not try this test on their first time taking Modafinil or with a new batch recently ordered. Take Modafinil normally to start. Only use this test if you’re not feeling anything after a few times taking nootropics.

As well, healthy individuals with IQ levels above 135+ have reported struggling to feel the effects of Modafinil more than most. If you’re a legitimate genius, Modafinil may be a crapshoot.

However, many highly intelligent people, including doctors, CEOs, and even USA Presidents, all use Modafinil with great benefit.

No matter what, there are solutions…

Below we’ll discuss how to make Modafinil work for you — if you can’t feel the effects as a new user.

Modafinil Not Working | For Long-Term User?

If Modafinil has worked for you in the past, then you’re responsive to the drug. That’s good news.

Generally, this means you’re having one of two problems:

  • You’ve taken too much Modafinil and your tolerance is screwed up.
  • You’ve purchased a bad batch of Modafinil from a non-legitimate vendor.

For individuals who have taken Modafinil too much, especially as a nootropic, tolerance levels can get screwed up and effects may not be felt. Luckily, that’s an easy fix.

If your Modafinil tolerance levels are out of whack, here are a few things to do:

  • Stop taking Modafinil for one week to one month.
  • Cut back on Modafinil. Only take the smart drug 1-3 times a week. 
  • Only take 200-300 mg of Modafinil. Some users take 400-500 mg, but that’s just too much for most users on a long-term basis.
  • Combine with this gum when you start using it again.

If you’ve taken Modafinil daily for months on end, the most important step is taking a break from Modafinil. Seriously! Stop taking Modafinil for a month and your tolerance levels are sure to come back to normal.

It’s that simple.

However, if you’re taking Modafinil for narcolepsy or sleep apnea, then it might be a little more complex. If you’re taking Modafinil for off-the-label uses like cognitive enhancement, then taking a month off from Modafinil is what you’ll need to do.

The other issue could be…

You bought fake Modafinil.

While there have been varying reports of fake Modafinil shipped from overseas all over the Internet, it’s fairly easy to find legitimate online Modafinil pharmacies these days.

P.S: Try out a sample pack here for guaranteed legitimate Modafinil and Armodafinil.

If you think the Modafinil you’ve purchased is fake, you could pay a laboratory to test for the R-(−)- and S-(+)-enantiomers [5] in Modafinil — the active ingredients. If testing Armodafinil tablets, the nootropic only features one of these “active” enantiomers: R-(−)-Modafinil [6].

However, testing the authenticity of any batch Modafinil will be far more costly than simply ordering another batch.

Home testing methods to verify the authenticity of Modafinil don’t really work. You can’t just drop it in water and wait for it to dissolve. That’s far from accurate!

For those technically inclined with a biology/chemistry background, you could purchases a Thin Layer Chromatography test kit. Other individuals have attempted to test the authenticity of their Modafinil batch with this method.

However, this testing kit will generally cost more than ordering Modafinil again.

Interactions with Other Compounds?

Both new users and long-term users of Modafinil could face one other issue when Modafinil is not working.

While this is fairly uncommon, it should be noted that:

Modafinil can interact and interfere with other compounds, which can lead to a lack of cognitive benefits.

When taking Modafinil, most users experience an absorption rate around 60% once ingested [7]. Yet when individuals take other supplements and medications at the same time as Modafinil, this can interfere with the absorption. Meaning you’ll get less benefit from the Modafinil.

If you’ve been struggling to “feel” Modafinil, try only taking the nootropic by itself. Do not take any other supplements and/or medications on days you’re taking Modafinil…if you’re taking Modafinil as a smart drug and haven’t been feeling the effects.

For example, these foods and supplements have been shown to interact with various medications, including Modafinil:

  • Antacids
  • Fiber supplements
  • Licorice
  • Activated charcoal
  • Tea

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but may give you an idea of something you’re taking or eating that may be causing issues with Modafinil absorption.

The easiest way to fix this potential issue?

Take Modafinil 30 minutes after a light, healthy breakfast in the morning. Do NOT take any other supplements or teas when taking the Modafinil. Wait another 30 minutes and then drink some coffee.

Make Modafinil Work For You

For individuals who believe they’re responsive to Modafinil, but haven’t been getting the results they’re looking for, here’s a few suggestions:

  • Up the Dose: A typically Modafinil dose is 200mg. If you’re only taking 100mg or less, you may not feel much. If 200mg isn’t working, you can try out 300mg. This is especially true for individuals with higher body weight. Going over 400mg is not recommended when using Modafinil as a smart drug.
  • Split the Dose: Another trick is to split 300mg of Modafinil into one 200mg dose and one 100mg dose. Take the larger dosage in the morning early and the second 100mg dose around noon. This can help boost the effects of Modafinil, especially when hitting a plateau.
  • Don’t Wait: Don’t wait for the Modafinil to “kick” in. Take the smart drug and get to work. Often, I don’t feel Modafinil until I look at the clock and realize I’ve been working without a break for 3-4+ hours. Have a plan ready to go!
  • Combine With Coffee: Take 200mg of Modafinil and then down a few cups of coffee 30 minutes later. Caffeine mixes well with smart drugs and can help the nootropic effects kick in forcefully.

All the above should ensure you get maximum benefit from Modafinil usage.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online? | 2020 Guide

Last, but not least:

You may have gotten a bad batch of generic Modafinil.

This is exceptionally rare, even unheard of, when ordering from the best online Modafinil pharmacies.

However, we’ve heard stories of people ordering Modafinil from sketchy vendors. Then they get bad nootropic products and wonder what happened.

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Modafinil Not Working? | Overall

Is your Modafinil not working? Don’t be alarmed. There’s a number of ways to determine why the smart drugs aren’t kicking in and how to combat such issues.

Overall, Modafinil works for the vast majority of people.

A few people are non-respondent, and some are just too damn smart to notice the effects. If you’re too smart to notice the effects of Modafinil, consider yourself blessed and don’t worry about it.

For the rest of us, Modafinil should work.

Often, just a few tweaks here and there will do the trick. You just have to take it properly, with regards to your unique body chemistry. Once you dial in your Modafinil usage, you’ll notice a plethora of benefits from the nootropic.


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