VyvaMind Review: Best Natural Adderall Alternative?

Tomas Thorne

Last Updated: February 21, 2023

Vyvamind nootropic

We first heard about VyvaMind due to its use by pilots, surgeons and other professionals who require long periods of intense focus and concentration without any negative side effects.

It then started being recommended by college/university students, as well as other high performing professionals working in offices and more. And that’s when we could no longer ignore VyvaMind without testing it ourselves.

During our testing, we found that VyvaMind offered 6-8+ hours of cognitive benefits, without any drawbacks associated with adderall or modafinil.

It’s for this reason why we recommend VyvaMind as the best natural nootropic and adderall alternative. In fact, it’s started becoming known as “natural Vyvanse” by its growing customer base too.

Here is a quick summary of the key benefits we experienced while taking VyvaMind over a 6 month period:

  • Prolonged Focus, Concentration & Memory.
  • Physical and Mental Energy Boosts.
  • Increased Motivation and Stress Relief.
  • Similar benefits to Adderall Without Side Effects.

That’s our TL;DR of our personal experience with VyvaMind. But for those wanting a more in-depth review, continue reading to find out exactly what’s inside this nootropic supplement.

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What is VyvaMind?

There’s been the same group of stale nootropic supplements on the market for a long time now. So much so that our interest in this market was starting to fade away.

So we were excited when we started seeing the positive reviews of VyvaMind start to appear online; it’s true what they say, that new competitors always help keep the stagnant companies on their toes, and VyvaMind is really helping to do this.

VyvaMind is created to be the best natural adderall alternative on the market, to deliver as close to the benefits of a prescription study drug…without the need for a prescription and no risks of side effects.

It’s created by SAP Nutrition, who consulted leading neuroscientists and high performing professionals such as pilots and surgeons. The result was a very carefully and specifically chosen 6 ingredient formula, where each component worked in synergy with each other to deliver the best cognitive benefits available in a supplement.

But SAP Nutrition didn’t stop there. After a soft market release, they continued improving the formula of VyvaMind – and the version available currently (and the one we tested) is v4.2.1.

VyvaMind Ingredients

Now that you know a little bit about how VyvaMind was created and updated to its current formula, we’ll dig deeper into its supplement facts label so you can understand what really makes it effective.

We’ll quickly mention that any supplement is only as effective as the ingredients inside them…

And by the same token, more isn’t always better when it comes to the number of ingredients; we often find companies adding over 10 ingredients in a nootropic to make it seem higher value, but we’d always take optimal dosages of less proven ingredients than a dozen lower dosed ingredients.

The good news is that VyvaMind contains 6 carefully selected ingredients that all work in synergy. In clinically proven dosages. At a justified price tag.

Without any further ado, let’s dig in.

L-Tyrosine (300 mg)

A non-essential amino acid, L-Tyrosine has become one of the most clinically proven nootropics on the market. It’s often used to increase attention span, focus, concentration and alertness.

One interesting clinical study conducted by the US Navy School used 100 volunteers. All were given either L-Tyrosine or a placebo, with the test focused on finding whether L-Tyrosine was able to have any effects on cognitive performance, as well as effects on behavior and mood from exposure to military stress.

The study found that L-Tyrosine did indeed have a positive effect on the mental performance of the volunteers to the US Navy during the intense stress they were exposed to [1].

In a nutshell, there have been countless clinical studies proving that L-Tyrosine is able to improve brain performance and reduce stress in high pressure situations. This makes it the perfect addition to a natural brain boosting supplement for high performing individuals like you.

Citicoline (200 mg)

When talking about the most tried-and-tested brain enhancing ingredients out there, you can’t leave Citicoline out. We’d go as far as saying every respectable nootropic should contain this in its formula, or the company manufacturing the product simply hasn’t conducted very good research.

One clinical study that reinforces the effectiveness of Citicoline is published in the Journal of Nutrition by Eri Nakazaki et al.,[2]. We won’t bore you with the full 12 weeks of details, but the study concluded by stating that Citicoline improved overall memory performance (in particular, episodic memory), in healthy male and female participants.

The above study referenced also proves that the long-term usage of Citicoline is in fact beneficial, with the same study also confirming that Citicoline can also protect against age-related memory loss too.

L-Theanine (150 mg) and Caffeine Anhydrous (75 mg)

Ever heard of The White Stripes? Simon and Garfunkel? Well, meet L-Theanine and Caffeine Anhydrous – potentially the greatest duo in the world of cognitive and physical enhancement (in our honest opinion, anyway).

While L-Theanine and Caffeine Anhydrous may not be releasing any chart topping singles together, they are best known for working in synergy to form a “smart caffeine” that’s proven to boost mental and physical energy levels (while keeping you safe from jittery side effects).

Sounds pretty good, right? That’s because it is. And this duo is clinically proven too.

A clinical study by GN Owen et al.,[3] aimed to measure the impact of 50 mg caffeine with and without 100 mg L-Theanine complementing it in healthy volunteers. The study found that, while Caffeine delivered the usual benefits that everyone knows and loves, Caffeine was even more beneficial in improving both speed and accuracy of performance during the cognitive test that volunteers were assigned 60 minutes after taking both Caffeine and L-Theanine.

Another study also confirmed that Caffeine and L-Theanine was able to improve attention and working memory in middle-aged and older participants [4].

As a result, we were happy to see that VyvaMind contained clinical proven dosages of both L-Theanine and Caffeine Anhydrous, with 150 mg and 75 mg dosages respectively; this delivers enough to offer physical and mental performance boosts, without putting you at risk from any jittery side effects.

Vitamin B6 (2.5 mg) & B12 (50 mg)

You may be wondering why VyvaMind contains some water-soluble vitamins. But these often overlooked B Vitamins are more than “just” vitamins when it comes to brain performance.

In fact, the study conducted by Bottiglieri et al.,[5] stated that Vitamins B6 & B12 have a direct effect on the functioning of the brain due to their role in the one-carbon cycle via the hypomethylation hypothesis.

That’s not the only reason why Vitamins B6 and B12 were selected in VyvaMind’s formula, though. Caffeine has been shown to deplete levels of circulating B-Vitamins in healthy middle-aged men and women (mainly due to Caffeine being a diuretic, meaning it’s “flushed” out of your body in urine) [6]. Since VyvaMind contains Caffeine, the neuroscientists consulted during the formulation recommended the addition of B-Vitamins specifically, to ensure customers’ levels of B12 and B6 vitamins were replenished, so that they were kept performing at the highest levels possible.

The above really shows that SAP Nutrition care about their customers and haven’t added any ingredients as “fillers” like other nootropic supplements contain.

Does VyvaMind Work?

Now that you know the science behind what makes VyvaMind work…does it really work?

Full transparency is that every supplement will work differently for each individual, but for us while taking it for over 6 months, it continued to work consistently without any side effects.

As a result, we’re happy to state that VyvaMind works, 110%.

In terms of clarifying what “works” means, every member of our team experienced significant cognitive benefits for over 8+ hours (more than enough for a full day at work and more), with almost everyone mentioning VyvaMind as being the best natural nootropic and adderall alternative they’d tried.

We Took VyvaMind With and Without Coffee, with No Side Effects

If you’re like us and you can’t function without your morning coffee, then chances are that your tolerance to caffeine are sky high too.

VyvaMind contains a very carefully dosed level of Caffeine Anhydrous at 75 mg; this around half a cup of coffee, which becomes more effective in terms of cognitive benefits due to being paired with L-Theanine.

The above also means that you’re kept safe from jittery side effects since VyvaMind doesn’t contain an unnecessarily high dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous.

So, you don’t have to worry about giving up your morning coffee.

However, if you’re not a consistent coffee or tea consumer, then we don’t recommend that you take VyvaMind while drinking 2-3+ cups of coffee per day. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend you to drink 2-3+ cups of coffee daily if you don’t consume much caffeine, nevermind a caffeinated supplement.

Some reassuring information is that 2 of our team members live their lives less fully (without coffee…) and still massively benefited from taking VyvaMind without any jittery side effects.

VyvaMind Benefits

We’ve mentioned throughout this VyvaMind review so far that it delivers many cognitive benefits. Well, we’ll focus on these benefits in this section.

Physical and Mental Performance Boosts

One of the key reasons we love VyvaMind and recommend it as the best nootropic and adderall alternative is due to it containing the “smart caffeine” combination of L-Theanine & Caffeine, alongside tried-and-tested nootropics such as Citicoline and L-Tyrosine.

These ingredients deliver not only brain boosting benefits, but also a physical “lift” too, without overdoing it – so you don’t suffer from any jittery side effects or insomnia like we sometimes do with Modafinil and Adderall.

It’s important to note that not many natural brain supplements contain a carefully chosen dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous, so this does help VyvaMind stand out in the vast sea of the “boring” choices on the market; remember that Caffeine isn’t one of the most commonly sold commodities in the universe for no reason. You don’t need a clinical study to prove that Caffeine really works with sensible dosages.

In fact, this is also a key reason why the likes of pilots, surgeons and other professionals love VyvaMind. A study by AG Frenke et al.,[7] found that “surgeons often use caffeinated substances to cope with fatigue and long working hours”. Remember that surgeons make the difference between life and death.

Prolonged Improvements to Focus, Memory & Concentration

As we’ve already mentioned, VyvaMind helped us achieve 8+ hours of prolonged improvements to focus memory and concentration during our testing period of over 6 months.

We may not be pilots and surgeons saving lives or ensuring safe passage of passengers ourselves (we’re just lowly experts on neuroscience and nootropics), we do often find ourselves burning the “midnight oil” to write content, reviews and studies.

And we can confidently state that VyvaMind helped every one of us that work on Modafinil.com to perform better. In fact, the founder of the site now actively encourages us to use VyvaMind so he gets better bang for his buck (don’t worry, we’re not punished if we don’t use VyvaMind, so it does remain 100% our personal choice).

Ultimately, we haven’t been able to find a better natural brain supplement since we started testing VyvaMind when it comes to focus, memory and concentration.

Reduced Stress Levels and Improvements in Mood

As professionals who work to deliver content on this website, we often have to work to strict deadlines (we’re sure that the journalists reading this review will know this feeling all too well).

Deadlines in any job can come with much more stress, since there’s usually negative consequences for missing a deadline. Especially in the corporate world where some of us have worked in the past.

Stress in this scenario can then cause a whirlwind of other negative effects, such as restlessness and insomnia. And there’s nothing worse than being kept up at night due to stress.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that VyvaMind helped reduce our stress levels in 2 ways:

  • Due to being able to focus more during work hours, we were able to finish on time and enjoy our time away from work even more.
  • Ingredients such as L-Tyrosine are clinically proven to reduce stress levels in high pressure situations, so we found ourselves worrying less while facing deadlines.

These reasons, along with the cognitive benefits we experienced, have helped secure VyvaMind’s spot as the best natural nootropic and adderall alternative we’ve tried.

No Side Effects

It’s quite sad that this is a “benefit” to VyvaMind, since no supplement on the market should cause any side effects.

However, that just highlights the lack of really great products on the market pretty well.

Every time we test a supplement, we have to cross our fingers and hope we don’t suffer side effects. Not all products have passed this particular test, but we are pleased to say that none of our team members experienced any jittery side effects (or any other unwanted side effects) during our testing period of over 6 months.

What Should You Expect When Taking VyvaMind for the First Time?

We always like to add in what customers should expect when taking a supplement for the first time, since it’s something we love to know when trying a product out too.

From our personal experience, we found that VyvaMind typically takes around 30-45 minutes to “kick in”. But we should point out that every individual is different and you may experience benefits sooner or later than us (but no later than 1 hour after taking it, in our honest opinion).
As a result, we found ourselves taking VyvaMind in the morning since the effects lasted throughout our working day (8+ hours). And our team members really addicted to coffee felt like their cup of coffee was “enhanced” by VyvaMind, which is most likely due to it containing L-Theanine which is proven to work in synergy with Caffeine.

However, if you don’t drink coffee in the morning, we wouldn’t recommend that you start taking VyvaMind with a coffee. If you usually start your day with water, orange juice or any other non-caffeinated product, then take VyvaMind with that.

One last point from us is to set your expectations. Remember that VyvaMind is a natural nootropic and adderall/modafinil alternative, and not actually a chemical drug. If you expect the exact same effects as adderall or modafinil, you’ll be disappointed – but bear in mind that you won’t suffer from the same jittery side effects either.

Does VyvaMind Cause Any Side Effects?

If you’ve read this whole review so far without skimming, then you’ll already know the answer to this question. However, we’re aware that many readers like to skim through reviews and focus in on the parts they want to read.

In answer to the question, none of our team members experienced any negative side effects at any time during the 6+ months of testing with VyvaMind.

To ensure you also don’t experience any side effects, we recommend the following:

  • Don’t consume several or more cups of coffee when taking VyvaMind; remember that VyvaMind contains 75 mg of caffeine, so it’ll provide you with a clean, safe energy boost by itself.
  • Don’t consume VyvaMind before going to bed; VyvaMind isn’t a sleep supplement and it contains caffeine, so taking it before going to bed isn’t what it was made for.
  • Take more than the recommended dosage of VyvaMind daily; SAP Nutrition have formulated VyvaMind very carefully, so listen to the instructions they give you on the box.

VyvaMind vs Adderall or Modafinil

We’ve mentioned that VyvaMind is the best alternative to adderall or modafinil many times in this review, and we really believe that to be the case. But remember we’ve mentioned “alternative”, since it’s not going to offer the exact same level of benefits as chemical drugs.

Think of it this way: you don’t consume sugar expecting the same effects as cocaine. And those that take drugs do so knowing the risks and often suffer from side effects as a result.

Well, users of adderall and modafinil often suffer from jittery side effects at the cost of cognitive benefits. It’s for this reason why we 100% recommend VyvaMind as the best alternative to prescription study drugs, since it didn’t cause us any side effects.

Can You Buy VyvaMind on Amazon?

The only place to buy VyvaMind is from its official website. After asking why, we were told that SAP Nutrition want to directly be in control of the customer experience and not rely on 3rd party online vendors to deliver positive experiences.

This seems fair enough and we didn’t have any problems with ordering VyvaMind each month during our testing period. And that’s with our team members spread out across the globe too, so worldwide shipping isn’t an issue since VyvaMind is 100% legal in all countries.

VyvaMind Discount or Coupon Codes?

Remember that VyvaMind don’t work with 3rd parties when it comes to online vendors. So, they also don’t work with online coupon sites either.

As a result, you won’t find any legitimate coupon or discount codes online.

Get your hands on the world's best over-the-counter nootropic... Vyvamind

VyvaMind Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a supplement to really enhance your cognitive performance for a prolonged period of time, without having to take a prescribed study drug and without any jittery side effects, then VyvaMind is the best product for you.

In order to get the best deal, we bought their “3 month supply” package at a cost of $134.99, resulting in each bottle costing $44.99. That’s a saving of $5 per bottle when compared to their single bottle price of $49.99.

For improved focus, memory and concentration, as well as reduced stress levels, we 100% recommend VyvaMind as the best brain supplement on the market.


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