How to Buy Modafinil in the USA | What You Must Know

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If you’re curious about how to buy Modafinil in the USA, then this guide is all you need.

Below, we’ll break down everything you need to know about getting your hands on Modafinil in the United States.

Even with America’s draconian laws and legal procedures, you shouldn’t have much issue getting your paws on the world’s most popular nootropic while living stateside.

It’s legit this easy…

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We’ve never had any issues getting Modafinil while living in the USA. At the time of writing, we’ve made dozens of smart drug orders – and we’ve never had a single one confiscated by customs — ever.

All of our orders have shown up on time, without issue.


Because we only ever buy Modafinil online in the United States from premier online vendors that offer guaranteed delivery.

That means we get our nootropics or they refund our money. No risk whatsoever.

Our recommended vendors offer fast, discreet shipping, and their shipments always arrive on-time and intact.

Disclaimer: The contents of are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming Modafinil or related nootropics. Your access to is subject to our full Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

What is Modafinil?

Now, some of you will know exactly what Modafinil is and why you want to try it out. Others may not.

So, what is Modafinil?

Well, Modafinil is an FDA-approved prescription medication that is sold under the brand name ‘Provigil’ in the United States. It is mostly used to treat narcolepsy, but it has also been scientifically proven to deliver powerful cognitive benefits. Many Americans take Provigil ‘off prescription’ as a “smart drug”, or “nootropic” [1], because it improves mood, boosts memory, and enhances concentration [2].

Seriously, everyone wants to get their hands on this stuff. And there’s a reason for that:

Modafinil actually works.

Unlike some other so-called ‘smart’ drugs out, Modafinil lives up to the hype.

If you pop a 200 mg Modafinil tablet early in the morning, you’ll experience:

  • 12+ hours of intense focus
  • Improved memory retention
  • Enhanced overall cognition
  • Increased productivity and output
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
  • …And no feelings of fatigue!

We’re not saying Modafinil is the real-life pill from the movie “Limitless“, but it’s certainly not that far off. Take one Modafinil pill and you will gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Period.

But, how did we get here? What’s the history of Modafinil?

Modafinil was discovered in 1974 by two French scientists. It’s a type of drug known as a ‘eugeroic’, which means it promotes wakefulness and prevents you from feeling sleepy. 

The drug was first released on the French market under the brand name ‘Modiodal’ in 1994 [3]. It soon gained a reputation as a safe and effective treatment for narcolepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Shift Work Disorder (SWD) [4].

Provigil was launched in the United States in 1998 as a prescription schedule C IV medication and soon drew widespread attention for its ‘off label’ benefits…

After several studies showed that Provigil offered cognitive benefits, American doctors began prescribing it ‘off label’ to treat things like schizophrenia [5], attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [6], and even cocaine addiction [7].

By the early 2000s, word about Provigil had spread outside the medical community. Hustlers, entrepreneurs, grad students, and startup CEOs alike flocked to try this wonder drug. They used it to stay up for hours on end, pull all-nighters with ease, and stay insanely focused day in, day out. Provigil use exploded, and the rest is history.

Today, anybody looking to gain an advantage over their competition is buying Modafinil in the USA.

Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

You know how the USA is often called “The land of the free and the home of the brave”? Well, freedom is awesome, but only if you know how to use that freedom properly.

Modafinil gives you a level of mental freedom you never imagined possible, but you need to know how to use it responsibly if you want to enjoy its cognitive benefits for life.

So, what do you need to know about Modafinil’s side effects and safety?

Firstly, Modafinil is a Prescription Schedule C IV controlled substance, meaning it has a low risk of abuse and a low risk of dependence.

It’s essentially a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that works by increasing levels of histamine and dopamine in the brain [8]. This is what gives Modafinil users a sense of heightened alertness and mental clarity [9]. Honestly, it’s like nothing else. 

Whereas amphetamines like Adderall make the brain produce more dopamine, Modafinil works slightly differently. It blocks the reuptake of dopamine [10], which is what raises overall levels. This is what makes Modafinil the ultimate ‘smart drug’; the extra dopamine enhances mood, boosts mental performance, and dramatically improves working and episodic memory [11].

Like any prescription drug, Modafinil does cause side effects [12], however, these are rare when the drug is taken at doses of 200mg per day or less.

You should not take Modafinil if you:

  • Rely on steroidal contraceptives (Modafinil reduces their effectiveness). 
  • Are currently taking prescription drugs that may interact with Modafinil. 
  • Are in an agitated state
  • Suffer from severe anxiety, depression, or any mental disorder.
  • Are pregnant [13]. Modafinil can cause birth defects. 

There hasn’t been much research into Modafinil’s side effects when taken ‘off prescription’ as a smart drug, but one study looked at Modafinil side effects in patients who had been misdiagnosed with narcolepsy [14].

The most common reported side effects were headaches, anxiety, and nausea. Fortunately, these were quite mild and soon passed.

Assuming you aren’t naturally anxious, Modafinil can sometimes cause first-time users to feel a little bit of anxiety. This is perfectly normal and will pass; your mind simply is not used to the level of wakefulness you’re experiencing.

But if you are someone who’s ridden with anxiety, Modafinil can exacerbate your condition and should be avoided.

Aggressive behavior is one of the rarer side effects but can certainly be detrimental if not controlled properly [15].

We will say this…

Modafinil can make you far less patient with others. There’s a fine line between slight agitation and “rage-aholic” behavior. Should you find yourself in the latter camp, seek medical help immediately!

Is Modafinil Legal in the USA?

As with many things in life, we’re talking about a grey area here. Now, we’re not lawyers and this certainly isn’t legal advice. We’re talking reality here. The honest-to-god reality of the situation…

Is Modafinil Legal in the USA? Yes and no.

If you have a prescription from a doctor, then yes, Modafinil is 100% legal. You take your Modafinil prescription to a USA pharmacy and get your Provigil or generic Modafinil.

If you don’t have a prescription, then things may get a little stickier. Luckily, it’s not that sticky. Trust us; we’ve received dozens of Modafinil shipments with absolutely no issues.

If you don’t have a prescription, then you’ll be ordering Modafinil online in the USA. There’s really no other way to do it.

The good news?

There are many legit Modafinil vendors catering to Americans these days. We’re talking companies that have been in business for 3+ years and have sent tens of thousands of Modafinil shipments into the USA. Regarding the legalities of order from these vendors, here’s how things work:

  • Modafinil is regarded as a Schedule IV drug by the DEA. This means the drug has a low risk of abuse [16].
  • Schedule IV drugs simply aren’t a high priority for the USA government. These drugs pose low risks to the public, especially when ordering for personal use.
  • While certain states classify Schedule IV drug possession as a misdemeanor [17], we’ve yet to hear of anyone being charged with a crime for ordering Modafinil online or possessing small amounts of Modafinil for personal use.

The TL:DR is this…

There has yet to be one single case of someone having legal troubles in the United States because they ordered Modafinil from an online vendor for personal use.

Point. Blank. Period.

In the extremely unlikely event that you place an order and your package is seized by customs, the worst thing that happens is that your smart drugs are confiscated and your Modafinil seller refunds your money or gives you a free reshipment.

Basically, you have no risk.

How to Get a Modafinil Prescription in the USA

Getting a Modafinil prescription in the USA isn’t too tough. Members of our team have had them before.

You see, doctors in the United States will prescribe Modafinil if you have:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Shift Work Disorder 

It’s impossible to ‘fake’ having narcolepsy – most doctors will ask you to take an overnight sleep test. Humans don’t just fall asleep in random places for no reason, so you won’t be diagnosed with narcolepsy unless you actually suffer from this condition. We don’t suggest trying to convince your doctor that narcolepsy is causing you problems.

Sleep apnea is a decent option, but again, most doctors will prescribe sleep studies and other fun stuff before they’ll write you a script for Modafinil to treat this ailment.

That leaves us with Shift Work Disorder (SWD). To show your doctor you’re suffering from SWD, you simply need to convince him or her that you’ve been pulling all-nighters for work and it’s messing with your sleep schedule.

Now there’s a little more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it. Tell your doctor you’ve been pulling all-nighters while working on your new internet business venture and then talk about SWD.

That’s how you get a Modafinil prescription in the USA.

Will it work every single time? Not exactly. But this is your only option if you don’t want to order Modafinil from one of the best online pharmacies.

Do we suggest it? Not necessarily.

We’ve had great luck getting legit generic Modafinil on the Internet and found the process 10X easier, too. We’re confident you’ll experience similar results.


Where to Buy Modafinil Online in the USA | 2021 Guide

Enough with the fluff. Let’s dig in and see where to buy Modafinil online in the USA.

After working with numerous Modafinil vendors, we’ve found the two absolute best ones around. Trust us. If you want to buy Modafinil on the web in the United States, we’d check out these sellers first.

They’re legit.

We’re talking guaranteed deliveries, fast shipping, discreet packaging, and 100% pure generic Modafinil. Here are our favorite places online to order Modafinil in the USA:

Buy Moda

Our Rating:
Quality of Products 100 %
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At the time of writing, Buy Moda is our #1 recommendation for an online Modafinil pharmacy for anyone living in the USA.

If you’re looking to buy Modafinil in the United States, hit these guys up first. They are 100% legit and have been selling Modafinil online for years.

Buy Moda offers the following amazing benefits:

  • Low prices: Buy Moda sell Modafinil much cheaper anywhere else in the world! Trust us.
  • 20% Bitcoin discount: If you pay with Bitcoin (BTC), you’ll get 20% off your order. Never bought Bitcoin before? It’s easy and well worth it considering you get this amazing discount. 
  • Guaranteed Delivery: When you buy from these guys, you’ll either get your Modafinil shipment or they’ll refund your money, or send you another shipment for free. 
  • Fast Shipping: How does 6-11 days sound? That sounds pretty fast to us, and it’s free. 
  • Discreet Packaging: All shipments come in plain brown envelopes – nobody will know what you ordered. 
  • Great coupon discounts: These guys offer some of the best discounts for repeat purchases in the industry. 

Overall, we’re confident Buy Moda is the best place to get Modafinil online in the United States right now. Ordering from these guys couldn’t be easier.

Highly recommended!

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Another solid option when buying Modafinil in the USA is Modafinil XL.

These guys have been in the Modafinil game for quite some time now — and we’ve been blown away with their customer service, shipping times, and professionalism. Most of our Modafinil orders from these guys arrived within a week.

Modafinil XL offers the following awesome benefits: 

  • Guaranteed Delivery: When you order from these guys, you either get your Modafinil order or you get a full refund/reshipment. Your choice! 
  • Decent Bulk Prices: Modafinil XL aren’t the cheapest vendors, but they offer great bulk-buy discounts. 
  • 20% Bitcoin Discount: Just like Buy Moda, Modafinil XL offer a huge 20% discount when you pay with Bitcoin!
  • Legit Modafinil: You’ll get legit generic Modafinil when ordering from these guys, and they offer a surprisingly wide selection of smart drug products.

Overall, Modafinil XL is a phenomenal vendor and comes highly recommended!

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Shipping Modafinil in the USA?

When talking about shipping Modafinil to the United States for personal use, many have asked us questions. We get that. There’s always some worry when shipping pharmaceutical drugs to a different country.

Here’s the thing…

Every major Modafinil pharmacy offers guaranteed delivery to the United States. Every single one of them!

This means they’re so confident their orders will pass customs and arrive at your front door that you’ll get a full refund if you don’t get your order. Legit no risk for you!

We say this because you needn’t worry about shipping Modafinil to the United States. Your order will pass customs and you will get your nootropics with ease.

If you don’t? Well, you’ll end up getting your money back.

P.S: It should also be noted that even though Modafinil is a Schedule VI pharmaceutical drug, the United States Government does not have the resources to tackle importing smart drugs for personal use. This is especially true when you consider that Modafinil is not lethal in any way, shape, or form — nor is it habit-forming.

Brand Name Modafinil in the United States

Like most developed countries, you’ll need a prescription from a doctor to walk into a pharmacy in the United States and buy brand name Modafinil.

Once you have that prescription, which can be difficult to obtain, you can them buy these name brand products from the pharmacy of your choice in the USA:

  • Provigil
  • Nuvigil

These are the two most popular brand-name Modafinil products available for those prescribed Modafinil in the United States.

Due to the difficulty in getting a script and often expensive pricing, many Americans look to buy Modafinil online these days. When looking to buy nootropics online in the States, these are the most popular products:

Every single one of these products offers impressive cognitive benefits. However, there’s no denying that certain products are better than others.

We’ve found Modalert to be the best form of generic Modafinil on the market. The product is our number one recommendation for anyone looking to buy Modafinil online in the USA.

If budget-friendly options are what you’re after, then Modvigil is generally a decent bit cheaper than Modalert and still does a solid job.

If you’re searching for Armodafinil, then Waklert tends to be the premier generic Armodafinil product on the market. Yet Artvigil is certainly cheaper.

Overall, we’d say get some Modalert, Waklert, or a sample pack — if you’re still unsure.

Other Nootropics

Now, we know some of you are also interested in testing out other nootropics in the USA. Maybe you want to try cycling different smart drugs with Modafinil — taking days off and days on.

We’ve done that before. Overall, it’s a great call if you plan to use smart drugs often. As such, here are some of our favorite over-the-counter (OTC) smart drugs in the United States:

  • Mind Lab Pro: At the time of writing, this is our favorite OTC nootropic. Period. Mind Lab Pro is a potent smart drug that delivers powerful cognitive enhancement, generally for 6-9+ hours straight. The energy is smooth and we find the product absolutely ideal for crushing creative work. Highly recommended.
Get your hands on the world's best over-the-counter nootropic...
Mind Lab Pro!
  • Gorilla Mind Rush: For a cheap, yet highly effective OTC smart drug, you needn’t look any further than Gorilla Mind Rush. This stuff is potent and gets the job done for 6-8+ hours. And it won’t break the bank! We believe this is the “healthiest” smart drug we’ve ever taken — there is legit zero brain fog or “hangover” the next day when taking this.
Learn more about Gorilla Mind Rush

The Verdict? | USA Edition

If you were curious about how to buy Modafinil in the USA, that’s about all.

From the benefits, side effects, legalities, getting a prescription, and the best places to buy, we’ve covered it all in this entertaining guide.

Get your hands on the world's most powerful smart drug...Modafinil!


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Get 10% off all BuyModa products as a reader! Use this code at checkout: BUYMODA#1

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