Modafinil for Drooling in Cerebral Palsy

Tomas Thorne

Last Updated: February 2, 2023

Modafinil - Modalert


Two patients with spastic cerebral palsy recently treated with modafinil at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center child neurology clinic have stopped drooling. This occurred after starting modafinil for spasticity and without other changes in the patients’ treatment programs. The decrease in drooling is to a remarkable degree. Both patients had a chronic problem with drooling. One patient has gone from wearing a bib or bandanna, which was constantly wet from drooling to being essentially dry. After starting modafinil, both patients stopped drooling. The parents initially observed decreased drooling at home. Clinic appointment examinations and evaluations at physical therapy confirmed these observations. Better coordination and speech have been noted in each patient. Modafinil improves drooling in at least some patients with spastic cerebral palsy. The decreased drooling is due to improvements noted in swallowing.


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