Generic Modafinil Vs. Provigil | Benefits, Differences, and Similarities

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If you’re trying to get your hands on nootropics, you might be curious about buying Modafinil online. However, something may hold you back from pulling the trigger. You probably wonder if the generics you can get online are as good as the real stuff from the pharmacy.

You’re curious about generic Modafinil vs. Provigil. I was, too. See, my first time trying Modafinil I purchased the stuff from an online vendor.

My product arrived and I loved Modafinil from day one. The increased cognition helped me start an online business that enabled me to travel.

Then I ran out. I needed more. While I wasn’t like a junkie needing a fix, I didn’t want the cash to stop flowing. So, I decided to get a Modafinil prescription. I wanted to test out the real deal.

I wanted some Provigil. It was time to compare generic Modafinil vs. Provigil. And test I did…

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I am not a doctor. Nor am I a lawyer. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. There is no advice here. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drugs or pharmaceutical drugs – like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

What is Modafinil? 

First and foremost, what is Modafinil and why does every online hustler and they mama want to pop smart drugs?

Well, Modafinil is a pharmaceutical drug originally created to treat sleep-related health issues from a pharmaceutical perspective (Source).

Developed in France during the 1990s, the pharmaceutical drug was designed to promote wakefulness in those suffering from:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Shift sleep disorder
  • Narcolepsy
  • …And more!

These days many students, location independent entrepreneurs, and CEOs use smart drugs like Modafinil to enhance cognition, increase focus, get better grades, and make more money.

The brand name of Modafinil? That’s where Provigil comes in. While most know the smart drug by the “street name” of Modafinil, the brand name of Modafinil is Provigil.

If you want to get Modafinil at the pharmacy, you will have access to Provigil. However, it’s often expensive.

Modafinil Vs. Provigil: The Similarities

Luckily, Modafinil and Provigil are fairly similar. In fact, I believe it silly to try and buy Provigil – unless you’re made of money and have a good doctor on call.

See, Modafinil and Provigil are nearly the exact same thing. From a chemical standpoint, the two nootropics are made with racemic modafinil. This means that each product contains around 50% R-Modafinil and 50% S-Modafinil.

When created properly, both products will contain the exact same amount of each enantiomers.

Unless you get a bad batch of Modalert, it’s unlikely you’d notice if someone switched Modalert for Provigil – and vice versa.

Personally, I noticed little to no difference between generic Modafinil and Provigil. While others may disagree, I’d bet money 99% of smart drug users wouldn’t be able to notice which is which.

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How is Provigil Different?

Now, Provigil is different in one major way. What’s that? It’s crazy expensive. Even with great insurance, you could end up paying $5+ USD per 200 mg pill of Provigil.

In my opinion, that’s just way too much for a smart drug! This is especially true when you get Modalert 200 mg for $0.80 per pill at many

So, why on earth would anyone use Provigil when Modafinil is so easy to buy online? Well, many individuals still have concerns about the pharmacies creating smart drugs in India.

In 2017/18, these fears are generally overblown – as companies like HAB Pharma and Sun Pharma are both creating fantastic products these days.

I’ve used both Modvigil 200 mg and Modalert 200 mg on a consistent basis and found the quality to be excellent.

Unless you’ve been taking Provigil consistently for months or years on end, you will not notice any difference when comparing generic Modafinil vs. Provigil.

The Legalities of Buying Modafinil Online 

It is technically illegal to buy Modafinil online in 2017/2018. I wrote a whole post about it here.

The reality of the situation? The worst thing that’ll happen if you order some Modalert 200 from an online vendor is that your order gets detained by customs. That’s it!

And the likelihood of that happening isn’t high. No one has yet to have a single legal issue when buying Modafinil for personal use on the Internet while living in the United States.

While I’m confident in this statement, remember that I am not a doctor or a lawyer – and this article is for entertainment purposes. 

Generic Modafinil Vs. Provigil: Is There a Difference?

When comparing Modafinil vs. Provigil, there isn’t much of a difference. If you buy Modalert 200 from a reputable online vendor, you’ll receive a product that offers the exact same chemical structure and results as Provigil – at a significant discount!

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