How Much Does Modafinil Cost? | 2023 Guide

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Last Updated: February 2, 2023

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If you want to know the exact Modafinil cost you can expect to pay in advance, the answer is “it depends” these day.

There are several factors that come into play: Where you buy it from, the form of payment you choose, and the discounts available to you.

Unfortunately, these factors keep on changing with each passing day. The Modafinil prescription cost listed on pharmacy websites isn’t static. Online Modafinil vendors are constantly opening and closing their doors. Discounts come and go like the wind.

Fortunately, this guide will break down everything for you and help you determine what to expect when it comes to the cost of Modafinil.

You’ll be able to answer the long-standing question of “Why is Modafinil so expensive?”

You’ll discover exactly where to quickly buy legitimate pharmaceutical-grade Modafinil at the lowest prices around, whether online or at your local pharmacy.

And after working with half a dozen Modafinil vendors over the last year, I know the vendors that offer the fastest shipping and best customer service.

Everything you need in this comprehensive guide about Modafinil cost can be found below.

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Disclaimer: The contents of are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming Modafinil or related nootropics. Your access to is subject to our full Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

What is Modafinil?

Before I tell you exactly how much does Modafinil cost, let’s go over some basic background information pertaining to this smart drug.

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting drug that is approved in the USA, Canada, and many other countries for treating residual daytime sleepiness in three sleep disorders:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift work sleep disorder
  • Obstructive sleep apnea

Scientists are still working to deduce its exact mechanism of action, decades after Modafinil was released to the public as a prescription medication.

One thing we know for sure is that Modafinil blocks the actions of the dopamine transporter, thereby increasing extracellular concentrations of dopamine in the brain. This is one of the reasons why modafinil is believed to increase self-motivation [1].

It was this discovery that made Modafinil a hot target for nootropic users looking for the next greatest “Limitless” pill to enhance their cognition.

Non-sleep-deprived individuals who start using Modafinil were shocked to discover the benefits it had, such as:

  • 10-12 hours of uninterrupted focus at a time
  • Better memory retention
  • Improved ability to be more productive in shorter periods of time
  • Increased energy levels

Before long, highly competitive people from all walks of life started using Modafinil for its “off-label” purposes. We’re talking about CEOs, freelancers, Ivy League graduate students, entrepreneurs, and several other stressful career paths.

If you’re a student studying relentlessly to get better grades, Modafinil sounds like a match made in heaven [2]:

“Trials show that healthy, non-sleep deprived volunteers given modafinil, the narcolepsy medication mentioned in the example above, score higher on tests of planning, learning, attention, delayed and working memory, as well as some measures of creativity”

As you can see, millions of users from around the world take Modafinil each and every week to ensure they get more done, make more money, and get better grades.

Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

Another reason why Modafinil became so popular is because of its mild side effect profile.

The common side effects of Modafinil rarely happen, yet they disappear as quickly as they appear and are easy to address. Some of them include [3]:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Indigestion
  • Insomnia

However, there are some more serious — yet very rare — side effects that may take place. Chest pain, red skin rashes, and mania are a few examples.

If any of these serious side effects happen to you, or the mild side effects continue to persist, discontinue taking Modafinil immediately and seek emergency help from a licensed physician.


How Much Does Modafinil Cost? | 2023 Guide

As mentioned in the introduction, it’s difficult to say what the exact cost of Modafinil is.

There are numerous variables to take into consideration.

Are you buying the brand name Modafinil, which is commonly known as Provigil? Or are you buying the generic version of Modafinil?

While generic drugs contain the same active ingredient, same use indications, and same strength as the brand name drugs, they are 85% cheaper than brand name drugs. while being equally safe and effective [4].

Which pharmacy are you buying your generic Modafinil from?

Let’s say you lower your Modafinil prescription cost by going with the generic version. The pharmacy you choose — even within your city — can make a big difference in the total cost of Modafinil you have to cover [5]:

“Consumer Reports recently did an investigation of price variation by calling hundreds of pharmacies across the US and asking about the prices of five popular drugs that had recently become available in generic versions.

They found that drugs could cost as much as 10 times more at some pharmacies compared with others — even in the very same cities.”

Are you going to cover the generic Modafinil cost by picking up from a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, or an online pharmacy?

As we’ll discover later in this article, buying this smart drug online will lead you to pay a lower Modafinil cost than in a legitimate pharmacy [6]:

“For most modafinil websites the price per [200 mg tablet] varied and became cheaper as larger quantities were purchased.

The price per tablet varied from £0.38 to £5.31 for modafinil…based on purchasing a four months’ supply (minimum of 120 tablets) applying any shipping fees and discounts offered…[total price] varied from £74.06 to £587.16 (median: £154.49, IQR £118.82–240.68)”

How Much Does Provigil Cost With Insurance?

One of the variables not covered in the previous section was buying either brand name Provigil or generic Modafinil with (or without) insurance.

For anybody who has dealt with the American healthcare system, medical insurance can be the difference between a reasonable payment and screaming “Why is Modafinil so expensive!?” at the top of your lungs.

Since we’re strictly talking about the Modafinil prescription cost, let’s assume we’re going to buy generic Modafinil from the same pharmacy in the same location.

(NOTE: Each insurer will have different coverage costs, and not all of them will cover the cost of Modafinil)

Let’s also assume we want to get 30 tablets of generic Modafinil at a dosage strength of 200 mg per tablet.

How much does generic Modafinil cost with insurance copay, and how much more costly is Modafinil if we pay for it out of our own pockets?

According to, generic Modafinil will cost anywhere from $10-30 per tablet without insurance, but you will pay the lowest copay as many insurance companies will cover it as a “Tier 1” generic [7]. This comes out to $300USD-600USD as the total cost of generic Modafinil if you don’t have insurance.

But if we get this “Tier 1” coverage from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, we see that the Modafinil cost with insurance is $1.25-$3.40 per tablet [8]. This comes out to a total copay of $37.5USD-102USD for our order if we have insurance.

Of course, this variation in price accounts for the different pharmacies you could buy it from. Our American test subjects usually go to Costco, Walmart, or RiteAid when then want the lowest Modafinil cost possible.

In case this has not been made apparent yet, you NEED a prescription to buy generic Modafinil or brand name Provigil from the pharmacy. Otherwise, the pharmacy cannot legally sell it to you.

Not to mention that many insurance companies will require a sleep lab test before agreeing to pay for your Modafinil.

While this example was crafted for our American readers, all of the numbers and variables mentioned could completely change.

We know of one individual in Canada who ended up paying $31CAD out-of-pocket for 30 tablets at 100 mg Modafinil per tablet, and he did not have health insurance.

You are responsible for knowing how insurance and co-payments work in your area of residence when you determine the cost of Modafinil in your country.

Buying Modafinil Online | Pricing Guide

Now that you have seen what a Modafinil prescription cost looks like, let’s examine what happens if we attempt to buy Modafinil online.

An increasing amount of people are choosing to go this route. In Australia alone, modafinil use rose from 2.1% in 2015 to 5.5% in 2017 [9]:

“…the surface web (the area of the internet that is accessed by the general public and searchable through standard browsers) continues to play an important role in drug sales; as Raubenheimer and Barratt note, more regular psychostimulant users in Australia reported purchasing drugs from the surface web than from the dark web”

There are several reasons for this emerging trend:

  • Buy high-quality generic Modafinil online is often cheaper than getting a prescription and filling it with your insurance.
  • You’re guaranteed to get your hands on Modafinil faster. When you go to the doctor, it’s ultimately the doctor’s to give you a prescription or not.
  • Ordering any product online is much easier than getting it from a brick-and-mortar store

With regard to the legalities of ordering Modafinil online, it is extremely unlikely you’ll encounter any issues. None of our test subjects have ever faced legal troubles because they imported Modafinil into their country for their personal use.

For the sake of simplicity, we will look at the cost of Modafinil from our #1 trusted online vendor.

  • Buy Moda

Buy Moda is one of the newer online Modafinil vendors around, but they do a fantastic job of delivering a world-class buying experience:

  • Responsive email support and live chat assistance from their customer service team
  • Fast, free shipping
  • Guaranteed, zero-risk delivery
  • Fair pricing

Overall, a highly reliable and trustworthy online Modafinil vendor. Plus, they’re one of the only legitimate sellers that ship Modafinil to Canada.

Let’s take a look at the prices offered for 30 tablets of Modalert 200mg, arguably the best version of generic Modafinil in terms of its likeness to Provigil:


This gives us a total Modafinil cost of $69USD if we order the smart drug online, coming in at $2.30 per pill.
However, there’s a way to lower the cost of Modafinil ever further…

Buy Moda allows its customers to save 20% on their purchase if they buy Modafinil with Bitcoin (BTC) [10].

With this discount applied, the FINAL cost of buying Modafinil online with Bitcoin is $55.20USD. This means you pay $1.84 USD per 200 mg tablet of Modalert.

(If you want to know the bulk Modafinil cost when you order 500 Modalert tablets online at 200 mg per tablet using Bitcoin, you pay $0.72 USD per tablet!)

Compared to buying generic Modafinil via prescription, you’re now on the lower end of Tier 1 insurance coverage and you don’t have to put up with any hassles.

All in all, if you want to save money on the cost of Modafinil, buy it online with Bitcoin from Buy Moda and choose the generic variant known as Modalert.

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Why is Modafinil So Expensive?

If you search up “Why is Modafinil so expensive” on Google, you’ll come up with a wide variety of confusing explanations.
Here is the most important information you need to know about the ridiculously high cost of Modafinil…
Before they were bought out by Teva, pharmaceutical company Cephalon had exclusive patent rights to sell and price Provigil as they saw fit. Their patent was slated to expire in 2015, meaning generic manufacturers would be allowed to produce and sell generic Modafinil at a much lower cost.

Until that time came, Cephalon wanted to milk every last dollar out of their “miracle” drug [11]:

  • Provigil 200 mg tablets saw a price increase of 476.6% between 2006 and 2013 (a one-year supply rose from a retail price of $2,674USD to $14,037USD)
  • This would be equivalent to ~$270USD for a month’s supply in 2007, versus ~$1,100 in 2012

Since narcolepsy occupied a smaller size of the patient population, Cephalon had to price gouge Modafinil in order to generate a higher return on investment from serving a narrow market.
This negatively affected narcolepsy patients across the United States, including a woman who goes by the name Jessica [12]:

“[I was] paying a Modafinil cost $234/month for brand name Provigil in 2007 without health insurance, PLUS a $130 monthly premium and a $500 name deductible”

Cephalon also engaged in an anti-competitive practice that involved paying off other generic firms to delay manufacturing generic Modafinil [13]:

“…generic Provigil entry would lead to substantial declines in the company’s revenues…[Cephalon] projected a 75%-90% price reduction that would lower revenues by more than $400 million (nearly 75% of the drug’s annual sales) within one year”
“Cephalon decided to settle patent litigation with the four first-filing generic firms. Cephalon paid more than $200 million to the four generics to agree to forgo entry until April 2012. The Cephalon CEO conceded that the settlements provided “six more years of patent protection[,]” which was “$4 billion in sales that no one expected.”

Delaying the availability of cheaper generic versions of Provigil was a violation of consumer protection and anti-trust laws in the eyes of the Federal Trade Commission.
This led them to file a lawsuit against Cephalon and eventually allow the generic firms to produce Modafinil.
Fun fact: Teva was one of the firms that Cephalon prevented from producing generic Modafinil [14]!

Understanding Modafinil Costs | The Verdict

So what exactly is it you need to know about finding the lowest Modafinil cost possible?

In short, your best bet for the cheapest cost of Modafinil is to buy it online from Buy Moda in the form of Modalert and use Bitcoin with your order.

It’s cheaper, easier, and much faster than paying for an expensive Modafinil prescription cost that’s dependent on your doctor’s final decision.

Nowhere in the United States will you be able to find 200 mg of Modafinil for as low as $0.62 per 200 mg tablet, going as high as $1.61USD if you’re ordering just 30 tablets of Modafinil from a legitimate online pharmacy.

Get your hands on the world´s most powerful smart drug... Modafinil


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