Modafinil and Travel: A Digital Nomad’s Go-To Guide

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If you work while on the road, there’s no need to make things harder than they are. Modafinil and travel can ensure productivity while allowing you to fully enjoy the exotic locale you’re exploring.

For example…

I was just in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. And I was on a budget. I needed to get to Cozumel, Mexico – but there were no direct flights. I was forced to play the game with connections and layovers.

Tis’ the life of a traveller. I’d fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico and spend the night in the airport before hitting Cancun. It wasn’t great, but it could have been worse.

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Modafinil and Travel

I arrived at the airport in San Juan tired and hungry. It was 7:15 at night. I grabbed a big meal, got a few preparations for the evening, and popped a Modafinil. Then I cranked open the computer and got to work. Time flew.

Before I knew it, 2:30 in the morning had arrived. The airport was damn near empty. I had bought a half dozen doughnuts and a full pot of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts before they closed a few hours back.

I happily typed away. Every 30 minutes or so, I’d down some coffee and munch on a glazed donut. Life was good. I was crushing work while eating doughnuts in near solitude. Just me, the janitor, and one other traveler.

Many a traveler dreads the overnight layover at the airport. Normally, I’m in the same camp. Thoughts of sleeping on top one’s backpack aren’t exactly inspiring. You don’t see that shit on Instagram.

No, Instagram is filled with the highlights of the digital nomad lifestyle. The picturesque beaches, the nights out partying, the stunning mountain views, and more.

No one takes a selfie before sleeping on the floor of the airport for a few hours. That’s not sexy. It blows. And everyone knows it. However, I had made the best of my overnight layover.

Instead of trying to get some shitty sleep, I took a Modafinil and began crushing working. And crush I did. Combining Modafinil and travel allowed me to focus on work for nearly eight hours.

No need for sleep. No need to waste the time zoning out on social media. By the time my flight took off the next morning, I had made over $200 USD and published an article on one of my websites. That beats shitty sleep on the airport floor any day of the week.

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The Benefits of Taking Modafinil While Traveling

While most don’t consider mixing Modafinil and travel, the combination is surprisingly potent. I know many a digital nomad who uses the combination to maximize experiences while on the road.

Here are just a few of the benefits of taking Modafinil while traveling:

Increased Productivity

One of the advantages of Modafinil is increased focus. The smart drug improves cognition, and thus – ensures you stay productive for 10-15 hours on a 200-300 mg dose.

On days I take Modafinil on the road, I always produce twice as much content as an average day. This allows me to crush work one day while enjoying the city I’m in the next.

Maximizing Work Days

Instead of working 5-8 hours each day while on the road, you can take Modafinil and crush 10-15 hours of work in a day. Then you’ll be incredibly productive and finish up a ton of work.

Once you use a Modafinil day on the road, you can get back to enjoying your travels for 1-3 days before needing to work again. This on and off schedule is ideal for maximizing travel and work time.

More Time For Fun

Once your work is done, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the city you’re in. I like to take full days off and check out a number of tourist attractions in one day. Modafinil allows me to do this. I’m able to have more time to do tourism and have fun.

Great While on the Move

One of the biggest benefits of Modafinil for travelers is while you’re in transit. There’s no reason to waste time while at the airport, on an airplane, and more. With Modafinil and travel, you can crush work while you move around.

If I’m going to be traveling for more than 7-8 hours, I’ll always take a Modafinil. I’ll write for 2-4 hours in the airport and another 1-3 hours on the plane. Getting 4-7 hours of true work time in while moving from one city to the next is unbelievable.

Once I arrive, I wake up the next day feeling refreshed, and my work is done. I’m then able to explore the city and get to know my surroundings. This is huge, as you never want to spend your first day in a city working in your apartment.

Jet Lag Killer

When you’re traveling between time zones, Modafinil will become your best friend. For individuals struggling with jet lag, there’s nothing more useful than Modafinil. You can crush jet lag for good.

Take Modafinil your first morning in the city, usually between 7-10 AM local time. Plan to do a work day. It sucks, but so does jet lag. Work all day in the new city. Even if your body is tired and wants to sleep due to the time zone changes, the Modafinil won’t allow you to.

Try to go to sleep around 11 PM local time. Don’t set an alarm clock. Your body will be exhausted. Expect to sleep 10-12 hours and wake up feeling refreshed. You should be able to completely stifle jet lag with Modafinil and this plan.

Easy to Travel With

Modafinil is easy to travel with. You can bring 2-5 months with you anywhere you go. It won’t take up much space in your luggage whatsoever. I’ve never had any issues fitting Modafinil in my bag.

You shouldn’t have any legal issues, either. I’ve been traveling around the world with Modafinil for over two years. I’ve never had any issues with security or TSA. You won’t, either. Traveling with Modafinil in your bag isn’t a big deal.

Benefits on the Cheap

Modafinil is pretty cheap, too. Beating jet lag, maximizing your time in a new city, crushing work, and more – the benefits are nearly endless. At under $1 per pill, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the great combination of Modafinil and travel.

Traveling With Modafinil 101

If you’re a digital nomad looking to increase productivity while on the road or a traveler just looking to beat jet lag, Modafinil is the solution. Modafinil and travel are a match made in heaven.

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