ModaPharma Review | Reliable Modafinil Vendor or Scam?

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Last Updated: February 2, 2023


Curious where to buy Modafinil online these days? Then this ModaPharma review might be of interest to you.

Below, you’ll find the best information about this Modafinil pharmacy available anywhere online. We’ve made multiple orders with ModaPharma and have been highly impressed with their service.

Is ModaPharma the best online Modafinil pharmacy in the world?

Well, that depends on what you need and where you live.

In this review, we’ll discuss smart drug basics, where ModaPharma ships, what this vendor does well, and a few things these guys could improve on.

Here are a few quick things we absolutely love about this vendor:

  • Great Modafinil vendor in Europe/Latin America
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Ships to almost every country
  • Guaranteed Modafinil delivery
  • Authentic generic Modafinil through product testing
  • Decent customer support

Those are the positives of buying Modafinil from ModaPharma in 2023. They do a fantastic job shipping smart drugs all around the world.

Order Modafinil from a great online vendor, ModaPharma

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What is Modafinil?

First and foremost, let’s discuss what Modafinil is and why every CEO, grad student, and online entrepreneur wants to get their hands on the stuff.

Modafinil was originally discovered in France in the 1970s and released as a pharmaceutical drug called ‘Modiodal’ in the early 1990s. It was designed to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and Shift work sleep disorder, a condition that affects some people who engage in shift work [1].

Essentially, if you needed a wakefulness agent to treat a fatigue-related ailment, Modafinil was created for you.

But it also has other so-called ‘off label’ benefits. Medical studies have shown that Modafinil is great for treating patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [2], and one trial indicated that it can help treat cocaine addiction [3].

In the early 2000s, CEOs in Silicon Valley got wind of these astonishing benefits and started taking Modafinil ‘off prescription’ as a smart drug (or nootropic). Before long everybody from students to entrepreneurs was looking to get their hands on this smart drug to beat out their competition.

You see, if you don’t have a medical condition, Modafinil offers impressive cognitive benefits, too. These benefits are all backed 100% by research studies that have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals [4]. They include:

  • Increased overall cognition
  • Heightened focus
  • Enhanced productivity
  • 12+ hours “in the zone”
  • Enhanced memory recall

These numerous benefits are why Modafinil has become the world’s most popular smart drug. But how does it accomplish all this?

Modafinil is a stimulant – similar to caffeine except far more potent. Studies have shown that Modafinil works by pushing up histamine levels in the brain. This is where most of the cognitive benefits like enhanced focus come from – more histamine [5, 6].

But that’s not all; Modafinil also increases levels of dopamine like crazy. This flood of extra dopamine is largely responsible for benefits like improved mood and better memory [7, 8].

So, that’s Modafinil’s secret – histamine and dopamine; it works! You’ll get more done, improve your grades, eliminate fatigue, and/or make more money…when you take Modafinil.

Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

One of the main reasons Modafinil has become so widely used? Because this smart drug is exceptionally safe and has minimal side effects.

In fact, many consider Modafinil to be one of the safest pharmaceutical nootropics around.

Still, you do have to pay attention to a couple of side effects when you take Modafinil. Various studies have noted a few minor side effects when taking this product, including [9]:

  • Headaches
  • Nervousness
  • Agitation, anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping at night

While you do run the risk of experiencing one or more of these side effects when you take Modafinil, it’s important to note that the majority of users experience no side effects at all.

One study looked at the side effects caused by 200mg – the recommended dose – of Modafinil and found that the vast majority of participants experienced no side effects [10].

Unless you react badly to stimulants in general, like caffeine, you should not experience harsh side effects from Modafinil. It too is a stimulant; just more powerful. Even caffeine can cause side effects like hallucinations and dizziness if taken in high enough doses [11]. So, as with everything in life, if you take Modafinil in moderation – no more than once or twice per week – you should be fine.

Common side effects for first-time users often include headaches and/or insomnia. Luckily, staying hydrated and taking Modafinil in the early morning can eliminate these concerns for most users.

There are a few side effects that you should be worried about. Safety concerns may require assistance from a medical professional. These include issues like chest pain, an irregular heartbeat, and hallucinations [12].

However, these side effects are EXCEPTIONALLY RARE and most users never experience them.

Sticking to a standard 100-200mg dosage when first taking Modafinil is recommended. Or you can use a microdose of Modafinil before going up to 200mg Modafinil.

Is Modafinil addictive? The science says no. While it’s true that Modafinil increases dopamine and that this may result in dependence-issues, scientific studies show that this is only a concern for vulnerable individuals who take Modafinil in excessive quantities [13]. Documented cases of Modafinil dependence are extremely rare [14].

You must not take Modafinil if you:

  • Are agitated, or suffer from anxiety or depression.
  • Are taking prescription drugs that may interact with Modafinil.
  • Are pregnant, as Modafinil has been linked to birth defects [15].

If you’re not on that list, you should do very well taking Modafinil.


ModaPharma Review | What Products Are Available?

We’re talking about ModaPharma. First and foremost, what does the online Modafinil pharmacy sell? The vendor sells the same products as most of the online pharmacies.

You can buy these smart drugs from ModaPharma:

Generally, these are the most popular smart drugs on the market. By sticking with these four products, you can almost guarantee you’ll receive legit smart drugs that are potent and authentic.

Furthermore, ModaPharma actually tests all their smart drugs for authenticity and potency. As such, you can guarantee all Modafinil bought from this online pharmacy is 100% legitimate.

ModaPharma does sell a number of other smart drugs and pharmaceutical products, but these are generally the only ones we’ve tried and recommend.

If you’re looking for cognitive enhancement, your best bet is to stick with the products above – especially Modalert and Waklert. Most users find these two products to be the most potent on the market.

What ModaPharma Does Right

The team here at Nootropics Advisor has received multiple orders from ModaPharma over the years. As such, we have a lot of faith in this vendor.

Here’s what to expect from this online Modafinil pharmacy:

  • Fantastic For Europeans

ModaPharma is one of the few major Modafinil vendors that keeps stock in Europe. With a stock of Modafinil and Armodafinil in the U.K., ModaPharma offers some of the absolute fastest shipping to European countries.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some smart drugs while in Europe, this is the fastest way. Instead of buying from a vendor that ships from India or Singapore and having to wait around for 12-18 days, ModaPharma allows Europeans to get their smart drugs within 4-9+ days after placing an order. That’s very fast!

  • Fast, Risk-Free Shipping

We just talked about how fast the shipping is for Europeans with ModaPharma. Even with orders going to Australia and the United States, ModaPharma still offers 6-12+ business day delivery. That’s generally a bit faster than vendors who ship from India, although we did get a few orders in under 8+ days from India.

Shipping is only $9.99 no matter where you are in the world, and all shipping comes with tracking – so you’ll know when to expect your order. This is very professional shipping for a Modafinil pharmacy.

  • Guaranteed Delivery

ModaPharma tracks every single order they send out. If the package isn’t delivered to you within 15 business days, then the vendor will either fully refund your order or send another shipment. The choice is yours, but the delivery is always guaranteed to arrive.

This allows you to order Modafinil without any risks. A huge deal for many concerned about their order getting confiscated at customs. ModaPharma allows you to buy with confidence.

  • Authentic Product

Rare among online Modafinil vendors, ModaPharma offers third-party analysis of their products before shipping. They test every batch of Modafinil they purchase before purchasing. This ensures you’ll receive authentic, potent products every time you order.

If you’re concerned about safety or wasting your money, this is one of the best reasons to buy from ModaPharma. No other vendor offers lab-testing of their products!

  • Honest Claims, Great Support

Overall, we’ve found ModaPharma to be an honest Modafinil vendor who doesn’t hype anything up. These guys make honest claims about Modafinil and how it can potentially benefit users. They also offer impressive, quick customer support. They offer 24/7 customer support and the active SSL certificate on the site ensures your private information stays secure and private.

All of the emails I’ve sent to ModaPharma have always been returned within 24 hours. All communication has been professional too. Highly recommended.

ModaPharma Downsides?

No online Modafinil pharmacy is perfect. ModaPharma is no different.

While this is a fantastic online vendor, here are a few downsides we’ve noticed:

  • Pricing: Overall, you’ll pay more for smart drugs when buying from ModaPharma. There are other online Modafinil pharmacies that offer cheaper pricing. However, you pay for what you get. Shipping can be slower with these vendors and they don’t test their product for authenticity.
  • Limited Payment Options: While other Modafinil vendors offer various payment options like credit card transactions, PayPal, E-check, and Bitcoin – ModaPharma only allows you to buy BTC with your credit card and then pay. This isn’t as convenient as other vendors.
  • Small Bitcoin Discount: ModaPharma only offers a 15% Bitcoin discount. If you have BTC on hand, you can get a better deal from other vendors. The industry standard BTC discount tends to be 20-25% these days. Again, you pay a little bit more to buy from ModaPharma.

Generic Modafinil

ModaPharma Shipping

Another huge benefit to ordering Modafinil from ModaPharma these days?


ModaPharma ships Modafinil ALL AROUND THE WORLD. For a legitimate Modafinil vendor, you’ll find these guys ship to more countries than anyone else.

In fact, they ship Modafinil to many major countries, including:

  • USA
  • UK
  • France
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • South Korea

ModaPharma ships Modafinil to more countries than any other vendor. It’s impressive. Still, there are some countries the vendor won’t ship to.

These are the countries ModaPharma will NOT ship to these days:

India, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, South Africa

That’s a pretty short list if you ask us! ModaPharma ships Modafinil all over the world. They do it quickly and professionally. Highly recommended.

ModaPharma Review | The Verdict? 

Overall, ModaPharma is a great Modafinil vendor. That’s why you’re reading this ModaPharma review.

Should you order from them with all the other options available? Well, there are two main reasons to choose ModaPharma:

  • You live in Europe & want rapid shipping.
  • You like purchasing nootropics that have been tested for purity by a third-party. 

As such, many will find ModaPharma to be the ideal Modafinil pharmacy. Members of our team have been thrilled with their service.

We’re confident you will be, too — if you order from these guys.

Just note you will pay a little extra when ordering from ModaPharma. That’s just how it goes when you’re looking for third-party purity testing and rapid European fulfillment.

For many, that’s well worth it!

Order Modafinil from a great online vendor, ModaPharma


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