Is Modafinil Safe? Your Guide to Smart Drugs and Health

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I woke up with a raging headache. I’d taken 300 mg of Modafinil for the last two days, and I felt like garbage. Is Modafinil safe? I wondered as I sluggishly made my way to the shower.

Luckily, I felt fantastic after a hot shower, some food, and a few cups of coffee. Modafinil’s side effects rarely bothered me much.

For most users, the smart drug tends to be quite safe. Overall, you shouldn’t have many issues when taking Modafinil – if you use the nootropic correctly. However, when considering is Modafinil safe, it’s important to discuss a few things.

First, Modafinil is a prescription drug. It’s strong and prescribed to treat ailments like shirt sleep disorder and narcolepsy.  It’s important to be careful whenever you consume a prescription drug.

Second, I’m no doctor. This is not medical advice. You should ALWAYS consult your primary care physician before taking any pharmaceutical drug. Your doctor will let you know whether Modafinil is safe for you or not.

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I am not a doctor. Nor am I a lawyer. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. There is no advice here. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drugs or pharmaceutical drugs – like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

What is Modafinil?

Ok, so let’s dive in a little more and talk about Modafinil. While the drug was originally developed to combat shift sleep disorder and narcolepsy, I have a feeling that’s not why you’ll be taking the drug.

I’m willing to bet you’re interested in how safe Modafinil is because you’ve heard of the smart drug’s cognition increasing properties.

Many consider Modafinil to be the “Limitless” pill in real life. The smart drug boosts your ability to focus and increases productivity. Many students and online hustlers have been taking the drug for the past 5-7 years in an effort to make more cash and get better grades.

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Is Modafinil Safe?

Now, is Modafinil safe? I’d say yes, but let’s look a little deeper. Modafinil is safe for some people, while it could be dangerous for others. It’s important to understand that everyone responds to nootropics differently.

The majority of Modafinil users report little negative side effects, but there have been reports of others having minor issues.

Why do most people have little issue when taking one of the world’s most powerful wakefulness agent? Here are a few reasons why Modafinil is safe:

  • Not a Stimulant: Modafinil is not a stimulant. The drug isn’t like Adderall or cocaine. You won’t feel energized or jittery on the smart drug. Your heart won’t be pounding at a rapid pace. Modafinil doesn’t work like that. As such, most users find Modafinil is a safer alternative to stimulants.
  • Not Habit Forming: Usually, people don’t get addicted to Modafinil. The smart drug isn’t like cocaine or even Adderall. You won’t wake up after taking Modafinil for a week straight with a burning desire to pop another smart pill. That’s just not how it works, which ensures users don’t develop addiction problems. Actually, many have studied using Modafinil to wane drug users off their high of choice.
  • No HUGE Risks: I’ve yet to read about someone taking 200 mg of Modafinil and needing to go to the hospital or passing away. The drug just isn’t that dangerous. Is Modafinil safe? Well, all prescription drugs can have side effects, but Modafinil’s seem to be pretty marginal in the grand scheme of things.
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Side Effects of Modafinil

Now, Modafinil may be fairly safe, but the smart drug does have a few side effects. So let’s talk about the most common ones:
  • Sleep Issues: Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent. The nootropic was developed to keep people awake for 12-15 hours straight – even when their energy levels were low. The smart drug is prescribed to fight narcolepsy and shift sleep disorder. It’s no surprise that falling asleep while Modafinil’s half-life is still kicking can be tough. If you take Modafinil, don’t expect to fall asleep for 14-15 hours.
  • Stomach Issues: Modafinil can cause nausea and diarrhea. Personally, this is my biggest issue with Modafinil. The smart drug upsets my stomach. However, this is a minor side effect and can almost be cleared up by lowering eliminating sugars, adding a hefty carb to my diet like banana bread, and remembering to eat three meals.
  • Dehydration: It can be difficult to drink enough water when you’re using Modafinil and drinking coffee. Both substances can leave you dehydrated. Thus, it’s imperative to combat this Modafinil side effect by keeping a gallon of water by your side when using the nootropic. Another minor side effect of Modafinil.

If you’re curious about other Modafinil side effects, check this out.

How to Take Modafinil Safely

Now that we know Modafinil is relatively safe, let’s talk about how to eliminate as many risks as possible. Here’s how to take Modafinil as safely as possible:

  • Cycle It: Don’t use Modafinil every single day. Unless you have a medical condition, cycle your Modafinil usage. If you’re using the prescription drug as a nootropic, try to only take Modafinil 1-3 times a week. Avoid taking Modafinil more than 8-10 days in a 30 day period.
  • Low Dosage: Anything over 200 mg of Modafinil should be advised against. 300 mg is fine on occasion, but for most users – 200 mg is all you need to feel great effects and see benefits. Plus, 200 mg is sure to keep side effects minimized.
  • Take Time Off: If you use Modafinil 8-10 times a month for a few months, take some time off. Go 2-3 weeks without Modafinil and reset your tolerance levels. This is important when using it as a smart drug.
  • Only Take in the Morning: Modafinil can hurt your sleep schedule. That’s one of it’s biggest downfalls. To combat this, try to only take Modafinil before 11 AM. Personally, I try to take the smart drug between 8-9 AM.
  • Remember to Eat & Drink: Modafinil will suppress your appetite, and you may not feel thirsty, either. It’s important to drink a lot of water when using the smart drug and eat your meals at normal times.

By following these five tips, you’ll find taking Modafinil safely isn’t much of an issue. Unless you have a bad reaction, you shouldn’t have any problem enjoying 12-15 hours of pure focus when taking Modafinil.

Is Modafinil Safe? Verdict

Is Modafinil safe? For the vast majority of users, Modafinil is fairly safe. The smart drug offers a great safety profile when

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