How to Buy Modafinil in Spain | What You Must Know

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Today, we’re talking about how to buy Modafinil in Spain.

If you’re curious about how to get your hands on the world’s most popular smart drug in the land of tapas, siestas, fiestas, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Forget about the bullfighting, beaches, and barbecues.

Here we’re all about getting some Modafinil while in Spain.


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But if you’re looking for more information than simply where to buy Modafinil online while living in the country…

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the legalities of Modafinil in Spain, how to buy smart drugs online, and so much more.

Disclaimer: The contents of are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming Modafinil or related nootropics. Your access to is subject to our full Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

What is Modafinil?

If you’re curious about buying Modafinil, you might want to learn a little more about this fascinating smart drug before you buy some. So we figured we’d break things down and explain exactly what Modafinil is and what it does.

Modafinil was discovered in France during the 1970s and was found to act as a powerful ‘eugeroic’ meaning it helps people fight fatigue and stay awake. After years of development and trials, Modafinil was released in France under the brand name ‘Modiodal’ in the early 1990s. It was initially used to treat narcolepsy, a condition that causes people to become uncontrollably drowsy or fall asleep during the day [1].

Modafinil quickly became many doctors’ go-to remedy when patients with narcolepsy walked through their doors. It was soon released throughout Europe and was launched in Spain in 1998, the same year that it was granted US FDA approval.

Doctors and medical researchers soon found that Modafinil had a number of ‘off label’ benefits and could be used to treat things like:

  • Sleep apnea.
  • Shift Work Sleep Disorder.
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [2].
  • Cocaine dependence [3].
  • And more!

Once Modafinil arrived in the USA, Modafinil’s ‘off label’ benefits soon became well-known among Silicon Valley startup CEOs and Ivy League grad students looking to take their focus up a couple of notches. These high-achieving individuals started using Modafinil ‘off prescription’ to gain an advantage over their competition.


To get better grades. To innovate. To make more money.

You see, taking Modafinil allows you to basically “supercharge” your mind. It offers insane benefits like:

  • ZERO feelings of fatigue [4].
  • Enhanced memory [5].
  • 12+ hours of extreme focus [6].
  • Improved time management.
  • Heightened mood [7].
  • And much, much more!

Suffice to say…

If you’re looking for a mental boost, Modafinil is perfect. It lets you accomplish 2-3 days of work in just one day with ease. While Modafinil may not be ‘magic’, there’s no doubt that it will let you work longer and harder than ever before, helping you reach your goals.


Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

It wouldn’t be fair of us to speak highly of Modafinil without mentioning its potential side effects.

While it is one of the safest nootropics you’ll ever come across, and certainly one of the safest drugs around, it isn’t perfect and does come with a few safety concerns.

If you’re a healthy adult with no preexisting conditions, then Modafinil will cause relatively few side effects such as [8]:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Dry eyes/mouth/throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

However, it’s important to note that these side effects are mild and the majority of people who take Modafinil do not experience them.

You can avoid almost all of these if you simply use a little common sense while taking Modafinil.

That means avoiding the use of Modafinil any time past 10 am, staying well-hydrated, and ideally not mixing it with anything else.

In extremely rare cases, you may experience more serious side effects that require medical attention from a healthcare professional.

These can include (but are not limited to) serious skin rashes, difficulty breathing, and mania [9].

If you take Modafinil and experience any of these side effects, please seek emergency help ASAP.

Everyone reacts differently to Modafinil, so it’s up to you to take an honest assessment of how Modafinil is affecting your body and mind.

Overall, it’s a very safe drug when taken in doses of 100-200mg per day. It is not considered to be an addictive substance [10], and instances, where people have become dependent on Modafinil, are extremely rare [11]. The only recorded cases involved people taking very high doses [12, 13].

But enough with the doom and gloom — let’s move on to the legalities of using Modafinil in Spain!

Is Modafinil Legal in Spain?

Is Modafinil legal in Spain?

Well, that all depends on how you define ‘legal’.

Te lo juro.

In Spain, Modafinil falls into a bit of a legal “grey area”…

We’re not lawyers but we’ll do our best to explain the legalities of Modafinil and show you what happens if you try to buy the stuff – in a pharmacy and online.

Basically, Modafinil is legal in Spain if you have a prescription from a Spanish doctor. Only specialized physicians can prescribe Modafinil and the process goes something like this:

First, you’ll need to be referred to a sleep specialist by your regular doctor and then undergo an overnight sleep study at a hospital. Then, if you are diagnosed with narcolepsy or a related sleep disorder, you may be given a “restricted prescription” for Modafinil that may or may not be renewed.

Once you have this prescription, you can walk into any pharmacy in the country and get your hands on brand name Modafinil – ‘Modiodal’. That’s according to La AEMPS, the Spanish medical and pharmaceutical regulatory agency [14].

In other words, getting a prescription for Modafinil in Spain is easier said than done. And no, you can’t just ‘fake’ having narcolepsy.

Furthermore, while it may be possible to get a Modafinil prescription and fill it at any pharmacy in Spain, not all pharmacies carry Modiodal. In fact, many Spanish pharmacies won’t have any in stock at all.

No Prescription?

If you don’t have a prescription for Modafinil in Spain, you’re not out of luck just yet. You can buy generic Modafinil online in Spain.

Is it legal without a prescription?

Not 100%.

It’s illegal to buy Modafinil from a pharmacy, but in our understanding, possession of Modafinil for individual use is not a crime. Spain has basically decriminalized the personal use of all drugs [15].

There are zero confirmed reports of any individual having any issue importing Modafinil into Spain, or possessing it for their own personal use.

While it may take 7-15+ days for your Modafinil order to pass Spanish customs, the Modafinil will arrive.

Furthermore, many online Modafinil pharmacies offer guaranteed delivery to Spain. This means you either get your Modafinil delivery or you get a full refund from the vendor.

Modafinil - Dopamine

Where to Buy Modafinil in Spain | 2023 Guide

If you’re curious about how to buy Modafinil online in Spain, here’s the section you’ve been looking for.

Below, we’ll detail the best online pharmacies for Spaniards or those living the good life throughout the country.

Members of our team have tested these pharmacies and found that they ship high-quality Modafinil to Spain in record time, and so much more.

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If you’re looking to buy Modafinil in Spain, the first vendor we suggest checking out is Buy Moda. This is the oldest and most trusted vendor in the world and does a phenomenal job shipping nootropics all over the world.

Some of the main reasons why we rate them so highly include:

  • Bargain-Basement Prices: Buy Moda offers rock-bottom prices on generic Modafinil. They won’t be beaten on price.
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  • Guaranteed Delivery: All orders over $100 get free shipping and come with a simple guarantee; either you get your order or you get a free reshipment or refund. Your choice. In other words, you have nothing to worry about.

Over the years, almost every member of our team has placed an order with Buy Moda and we’ve never been disappointed. They ship top-quality nootropics and their shipments always arrive fast. They are hands-down the best Modafinil vendor on the planet.

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If – for whatever reason – you’re looking for another option, we also recommend checking out Modafinil XL. These guys are terrific and offer most of the same benefits as Buy Moda. But there are a few unique ‘twists’ that make them really interesting, especially if you are buying Modafinil for the first time.

  • Free Sample Pack: If this is your first time reading about Modafinil, you may not be sure what to buy. Well, if you cover the $29 shipping costs, the folks at Modafinil XL will send you 10 free Modafinil tablets for you to test.
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  • Fast Shipping: If you’re looking to get your hands on some Modafinil in a hurry, you can pay extra to have your order shipped from Modafinil XL’s UK warehouse. This reduces your wait time to as little as three days!

As you can see, Modafinil XL gives Buy Moda some serious competition and their free sample pack is great for first-time buyers who aren’t sure what they need.

Check them out and see for yourself!

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‘Brand Name’ Modafinil and Armodafinil in Spain

While it’s rare to come across brand-name Modafinil – “Modiodal” – in a Spanish pharmacy, there have been reports of patients filling scripts in the country so we know that some places stock it.

But when you buy Modafinil online, you won’t find ‘Modiodal’ for sale. Instead, you’ll find generic Modafinil brands like:

In our experience, generic Modafinil performs exactly like brand-name Modafinil. There are ZERO differences between the products.

Likewise, if you’re looking for Modafinil’s sister products – Armodafinil – you won’t find brand name drugs like “Nuvigil” for sale. Instead, you’ll find generic Armodafinil products like:

Most people order a sample pack and experiment with all four of these generic brands before finding one they like. Most members of our team swear by “Modalert”, but “Modvigil” is virtually identical and often comes at a much cheaper price-point.


Other Nootropics

If you have concerns about ordering Modafinil in Spain, no worries. We’ve got some other options for you.

While you won’t have any issues passing Spanish customs, eventually some of you may want to keep things entirely above board.

We get that. Which is why we recommended a prescription-free Modafinil alternative as well. The best over-the-counter nootropic we’ve ever reviewed is:

  • Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is the real deal. This is by far the most comprehensive, multi-faceted over-the-counter nootropic we’ve ever tested. And we’ve tried a boatload of nootropics, so that’s saying something.

Here are a few things to know about Mind Lab Pro:

First off, it contains 11 brain-boosting ingredients that each target different areas of the mind, and facilitate various positive effects like enhanced focus and attentiveness.

In that respect, Mind Lab Pro is similar to Modafinil — but it does so much more.

It contains Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which helps with nerve plasticity and growth factor. And it also has Rhodiola Rosea, which deals specifically with stress relief as it’s a potent adaptogen.

Mind Lab Pro won’t give you 12+ hours of “tunnel-vision” focus like Modafinil does, but you’ll still get 6-8+ hours worth of enhanced mind power and extra focus. That’s better than most products out there, and it’s more than enough to get a full day’s work done.

Mind Lab Pro is our favorite alternative to Modafinil for our “off” days. If you’re looking to cycle nootropics, then Mind Lab Pro is…

Highly recommended!

Get your hands on the world’s best over-the-counter nootropic…
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Modafinil in Spain | The Verdict?


That was a lot. Above, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying Modafinil in Spain. We covered everything from the legalities of the drug, to how to get a prescription, where to buy Modafinil online, and so much more.

Overall, we’re confident that you won’t have any issues buying Modafinil online for cheap and importing it into Spain.

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