Does Modafinil Work? Let’s Look at the Science

Tomas Thorne

Last Updated: February 20, 2023

Does Modafinil Work

Does Modafinil work? 

Many a CEO, grad student, and all-around online hustler want to know the answer to that question…

They want to know if the world’s most popular smart drug offers insane cognitive benefits.

Benefits sure to help them get more done.

To make more money. To get better grades. Hell, maybe even get that promotion they’ve been dreaming of.

People don’t take Modafinil to enjoy their lives. People take Modafinil to improve their lives.

If that sounds like you, then keep on reading.

In this detailed guide, I’ll break down whether Modafinil can help you achieve your goals and get more out of life.

I’ll answer the one question on everyone’s mind…

Does Modafinil work?

The honest truth from one online hustler to the next. Te lo juro.

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 What is Modafinil? A Beginner’s Guide

Before we dive too deep into the science surrounding the smart drug and does Modafinil work, let’s take a look at what Modafinil is and why so many hustlers love the stuff.

Basically, Modafinil was created in France during the late 1980s under the name Provigil.

Provigil was designed as a pharmaceutical drug used to treat a myriad of common ailments and illnesses, including (Source):

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Shift sleep disorder

The pharmaceutical drug ensured anyone who took the stuff was able to stay awake for 12+ hours straight.

At its core, Modafinil is a wakefulness agent.

Eventually, the drug made it’s way to the United States. And before we knew it, Modafinil was being used for off-the-label (OTC) uses.

Startup CEOs and Ivy League grad students quickly began using abusing Modafinil. They found the smart drug allowed them to work more hours than the competition.

Aka these high-achievers were able to gain a competitive advantage by using Modafinil as a nootropic.

Before long, the trend went from high-achievers to damn near everyone.

People from all over the world are using Modafinil to get more stuff done these days.


Because Modafinil works.

You will find insane benefits after popping Modafinil, like:

  • 12+ hours of focus
  • Increased memory retention
  • Improved overall cognition
  • Increase output and productivity

But don’t just take my words for it…

Test the stuff for yourself and find out. 

Oh, and let’s see what science has to say, too.

Does Modafinil Work? 

Now we’re at the meat and potatoes of this post…

Does Modafinil work?

You want to know if popping the smart drug will ensure you get more stuff done and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

And there’s always competition!

So, here’s what the studies and science have to say:

1. Modafinil Actually Does Work

In a study done by the European Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, researchers found that Modafinil does, in fact, offer cognitive enhancement in certain manners.

Not only that, the study looked that the effects of the smart drug on non-sleep deprived individuals.

Aka people who are using Modafinil for off-the-label uses like cognition enhancement. People like you and me.

And the researchers found the stuff does work. According to Professor Guy Goodwin, President of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology ():

This overview suggests that, on current evidence, modafinil enhances cognition independent of its known effects in sleep-disordered populations. Thus, the authors say that “modafinil may well deserve the title of the first well-validated pharmaceutical nootropic agent”. In other words, it’s the first real example of a ‘smart drug’, which can genuinely help, for example, with exam preparation.

Previous ethical discussion of such agents has tended to assume extravagant effects before it was clear that there were any. If correct, the present update means the ethical debate is real: how should we classify, condone or condemn a drug that improves human performance in the absence of preexisting cognitive impairment?

2. Ideal For Complex Problems

Modafinil isn’t a day-to-day smart drug for me. In the humble opinion of your author, Modafinil is ideal when you need to dive in and get a huge chunk of difficult work done.

If I want to write 10,000 words in a book I’m working on, Modafinil will help. If I want to optimize my email marketing and capture throughout my websites, Modafinil is needed.

But if I want to send off a few tweets and do some social media work, not so much.

The task isn’t that difficult. Modafinil is not needed.

The researchers found something similar. The harder a task was the more cognitive benefits Modafinil offered ():

Unsurprisingly, they found that the performance-enhancing capacity of modafinil varied according to the task. What emerged was that the longer and more complex the task tested, the more consistently modafinil conferred cognitive benefits.

3. Not Ideal For Creativity

While Modafinil did allow for in-depth tasks to be completed and complex ideas understood, the smart drug wasn’t ideal in certain situations.

For example, the nootropic didn’t offer much in terms of creativity enhancement.

According to the researchers (Source):

But the drug didn’t consistently help participants on simple tests of attention, the scientists found. It had little effect on creativity and motor excitability and it did not significantly improve people’s working memory, flexibility of thought or ability to divide their attention.

4. Little Side Effects

Lastly, there’s good news for those hoping to test out Modafinil.

What’s that?

Modafinil offers very few side effects, especially of the serious variety.

Aka you won’t die or overdose when taking Modafinil. It’s damn near impossible.

According to the researchers:

So, we ended up having two main conclusions: first, that, in the face of vanishingly few side effects in these controlled environments, modafinil can be considered a cognitive enhancer.

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But…Do You Need It?


Unequivocally no.

You do not need Modafinil.

I do not need Modafinil.

No one needs smart drugs and nootropics unless they have a medically diagnosed ailment that requires wakefulness and/or focus drugs.


Modafinil does work.

And the smart drug is more than useful when looking to do more. To make more money. To get better grades. When you want that promotion.

Modafinil is useful and beneficial. Hell, highly beneficial when dealing with complex tasks that require high levels of focus.

It’s simply not a necessity.

You don’t have to take it to succeed.

Although, many high performers certainly do.

In fact, I highly recommend the stuff to any grad students, online entrepreneurs, and more.

By taking Modafinil, you will make more money online.

I guarantee that!

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Modafinil and Science | Everything You MUST Know

That’s it.

Everything you need to know about Modafinil and science.

What most won’t tell you about the world’s most popular smart drug…

Does Modafinil work?

Hell yeah!

But it’s certainly not a necessity when building your empire and striving to achieve success.

Millions have made millions without the help of smart drugs.

Personally, Modafinil has helped me add zeros to my bank accounts.

So I couldn’t recommend the stuff enough.

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