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Last Updated: March 4, 2023

Modafil MD Review

Curious about Modafil MD? Looking for in-depth Modafil MD reviews? Then you’ve come to the perfect place. In this article, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know about Modafil MD.

We’ve provided in-depth responses to several inquiries we’ve received, such as:

  • What is the best vendor from which to order Modafil MD online?
  • What does the law say in different countries about buying and possessing Modafil MD?
  • If you haven’t been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, can you still legally obtain Modafil MD?
  • What makes Modafil MD different from other brands of modafinil?

The active ingredient in Modafil MD is modafinil – a wakefulness-promoting medication approved by the US FDA for individuals with sleep disorders.

However, the powerful off-prescription benefits of Modafil MD have inspired a number of healthy individuals to experiment with it.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can gain an edge in your work or field of study then consider the advantages that Modafil MD offers. Users have reported improved mood, better focus, higher energy levels, and a stronger memory, among other benefits.

We’ll also give you a full breakdown on the legalities surrounding modafinil-based medications, average costs, the standard Modafil MD dosage protocol, as well as our number one choice of vendor to buy Modafil MD online. Let’s get started!

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Disclaimer: The contents of are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming Modafinil or related nootropics. Your access to is subject to our full Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

What is Modafil MD?

Modafil MD is a generic version of modafinil – a wakefulness-promoting medication originally developed in France and later approved as a prescription-only medication by the US FDA in 1998. The main purpose of Modafil MD is to treat and alleviate symptoms of sleep-related disorders, like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift-work sleep disorder [1, 2, 3].

Although it’s legally only prescribed for treating sleep disorders, 90% of modafinil users are otherwise healthy individuals seeking to benefit from the cognitive-boosting effects of this drug [4, 5].

What makes Modafinil MD 200 unique to other forms of modafinil is that it’s designed to dissolve in the mouth – hence the abbreviation ‘MD’, which stands for ‘mouth dissolvable’. This sublingual method of consumption accelerates the onset of effects from modafinil, which typically occur after 30-60 minutes of consumption.

Research performed on both healthy individuals and those with sleep disorders has demonstrated that modafinil-based medications like Modafil MD produce powerful off-label cognitive benefits. These effects include increased concentration, wakefulness, enhanced cognition, and a reduced sense of fatigue [6].

The contents of Modafil MD differ slightly from other brands. However, it contains active ingredients and a chemical structure identical to that of brand-name modafinil, utilizing the R-(−)- and S-(+)-enantiomers [7]. It produces exactly the same cognitive benefits as brand-name modafinil like Provigil, albeit at a much lower cost.

Modafinil’s mechanism of action mainly functions by increasing the levels of the neurotransmitters histamine and dopamine [8]. Higher levels of histamine equate to increased alertness, while increased dopamine increases feelings of well-being and motivation [9, 10].

Currently, Modafil MD is produced in India by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and is one of the only dissolvable forms of modafinil. It’s been described as having a slightly ‘minty’ taste.

Modafinil Benefits

You may have taken the time to optimize every aspect of your life in order to achieve peak performance, such as your exercise routine, sleep, the foods you eat, and how you structure your day. However, there are still times when you may feel sluggish and unmotivated.

As such, the positive effects modafinil has on “mood, fatigue, and cognitive performance” have continued to draw more and more people to conducting personal research on this medication [11].

If utilized mindfully, these modafinil benefits can lead to drastic improvements in many areas of life. The cognitive boost from modafinil can help you raise your income, rapidly learn a new skillset, improve your athletic performance, and even help you make life-changing decisions with greater clarity.

We’ve compiled a detailed list of modafinil benefits in terms of cognitive enhancement below:

  • Boosted Memory and Comprehension – Imagine if you could absorb and retain twice as much information as you currently are, and how that would help you advance in your career or academic pursuits. It has been found that modafinil use can lead to improved pattern recognition, episodic memory, and spatial working memory [12]. Studies have also shown that modafinil can improve “working memory, cognitive flexibility and planning”, so that you can make important decisions with greater clarity [13].
  • Laser-like Focus – People generally find it hard to stay engaged in mentally demanding tasks for more than a few hours at most. If you use modafinil, you’ll find that your ability to focus is not only prolonged, but you will be far less prone to distractions that would normally break your concentration. This is especially beneficial if getting enough sleep has been difficult for you, as modafinil is “efficacious for sustaining/restoring objective performance and alertness during sleep deprivation” [14].
  • Raised Energy Levels – While modafinil is designed to prevent patients from feeling drowsy and succumbing to daytime sleepiness, it can also boost energy levels in otherwise healthy people. This increase in energy can allow you to carry out tasks for much longer than you’d normally be able to, so it’s especially useful if you need to finish a large project or task quickly. The powerful energy-boosting effects of modafinil have even been tested in a study on military helicopter pilots in comparison to placebo and dextroamphetamine, another stimulant. By taking 100 mg of modafinil spaced out during the day, 18 pilots were able to conduct operations for over 40 hours straight [15, 16].
  • A Burst of Motivation – Even the most driven individuals may at times find themselves feeling uninspired and lethargic. Taking modafinil in times like these can restore motivation and even lead to a better mood, since it acts by increasing dopamine levels [17]. Studies have shown that modafinil users can feel “considerably more pleasurable after performing individual tasks” [12].

It’s important to keep in mind that which effects occur, and the intensity thereof, can vary from one person to another. It’s possible that you will experience all of these effects, or just some of them. In any case, ensure that you are clear on what it is you want to accomplish when using modafinil, so that you can maximize the benefits of this medication.

Modafinil Side Effects

When you take a stimulant medication like modafinil, you’ll want to be well aware of what the possible side effects are, and how you can avoid or mitigate them.

Modafil MD side effects are fairly minor compared to commonly prescribed stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin. Generally speaking, modafinil side effects are not known to cause long-term harm. Studies have even shown that less than 10% of modafinil users ever experience adverse effects, as it is one of the most well-tolerated and safest cognitive enhancers [18].

We’ve listed all the most common modafinil side effects below [19, 20]:

Out of all these adverse effects, a select few were noticed to occur with the most frequency. A study conducted on patients diagnosed with narcolepsy was carried out, in which the effects of modafinil (Provigil) were observed.

The following modafinil side effects were shown to occur most frequently:

  • Headache (13%)
  • Nervousness (8%)
  • Nausea (5%)

It’s important to keep in mind that these patients were taking modafinil on a daily basis, as opposed to the recommendation of taking it once every other day. In addition, some of these narcolepsy patients consumed double the standard modafinil dosage, which is likely to have played a role in exacerbating and causing such side effects [21].

To protect yourself from these potential side effects, we strongly recommend prioritizing hydration, and taking modafinil as early as possible in the day, in order to avoid interfering with sleeping patterns.

Where to Buy Modafil MD Online? | 2023 Edition

If you wanted to buy modafinil back in the day, your options were limited to just a handful of costly name brand medications. Nowadays, since generic modafinil products like Modafil MD can be sold legally, the number of online modafinil vendors has risen to meet growing demand.

Being able to shop around and choose different brands is advantageous. However, this variation of nootropic vendors has also introduced some problems to the marketplace. Namely… how can you know for sure that an online modafinil vendor is actually selling FDA-approved medication that is safe to take? How sure can you be that when you buy modafinil online, your order won’t be held up or confiscated at customs?

Our team set out to obtain some much-needed answers, and placed multiple test orders to various online vendors. We were mainly looking to evaluate these vendors based on specific criteria, like reliability for shipping, pricing options, and legitimacy of their products.

Upon completion of our inquiry, our team determined that BuyModa is the ideal vendor from which to buy Modafil MD online. We’ve listed out some of the most important reasons below:

  • Delivery Guarantee: Placing an online order with BuyModa is easy and convenient, with most orders arriving within 2-4 weeks. In any case, BuyModa guarantees that orders arrive after a maximum of 30 business days. On top of that, your order is totally risk-free – if your order fails to arrive, it will be re-shipped at no charge. If the second shipment doesn’t arrive either, your purchase will be fully refunded.
  • Unbeatable Prices: You can grab Modafil MD in all sorts of quantities on BuyModa for much lower prices than you’ll find elsewhere. You can start small with 30 Modafil MD tablets at just $69, or save more on the cost per tablet with larger orders. If your order totals over $150, shipping is FREE – except for the UK and EU, and for orders from the US to the US.
  • Certified Medication: Making sure your medication is legitimate and safe to consume is crucial. BuyModa pledges to only source modafinil products from ISO-certified laboratories, and that are approved by the FDA and equivalent health authorities in most other countries.
  • Bitcoin Savings: We understand that many customers are concerned about privacy. Therefore, BuyModa offers a 20% discount on all orders paid for with Bitcoin.
  • Add-on Bonuses: Once you complete the checkout process to buy Modafil MD online, BuyModa will provide you with two bonuses: You will receive 30 free Modafil MD tablets if your order exceeds $150, as well as 20 free Modvigil tablets added to your next purchase.

Before you buy Modafil MD online, ensure that you are clear on the laws pertaining to modafinil in your jurisdiction, as legislation varies from place to place.

Modafil MD is available at BuyModa, a globally recognized online vendor of lab-certified modafinil and nootropics.

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How Much Does Modafil MD Cost?

Finding dissolvable modafinil can be difficult. Of the options available currently, most are often costly and not of particularly high quality.

Thankfully, you can purchase Modafil MD in different quantities at BuyModa for reasonable prices.

But it wasn’t always like this. Until only a few years ago, there were very few options for modafinil at all. One of the only modafinil-containing drugs legally available for purchase was Provigil, which could cost over $700 for just 30 tablets.

Since 2012, when the patents for modafinil expired, less expensive generic versions of modafinil have hit the market, while still providing the same beneficial effects on cognition.

You might be wondering… What distinguishes generic drugs from name brands like Provigil? The term ‘generic drugs’ might give you the impression that they are inferior in quality. The truth is that generic drugs need to be approved for use by the FDA and equivalent governing health bodies in different countries. They are designed to work just like brand-name drugs, yielding “similar clinical results to [the] usage of brand-name medications” [22, 23].

Please consult the table below to get clarity on the prices for specific quantities of Modafil MD:

30 tablets $69
60 tablets $99
100 tablets $139
200 tablets $209
300 tablets $265
500 tablets $345

Finding dissolvable modafinil at these prices isn’t easy… and if you want to buy Modafil MD online from a reputable vendor, it can be even more difficult. You can take advantage of the enhanced focus and cognition effects of modafinil at affordable prices by visiting BuyModa.

Modafil MD Dosage and Tolerance

While a standard dosage for modafinil has been established, this wakefulness-promoting medication can vary in the intensity of its effects in various individuals. By having a thorough understanding of a proper Modafil MD dosage, you can minimize or even totally avoid the possibility of experiencing adverse effects, and still get the cognitive benefits you want.

You might be curious to know… what is the standard Modafil MD dosage? Is it possible to take Modafil MD on a daily basis, without developing an addiction?

Since Modafil MD is a generic version of modafinil, the dosing protocols for this medication do not differ from other modafinil-based drugs.

A standard modafinil dosage, regardless of brand, will be 200 mg [24]. After the onset period of 30-60 minutes, a user will normally be able to feel increased energy and productivity for 10-12 hours.

Keep in mind, though, that such effects can manifest more intensely in some individuals than others. If you’ve noticed a sensitivity to stimulant medications in the past, our recommendation is to start out with a lower dosage, and then gradually increase it.

You can start with 100 mg by dividing a tablet in two. In fact, some physicians may occasionally prescribe a Modafil MD dosage of 100 mg to narcolepsy patients. Such a dose tends to produce effects that last for 8-10 hours.

For those who are particularly sensitive, you can start with a 50 mg dose, which would require that a tablet be cut into quarters. A modafinil dosage like this can still boost cognitive abilities and increase energy for 4-6 hours, making it ideal for beginners, or those who cannot afford to have their sleep cycle disrupted. A 50 mg Modafil MD dosage is considered “microdosing” modafinil.

Due to the fact that modafinil-based drugs have a half-life of 12-15 hours, we advise patients to take Modafil MD as early in the day as possible. In so doing, the effects should taper off in the evening, allowing you to sleep normally.

You might still be wondering… is modafinil addictive? Studies have shown that forming a dependence on modafinil is possible if excessive doses are taken regularly [25]. To avoid this, we recommend adhering to these guidelines:

  • Take no more than the standard 200 mg Modafil MD dose daily
  • Limit use of Modafil MD to less than three days a week, and do not use it on consecutive days
  • Abstain from using Modafil MD for at least two weeks every two or three months

Is Modafil MD Legal?

The last thing you’d want to do is buy Modafil MD online, have it shipped to your residence, and then encounter legal ramifications. By having a clear understanding of modafinil legislation in your area, you’ll be able to make a better-informed decision, and avoid trouble.

Whether modafinil is sold under a brand-name or in a generic form, this drug is treated the same by the law in almost all countries. As such, to purchase modafinil-based drugs like Modafil MD, you will need a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

Many are curious to know… can you buy and possess even a small amount of Modafil MD without a prescription?

The answer is dependent on a few key factors, such as what country you have residency in, and what the specific regulations are for modafinil-based drugs.

If you’re in the United States, for instance, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has categorized modafinil as a “Schedule IV” substance. A physician would need to write you a modafinil prescription, so that you can legally purchase it through a licensed pharmacy as Provigil or just generic modafinil.

Other developed countries like Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, and the UK, modafinil is also treated as a controlled substance that can only be bought with a prescription. However, there is no penalty for possession in these countries [26, 27, 28, 29].

Modafil MD is also a popular choice for competitive athletes to remain focused and maximize time spent training. Keep in mind, though, that modafinil is listed as a banned substance by the USADA and WADA [30].

If you take modafinil weeks before a competition, there’s still a chance that you could be disqualified. Modern drug screening technology is sophisticated, and can identify the faintest traces of a drug even weeks after it has been consumed.

Modafil MD vs. Modalert vs. Provigil /// Modafil MD vs. Waklert vs. Nuvigil

Modafil MD is one of the many generic modafinil-containing medications currently available. You might be wondering… how can you differentiate between brands of modafinil? What features set Modafil MD apart from brands such as Provigil or Nuvigil?

At a glance, all these medications appear to be the same. In reality, there are some subtle but important differences to consider when you buy modafinil online.

Modafil MD vs. Modalert vs. Provigil

When the patents to produce modafinil expired in 2012, a number of generic products flooded the market. In many ways, this has been advantageous for consumers, since generic medications are often much more affordable than brand-name ones. In the past, Provigil was one of the only legally available options, which could cost upwards of $700 for just 30 tablets.

One of the most pertinent differences between Modafil MD, Modalert, and Provigil, is that Modafil MD is meant for sublingual consumption, as opposed to Modalert and Provigil, which are just standard tablets that are swallowed. Hence the ‘MD’ in Modafinil MD, which stands for ‘mouth dissolvable’.

Price is also a differentiating factor. Modafil MD is less expensive than both Modalert and Provigil. It’s an affordable choice for beginner consumers, as well as for those who are averse to taking medication in the form of a tablet.

Modafil MD vs. Waklert vs. Nuvigil

Modafil MD is dosed at 200 mg per tablet. In contrast, Waklert and Nuvigil are dosed at 150 mg per tablet. This difference in dosage is due to the fact that Modafil MD is just standard modafinil, while Waklert and Nuvigil are a stronger form of modafinil, called armodafinil.

Price also separates Modafil MD, Waklert, and Nuvigil. Similar to Provigil, Nuvigil was formerly one of the only FDA-approved armodafinil medications available for purchase. Generic medications like Waklert now offer patients more choices to accommodate their budgets.

When compared to both these medications, Modafil MD is the least expensive option. This is mainly due to the fact that the higher prices of Waklert and Nuvigil reflect their higher potency.

Modafil MD Reviews | Verdict

In this Modafil MD review, we’ve given you a thorough breakdown on the various aspects of this medication. We hope that by getting a clear picture of the advantages, adverse effects, dosage protocol, and pricing options of Modafil MD, you can confidently decide whether or not this medication is right for you.

Despite being a generic version of modafinil, Modafil MD’s effects and mechanism of action are almost identical to that of a trade name product like Provigil. One of the key differences is that Modafil MD is a far more affordable option. Currently, Modafil MD is produced in India by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and is one of the only mouth dissolvable forms of modafinil available on the market today.

Many countries around the world have designated modafinil-based medications like Modafil MD to be available only via prescription. As more research emerges, a growing number of otherwise healthy people have been conducting personal experiments on this medication because of its off-label benefits of cognitive enhancement. These effects consist of increased mental clarity, memory, focus, and motivation.

Research has shown that commonly prescribed stimulant medications like Adderall or Ritalin can cause a number of harmful side effects. In contrast, modafinil-containing medications like Modafil MD are far safer to consume and have a lower potential for addiction.

If you hold a valid prescription for modafinil, and you’ve been wondering which brand of medication would be right for you, then check out BuyModa to learn more and make your purchase.


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