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Last Updated: March 6, 2023

Modactive Review

Curious about Modactive? Looking for in-depth Modactive reviews? Then you’ve come to the perfect place. In this article, we’ve provided a thorough description of everything you need to know about Modactive in order to determine if this medication is right for you.

We’ll be touching on several inquiries we’ve received, such as:

  • Can you legally order Modactive online?
  • What is the ideal vendor from which to buy Modactive online?
  • Can you buy Modactive if you don’t have a prescription?
  • How much does Modactive cost?

Modactive is a generic brand of modafinil, a medication normally prescribed for people with sleep-wake issues, like sleep apnea.

In recent years, the off-label uses for Modactive have caught the attention of those engaged in pursuits that demand consistent high performance. These individuals can range from helicopter pilots, to stock market analysts, to university students, and even professional chess players.

Such individuals have begun experimenting with Modactive because of its potent effects on cognitive functioning. These benefits include sharpened alertness, elevated energy levels, feelings of well-being and motivation, as well as improved comprehension and memory

On top of that, we’ll give you a full breakdown on how modafinil-based medications are treated legally, various prices, the standard Modactive dosage protocol, as well as our number one recommended vendor from which to buy Modactive online. Let’s get started!

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Disclaimer: The contents of are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Likewise, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician prior to consuming Modafinil or related nootropics. Your access to is subject to our full Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

What is Modactive?

Modactive is a generic version of the pharmaceutical drug, modafinil – a medication originally conceived in France in 1986, and approved for use by the US FDA in 1998. Modactive is a eugeroic – a type of medication used to promote wakefulness and prevent drowsiness from sleep disorders, like obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift-work sleep disorder [1, 2, 3].

While modafinil is prescribed for such sleeping disorders, it’s been reported that nearly 90% of modafinil users are otherwise healthy individuals seeking to take advantage of this medication’s cognitive benefits [4, 5].

The most common brand-name of modafinil is ‘Provigil’. Modactive is one of the most reputable generic modafinil products, and is produced in India by Roots Lifecare.

You might be wondering, though… What distinguishes generic brands of modafinil like Modactive from each other? As a rule, generic medications are developed to have the same dosage and effect as name-brands.

However, there are some differences in price and bioavailability, as the amount and quality of filler ingredients can vary, such as lactose, pregelatinized starch, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, and magnesium stearate [6].

Modafinil-based medications function by increasing the activity of two crucial neurotransmitters – histamine and dopamine [7]. Higher histamine levels lead to greater alertness, while increased dopamine increases feelings of well-being and motivation [8, 9].

Modactive Review

Modafinil Benefits

Even if you’ve taken time to optimize your diet, sleep, exercise, and other factors that contribute to your performance, it’s inevitable that on some days you won’t be at your best. This is why the positive effects on “mood, fatigue, and cognitive performance” have attracted so many to experiment with modafinil [10].

When used strategically, these modafinil benefits can lead to all-around improvements in life, such as a better income, improved learning and information retention, greater social awareness, and even enhanced athleticism.

We’ve compiled a detailed list of modafinil benefits in terms of cognitive enhancement below:

  • Clear Comprehension and Memory – It can be easy to get caught up in our day-to-day routine, to the extent that we start indulging in habits that degrade our cognitive functioning. One of the most transformative modafinil benefits is increased self-awareness, so that you can recognize destructive habits and correct them. Data from trials involving modafinil has also indicated an increase in “working memory, cognitive flexibility and planning” [11]. In addition, both episodic and spatial working memory function at higher levels with modafinil, as well as the ability to recognize patterns [12].
  • Unparalleled Concentration – No matter how disciplined you are, maintaining focus and engaging in complex tasks for more than a few hours can often be exhausting. Taking a standard modafinil dosage, or even just a partial dosage, can drastically extend the amount of time you can fix your concentration on a particular task. On occasion when you haven’t slept well, modafinil is “efficacious for sustaining/restoring objective performance and alertness during sleep deprivation”, allowing you to perform well when it would otherwise be difficult [13].
  • Raised Energy Levels – The amount of energy you have at your disposal can often spell the difference between getting a job done on time, or procrastinating and letting a task drag out for days. Modafinil is known for boosting energy levels so that you can amplify your productivity, and get more done in less time. These effects have even been put to the test with military forces, such as in a study carried out on 18 helicopter pilots. By taking three 100 mg doses of modafinil at four hour intervals, the pilots were able to conduct operations for over 40 hours non-stop [14].
  • Feel Inspired – Some days you feel fired up and driven to accomplish your goals. On other days, that enthusiasm might be lacking. Modafinil is particularly useful in times like these, since it raises levels of serotonin and dopamine – chemicals responsible for motivation and feelings of well-being [15].

Regardless of how difficult and demanding your tasks may be, the benefits of modafinil bring on a boost in productivity, which in turn can lead to monumental improvements in certain areas of your life.

Modafinil Side Effects

Prescription stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin are known to produce a variety of side effects. While the side effects from Modactive 200 are fairly minor in comparison, it’s still important to be aware of them and understand how to mitigate them.

In general, modafinil side effects are temporary and not serious – and that’s if they even occur at all. Research has also shown that less than 10 percent of people who take modafinil notice adverse effects [16].

With that said, studies have demonstrated that modafinil is one of the most well-tolerated and safest cognitive enhancers, and has a low potential for addiction [17].

In the majority of cases, following the standard modafinil dosage protocol will almost completely eliminate any chance of side effects occurring. We’ve listed the most common ones here [18]:

One study in particular involving 341 narcolepsy patients revealed which modafinil side effects are most commonly observed. They are listed as follows [19]:

  • Nausea (5%)
  • Nervousness (8%)
  • Headache (13%)

Our recommendations to avoid and mitigate these potential side effects are to prioritize hydration, and take modafinil as early as possible in the day. By doing so, you can ensure that your bodily processes will be functioning normally, and you can avoid disrupting your sleeping patterns.

Where to Buy Modactive Online? | 2023 Edition

More interest in modafinil-based drugs from the general public means that more vendors are selling versions of this medication online.

While having several options can be beneficial, this proliferation of nootropic vendors has brought about a slew of issues: how can you be certain that an online modafinil vendor is selling certified medication that is safe to consume? How can you know that your order will actually reach you, and not be seized by customs?

One key point to remember before placing an online order for modafinil, is that the laws for modafinil-based drugs vary from country to country. This can make receiving your order more complicated, in some cases.

In an effort to gain clarity on the situation, our team placed test orders to various online vendors to see how they performed according to certain criteria. Specifically, we wanted to get first-hand information on cost, quality, service, and delivery times.

After conducting our investigation, our team discovered that BuyModa is the top vendor from which to buy Modactive online. We’ve listed a few reasons for this below:

  • No-Risk Delivery: BuyModa guarantees that their orders arrive within a maximum of 30 business days, although they normally arrive quicker, within two to four weeks. In order to make buying nootropics on BuyModa a totally risk-free experience, orders that fail to reach their destination are re-shipped at no extra charge. If the second shipment doesn’t arrive either, customers receive a full refund.
  • Incredible Value: You can pick up Modactive in various amounts on BuyModa, at prices far lower than most competing vendors. Thirty Modactive tablets start at just $69, while larger orders see a decrease in price per pill. On top of that, you get absolutely free shipping on international orders exceeding $150, except for the UK and EU, and for orders from the US to the US.
  • Certified Medication: As one of the most trusted and well-established online modafinil vendors, BuyModa is committed to only providing nootropics sourced from legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers. All modafinil products from BuyModa are verified in world-class, ISO-certified laboratories, and are approved by the FDA and equivalent health authorities in most other countries.
  • Save with Bitcoin: Paying with crypto on BuyModa is not only easy, but you’ll also save some money. BuyModa offers an extra 20% off when you use Bitcoin to make your purchase.
  • Special Gifts: As part of their commitment to ensure a pleasant customer experience, BuyModa offers two special bonus gifts when you buy Modactive online. You get 30 free Modactive tablets for orders over $150, as well as 20 free Modvigil tablets added to your next purchase.

Modactive is available at BuyModa, one of the world’s most trusted online vendors of 100% legitimate modafinil and nootropics.

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How Much Does Modactive Cost?

Buying modafinil used to be a lengthy and costly process. Until 2012, when the patents for modafinil expired, Provigil was one of the only modafinil-containing drugs legally available for purchase, and could cost over $700 for a mere 30-day supply.

Nowadays, however, generic versions of modafinil are far less expensive, while still yielding the same cognitive-boosting effects.

We’ve had patients ask us before… What sets generic drugs and name brands apart? When you hear ‘generic drugs’, you might have the impression that they are somehow inferior in quality and lack the oversight of brand names.

However, the reality is that generic drugs also need to be approved for use by the FDA and equivalent governing health bodies in other countries. They are developed to function identically to brand-name drugs regarding their dosage protocol, effectiveness, and method of action.

Please refer to the table below to understand the prices for specific quantities of Modactive:

30 tablets $69
60 tablets $85
100 tablets $99
200 tablets $185
300 tablets $255
500 tablets $395

When compared to the $700+ price tag for just 30 Provigil tablets, we can see that generic modafinil drugs like Modactive are far more cost effective. You can take advantage of the enhanced focus and cognition effects of modafinil at affordable prices by visiting BuyModa.

Modactive Dosage and Tolerance

Before starting to take any new medication, you’ll want to ensure you have a precise understanding of what a proper dosage protocol looks like. By doing so, you can mitigate or even entirely prevent side effects, while still obtaining the benefits you were looking for.

When it comes to Modactive, you might be curious to know… what constitutes a standard Modactive dosage? Can you take Modactive every day, without building up a dependence on it?

Since Modactive is a generic form of modafinil, the dosing protocols for this eugeroic are identical to that of any other modafinil-based drug.

No matter the brand, modafinil-containing medication will have a standard dose of 200 mg [20]. Taking Modactive 200 will typically grant a user 10-12 hours of heightened energy and productivity.

Keep in mind, though, that if you have a history of being sensitive to stimulant medications, we’d recommend you start with a lower dosage to judge the effects in a safe manner.

In this case, another option is to take a dose of just 100 mg, which would involve splitting a tablet in half. While still not a standard dose, a doctor might prescribe a Modactive dosage of 100 mg to narcolepsy patients. Patients can therefore expect to feel the effects of Modactive for approximately eight to twelve hours.

If you want to start off even smaller, you can try taking a 50 mg dose, which would require that a tablet be cut into quarters. On average, a modafinil dose like this can yield four to six hours of concentration and motivation. It’s great for beginners, or those who absolutely need to sleep earlier that day. A 50 mg Modactive dosage is considered “microdosing” modafinil.

No matter how much of a Modactive dosage you take, we always recommend that you administer this stimulant early in the morning, since it has a half-life of 12-15 hours. By nightfall, the effects should be wearing off, so that you can achieve a restful sleep and rejuvenate yourself.

But what about forming a dependence on modafinil? Research has found that abnormally high doses of this medication can lead to dependence [21]. To avoid this, we recommend the following:

  • Take Modactive less than three times a week, and never on back-to-back days
  • Do not take more than a 200 mg Modactive dosage on a daily basis
  • After two to three months, take a two-week rest period from Modactive

Is Modactive Legal?

Both brand-name modafinil-based drugs and generic versions are treated the same under the law in virtually every country. Normally, you must have a valid prescription to purchase modafinil-based drugs like Modactive.

You might be curious to know… can you possess and use Modactive even without a prescription?

The answer to this question hinges on a few factors, such as what country you have residency in, and what the specific regulations are for modafinil-based drugs.

For example, in the United States, modafinil is categorized as a “Schedule IV” substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). To obtain modafinil in a 100% legal manner, you would need a physician to write you a modafinil prescription, and purchase it through a licensed pharmacy as Provigil or generic modafinil.

In other countries, such as Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, modafinil-based drugs are classified as controlled substances that can only be acquired with a prescription. However, possession for personal use is not a punishable offense in these countries [22, 23, 24, 25]

Interestingly, Mexico is one of the few countries where modafinil-based medication can be purchased and possessed without a prescription in some cases [26].

Modafinil-based drugs like Modactive can also offer athletes an edge in their chosen sport. However, if you’re involved in professional competitions, be aware that modafinil is listed as a banned substance by the USADA and WADA [27].

Even if you take Modactive far in advance of a competition, drug screenings are sophisticated nowadays. Discovering just a small trace of a modafinil-based drug is discovered in your system would be grounds for disqualification.

Modactive Review

Modactive vs. Modalert vs. Provigil /// Modactive vs. Waklert vs. Nuvigil

Modactive is just one of several modafinil-containing medications on the market today. You might be thinking… how can you tell the difference between different brands of modafinil? What distinguishes Modactive from brands like Provigil or Nuvigil?

Although it might appear that all these medications are completely identical, there are some subtle differences to keep in mind when you buy modafinil online.

Modactive vs. Modalert vs. Provigil

Patients’ choices in terms of modafinil brands used to be limited narrowly by FDA regulations and patents on these medications. However, the market for modafinil-based medication shifted radically in 2012, when the patents to produce modafinil expired.

In the following years, generic brands of modafinil began to be produced and distributed worldwide, offering more affordable options and slightly different levels of potency.

One of the primary distinguishing factors between Modactive, Modalert, and Provigil, is that Modactive is both a more budget-friendly choice than the latter two brands, and is more suited for those who are new to modafinil.

Historically, Provigil can be pricey, since it usually costs more than $700 for just a 30-day supply. On the other hand, you could receive more than 500 Modactive tablets for a similar price.

When we compare Modactive vs. Modalert, Modactive still emerges as the more cost-effective option. However, some may argue that the slightly higher price point of Modalert reflects a higher level of potency and effectiveness.

Modactive vs. Waklert vs. Nuvigil

The standard dose for modafinil-based drugs like Modactive is 200 mg per tablet. A key difference to observe when it comes to Modactive vs. Waklert vs. Nuvigil is that the latter two medications are a more potent version of modafinil, called armodafinil. This stimulant is normally available in 150 mg doses.

Price is also a distinguishing factor between Modactive, Waklert, and Nuvigil. As was the case with Provigil, Nuvigil used to be one of the only FDA-approved armodafinil medications available for purchase. The introduction of generics like Waklert now offers patients more choices to suit their budgets.

In comparison to both these medications, Modactive is even less expensive. Keep in mind, though, that while Modactive is a less expensive option, it’s also far less potent than Waklert or Nuvigil.

Modactive Reviews | Verdict

In this Modactive review, we’ve provided an in-depth look at everything you need to know about this wakefulness-promoting medication. By getting a clear picture of the benefits, side effects, dosage protocol, and pricing options of Modactive, you’ll be better equipped to determine if this eugeroic is right for you.

Although Modactive is a generic version of modafinil, its effects and mode of function are no different than that of a trade name like Provigil. However, Modactive is a far more economical option. Currently, Modactive is produced in India by Roots Lifecare, and is available for purchase worldwide.

Modafinil-containing medications like Modactive are normally prescribed to patients diagnosed with sleep disorders, like shift-work sleep disorder.

In recent years, more and more reports have been emerging about the powerful off-label benefits of this drug. These effects include increased mental clarity, memory, focus, and motivation.

Modactive is a fantastic alternative to more common stimulant medications like Adderall or Ritalin, as it has a much more favorable side effect profile.

If you hold a valid prescription for modafinil, and you’ve been wondering which brand of medication would be right for you, then check out BuyModa to learn more and make your purchase.


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